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Gold is undoubtedly treated as the most auspicious metal across India. This Article has been created with a focus on Live Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu Today (Dec 08, 2022).

This will give you a detailed understanding of gold rate in Tamil Nadu today. In fact, you may treat this article as a source to get the idea about gild rate in Tamil Nadu live.

The fact that its price is on a constant upraise is definitely generating a lot of curiosity among Indians. However, even this fluctuation has something good about it and, that’s why we’ve created this article. So, we’ll discuss all about the 22 and 24 carat gold prices.

We’ll talk about certain historical data around it. We’ll give you an understanding as to how and why the gold prices vary in Tamil Nadu.

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22 Carat Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu – Gold Price in Tamil Nadu Today (Dec 08, 2022)

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Indians are way too much attached to their gold. In fact, Indian households are known to possess over 25,000 tonnes of gold and, most of that gold exists in the form of some jewellery. This brings us to the matter of 22 carat gold.

22 carat gold is used in creating most gold jewellery. That’s why this section tells you about 22 carat gold rate in Tamil Nadu.

It even gives you sufficient data to compare gold price in Tamil Nadu today to its historical prices.

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24 Carat Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu Today (Dec 08, 2022) – Gold Price in TN

24 carat gold is even known as pure gold. It is used majorly for retention purposes. In other words, it is used to mould gold bricks and bars. These bars and bricks are stored as assets by trading institution, central banks and business people.

They’re even used to further create 22 or 18 carat gold. That’s why 24 carat gold is priced more than 22 and 18 carat gold.

This section talks about the figures of 24 carat gold rate in TN. It grants you yesterday’s, today’s and also the change% of gold price in Tamil Nadu.

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Gold Price in Tamil Nadu for Last 15 Days

Given the recent circumstances, gold price in Tamil Nadu is changing like crazy. The price for both 22 and 24 carat gold has been on a mild but constant inclination.

This part of the article presents data to help you understand the shift. In fact, it’ll give you a clear picture of gold rate in Tamil Nadu in the last 15 days.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Tamil Nadu – Also Past Gold Price in Tamil Nadu

A lot of factors come into play in order to finalize gold rate on a daily basis. Tamil Nadu is not much different than the rest of the country.

Therefore, it requires keen understanding of gold rate fluctuations to be an investor in gold. That’s why we’ve prepared a specific graph.

This graph tells you about the pattern in which the rate of change takes place. In short, it tells you all about percentage change in gold rate in Tamil Nadu.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Tamil Nadu – Past 12 Months Price

We’ve already mentioned the current position of the gold rate in Tamil Nadu. However, you must understand that like any other product, the gold price has a pattern and, it’s important for investors to figure that out. This helps them to make an informed decision about their investment.

This section serves that exact purpose. It enables you to grasp the pattern of price change for gold in the last 12 months.

Gold Rate Movement in Tamil Nadu for November 2022

Gold Rates in November 202222 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st November 202247305160
8th November 202247585190
15th November 202249405389
22nd November 202249055351
30th November 202249365385
Highest Rate in November 202249605411
Lowest Rate in November 202247065134

Gold in the form of jewellery is not only used as wearing purpose but also works as a tool to tide over financial emergencies. So, buying gold has traditionally been a financial support system over the years. So here is the analysis of gold prices for November.

  • Performance of this month was 4.36% and 4.36% for 22 carats and 24 carats respectively.
  • There were several changes in prices dues to inflation, demand etc. And because of the festive season, people were quite interested in gold.
  • The graph of the gold price has been downward sloping from the second week onwards.
  • For this month the highest prices were Rs.4960 and Rs.5411 for 22 and 24 carats.
  • And when we talk about the lowest price, it lands down to Rs.4706 and Rs.5134 for 22 and 24 carats respectively.

Gold Rate Movement in Tamil Nadu for October 2022

Gold Rates in October 202222 Carat24 Carat
1st October 202246905116
8th October 202248405280
15th October 202246905116
22nd October 202247405171
31st October 202247155144
Highest Rate in October 202248405280
Lowest Rate in October 202246655090

The past Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu possess the trends which let you have an idea of how old prices take form and the pathway in which they tend to align. So, according to the need of investment, this section provides you with the details of October month in particular.

  • You might have different plans of investment and hence, we have included both the 22 as well as 24 carat gold category statistics.
  • See how the price level for the month changed, and it was a change of 0.53% and 0.55%.
  • The commutation was done on the basis of the highest price of Rs.4840 and Rs.5280
  • Also, the second necessary consideration is the lowest price and it was Rs.4665 and Rs.5090
  • The table shows that the price change for the month were not major, but rather minor, and the same for both the 22 and 24 carat gold

September 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Tamil Nadu

Gold Rates in September 202222 Carat24 Carat
1st September 202247105138
8th September 202247305160
15th September 202246805105
22nd September 202246755100
30th September 202246975124
Highest Rate in September 202247685201
Lowest Rate in September 202246105015

Cutting short your hassle of research and study, we have major aspects of the Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu from the month of September figured out. This section has it all, right from the opening price of the metal till the closing price of the metal. Take a quick look at the table.

  • Study is essential in order ensure investment is done in the best possible manner. So, we have 22 carat as well as 24 carat gold rates data to contribute.
  • Well, you now need to check out the change in price which was noticed along the entire month and it stood at -0.28% and -0.27%.
  • This negative result indicates that the price of the metal for the month fell down.
  • Now, it is perhaps time to look at the highest price range and it was Rs.4768 and Rs.5201
  • Also, we kept an eye on the lowest price for the month, i.e. Rs.4610 and Rs.5015

August 2022, Gold Price Movement in Tamil Nadu

Gold Rates in August 202222 Carat24 Carat
1st August 202247955230
8th August 202248505290
15th August 202249145361
22nd August 202248155253
31st August 202247545186
Highest Rate in August 202249145361
Lowest Rate in August 202247545186

Gold price in Tamil Nadu keeps on shifting on a daily basis and, there are a lot of factors that make it happen. This part is a description of how 22 carat gold price in Tamil Nadu changed during Aug 2021. So, take a closer look:

  • The highest price for 22 carat gold in Aug 2022 was Rs.4914. However, the highest rate for 24 carat went as high as Rs.5361.
  • Rs.4754 was the lowest price ever for 22 carat gold in Aug. The rate of 24 carat gold never went any less than Rs.5186.
  • Both the forms of gold showed the highest price, in the beginning, the decline in 2nd and 3rd week and then again start increasing slightly towards the month-end.
  • 22 carat gold pitched in at merely -0.86%.
  • 24 carat gold recorded for a performance worth -0.84%.

July 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Tamil Nadu

Gold Rates in July 202222 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st July 202247855220
8th July 202246765101
15th July 202246365058
22nd July 202246805105
31st July 202248155253
Highest Rate in July 202248155253
Lowest Rate in July 202246265047

You can take a brief view of the Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu for the month of July. We have taken into account the major price fluctuations, giving you the idea of the probable future price flow. You can make better investments and aim for long intervals investment based on the data we are providing.

  • Check the highest price of the metal and also the lowest price of the metal in the entire month, as given in the table.
  • Stating the change which took place in the entire month, it was 0.63% for the 22 carat gold, and 0.63% for the 24 carat gold.
  • This was a proportionately high change in the price of the metal, as compared to the general rise which happens.
  • Now, the highest price threshold for the 22 carat gold was Rs.4815 and the 24 carat gold was Rs.5253.
  • On the other end, the lowest price of the metal for the 22 carat gold category was Rs.4626 and Rs.5047 was for the 24 carat category.

June 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Tamil Nadu

Gold Rates in June 202222 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st June 202247405171
8th June 202247765210
15th June 202247205150
22nd June 202247555186
30th June 202246835109
Highest Rate in June 202248435283
Lowest Rate in June 202246835109

Tamil Nadu is one of the states of India that record the highest sales in gold jewelry with a huge amount of transaction every day. June 2022 saw a downfall in sales in this state as it was locked down due to the outbreak of a severe pandemic. Readers will get an overview of the performance of this metal from the points given below.

  • The rate of one gram of 22 Ct Gold fluctuated between Rs.4843 and Rs.4683 in this month
  • The maximum and minimum rates for a gram of 24 Ct Gold were Rs.5283 and Rs.5109 respectively
  • 22 Ct Gold decreased gradually throughout the month with small fluctuations
  • The price of 24 Ct Gold dropped in the second week of June 2022.
  • An average performance percentage was calculated in gold rate which was -1.20% in 22 Ct and -1.20% in 24 Ct

May 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Tamil Nadu

Gold Rates in May 202222 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st May 202249025348
8th May 202248775320
15th May 202247375167
22nd May 202248175255
31st May 202247925226
Highest Rate in May 202249025348
Lowest Rate in May 202247285158

May foresaw the last phase of nationwide lockdown and, that impacted the gold rates in Tamil Nadu a lot.

That’s why the table underneath holds all data pertaining to gold rate movement throughout this month. However, in case you find the table difficult to decipher, we’ve got your back.

You may always look into the following points as mentioned below:

  • The table considers 5 major points of the draft. These points are separated by seven days each. Moreover, each of them establishes a certain change in the gold rate in Tamil Nadu per gram.
  • 22 carat gold reached its maximum at Rs. 4902 in May 2022. However, the highest price for 24 carat gold went to Rs. 5348.
  • The lowest record for 22 carat gold prices in May 2022 was worth Rs. 4728. However, the same record for 24 carat gold was worth Rs. 5158.
  • You may observe a steady decline in the overall price for both 22 and 24 carat segments.
  • 22 carat gold performed at -2.24%. However, 24 carat gold rate performed at -2.28% throughout the month.

April 2022, Gold Rate Movement in TN

Gold Rates in April 202222 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st April 202248345273
8th April 202248825326
15th April 202250055460
22nd April 202249655416
30th April 202249035349
Highest Rate in April 202250475506
Lowest Rate in April 202248035240

This section registers the gold rate movement in TN during April 2022. So, here are some major take away from the table beneath:

  • Lowest 22 carat gold rate during April 2022 was Rs. 4803 . However, lowest 24 carat gold rate in Tamil Nadu per gram was Rs. 5240.
  • Highest 22 carat gold rate in Tamil Nadu was drafted for Rs. 5047. On the other hand, the same parameter for 24 carat gold was recorded at Rs. 5506.
  • The price for 22 carat gold kept on increasing till 3rd It again increased post a minor fall on the 4th week.
  • This can even be said about the 24 carat gold pattern in April 2022. However, the 24 carat gold rate saw most increment during the 2nd
  • 22 carat gold rate performed at 1.43% throughout the month. However, the 24 carat gold rate went through 1.44% worth change in April 2022.

March 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Tamil Nadu

Gold Rates in March 202222 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st March 202247885223
8th March 202250205476
15th March 202248195257
22nd March 202248285267
31st March 202247935229
Highest Rate in March 202250715532
Lowest Rate in March 202247815216

Gold price movement in Tamil Nadu has been very interesting recently. This was especially true for the month of March 2021. Here’s our take from the table above:

  • The table describes about gold price in Tamil Nadu per gram. So, the highest 22 carat gold price in March 2022 was Rs. 5071. However, the highest 24 carat gold price in march 2022 was Rs. 5532.
  • Lowest 22 carat gold price in march 2021 was recorded to be Rs. 4781.
  • The same for 24 carat gold was recorded at Rs. 5216.
  • Rates of both 22 and 24 carat gold inclined in the first week of the month. However, we observe a slight downfall post the 2nd week.
  • Both the segments performed at 0.10%  and 0.11% respectively.
  • Gold price show that a significant rise and fall in the prices were witnessed throughout the entire month.

February 2022, Gold Price Movement in Tamil Nadu

Gold Rates in February 202222 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st February 202245164928
8th February 202245594974
15th February 202246965123
22nd February 202247625200
28th February 202247825217
Highest Rate in February 202249515401
Lowest Rate in February 202245144924

We’ve dedicated this section to the change in gold rate across Feb 2022. The rates are specific to Tamil Nadu and, the table underneath shows gold rate in Tamil Nadu per gram throughout Feb 2022. Anyway, here’s how it all went:

  • Least 22 carat gold rate in Tamil Nadu for Feb 2022 was Rs. 4514. However, least 24 carat gold rate was recorded at Rs. 4924.
  • The variation in highest 22 and 24 carat gold rates differed by nearly Rs. 450.
  • 22 carat Gold price went as high as Rs. 4951 in Feb 2022. However, the 24 carat gold price recorded a high of Rs. 5401 per gram.
  • Both 22 and 24 carat gold rates showed a rising curve.
  • 22 carat gold rates registered a change worth 5.89%. However, the rate of change for 24 carat gold rates in FY 2022 was worth 5.86%.

January 2022, Gold Price Movement in Tamil Nadu

Gold Rates in January 202222 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st January 202245594973
8th January 202244924900
15th January 202245374945
22nd January 202245885005
31st January 202245274939
Highest Rate in January 202246375059
Lowest Rate in January 202244724820

Gold price in Tamil Nadu keeps on shifting on a daily basis and, there are a lot of factors that make it happen. This part is a description of how 22 carat gold price in Tamil Nadu changed during Jan 2022. So, take a closer look:

  • The highest price for 22 carat gold in Jan 2021 was Rs.4637. However, the highest rate for 24 carat went as high as Rs.5059.
  • Rs.4472 was the lowest price ever for 22 carat gold in Jan. The lowest rate of 24 carat gold was Rs.4820.
  • You can find the rate of both 22 and 24 carat gold started rising during the 2nd week and then proceeded to fall by a slight proportion towards the end of the month.
  • 22 carat gold pitched in at merely -0.71%.
  • 24 carat gold recorded for a performance worth -0.69%.

Gold Rate Movement in Tamil Nadu for December 2021

Gold Rates in December 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st December 202144884896
8th December 202145224933
15th December 202145194930
22nd December 202145374950
31st December 202145254937
Highest Rate in December 202145945012
Lowest Rate in December 202144674873

Taking various fragments into consideration it’s a well now fact that Tamil nadu has been that part of South India which is best known for their gold jewelry. Thus, for an industry that big a thorough knowledge of the metal is needed.

We believe in helping our readers with the most accurate and the simplified of data hence the given context deals with the gold analysis for the month December for Tamil nadu.

  • Both the 22 and the 24 carat category went through the same rate of change throughout the month, that being – 0.82%.
  • The 22 carat category started the month with a price of Rs 4488 and wrapped the season with a price of Rs 4525.
  • 24 carat category has been more welcoming than usual and had only a little of hike in its rates.
  • The maximum rate which was acquired by 24 carat has been Rs 5012 while the minimum remained Rs 4873.
  • It can be concluded that December has been the month of purchase and investment as the rates were Fairley economic and walked well with budget.

Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Tamilnadu

Today gold rate in Tamil Nadu opened at Rs.4,610 per gram. This is obviously more than the previous day. In fact, the entire gold rate trend in Tamil Nadu for 2020 has been up.

The 22 carat gold rate was positioned at Rs.3,735 per gram on 1st Jan. The price for 24 carat however, was positioned at Rs. 3,922 per gram then.

Both categories have shown positive inclination throughout the year so far. Although, the graphs for the price change in 22 and 24 carat gold are different. The first one plots 5 major up trends. However, the second one has only four.

Moreover, the second one shows a steep downfall around 9th June, which is not the case for the first graph. In fact, the first one shows an uptrend on the same day.

Having that said, we must acknowledge that both graphs are almost identical till 6th April 2020 and, the gold rate for both categories have been on an uptrend overall.

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Gold Rate in TN – Trend in 2019

Gold trend in 2019 in TN was categorically different than 2020 and, this can easily be determined by the historical gold rate in Tamil Nadu.

The lowest and highest 24 carat rates were Rs. 3,205 and Rs. 4,069 throughout the year. There were certainly a lot more fluctuations in the price as well.

The rate chart shows a constant fluctuation in high and low throughout the year for this segment. We see a huge difference in June 2019 rates which varied by Rs. 450 per gram.

Another such difference can be spotted during July 2019. Here we see a difference of Rs. 440 between the high and low of the rates.

22 carat gold rates showed more consistency in 2019 nonetheless. The lowest and highest records of it were worth Rs. 2,992 and Rs. 3,730 per gram.

Although, we must acknowledge that it went through some sever down trends as well. It started off with Rs. 3,017 in Jan, and went all the way up to Rs. 3,730 in Dec 2019.

You can spot a severe down trend in between March to May 2019. This is the period when the rates were recorded at the lowest.

However, there was also a steep inclination in August 2019 to counter the down trend. This time the difference between highest and lowest went straight up to Rs. 403. The trend has been upwards throughout the year nonetheless.

What makes Gold Rates in Tamil Nadu to increase?

We’ve already mentioned the gold rate in Tamil Nadu as on today and, we’ve even told you that the gold rate is on an up trend in 2020 so far.

However, we feel that is not enough for the investors tending to invest on the yellow metal. We even believe that you must understand the core reasons that raise the price of gold in the first place. So, here’s how it all happens:

  • Pan Asian culture depicts gold as a prized possession. That’s why India is one of the largest importers of gold in the entire world. So, the up trend in gold price in Tamil Nadu and all other Indian cities is determined by international rates of the metal.
  • Gold is even viewed as the balancing element for investment portfolios. Investors tend to hoard gold to stay safe during economic downfalls. Since the entire world economy is on a declination, therefore, the gold price tends to rise.

What makes Gold Price in Tamil Nadu to decrease?

There are several reasons why gold price in Tamil Nadu declines and, neither one of them can or should be considered as conclusive. Anyway, here the reasons why gold price declines:

  • Irrespective of its value in our culture, gold is an article after all and, that makes it susceptible to the law of demand and supply. This means, that after a certain raise in price, the demand of gold decreases for households falls. This creates a negative impact on the article’s suppliers and, thus the price is again lowered.
  • International trade policies also impact the gold prices. So, we import gold in huge quantities. Thus, the gold price in Tamil Nadu and other Indian states include the transportation charges as well. This also means that the gold price comes down every time the transportation charges come down.

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in TN?

Gold rate in TN today was established after including multiple parameters. One of the major parameters include the policies of the Central Banks.

You see, banks hold on to gold as a measure of economic safety. They tend to lose their gold reserves in times of economic crises.

This enables them to generate funds and balance the value of the Indian Rupee in contrast of the U.S. Dollar. In short, the gold prices elevate as the value of the Indian Rupee depreciates.

This condition stays the same during counteractive situations. This means that the gold prices drop when the Indian Rupee elevates in value.

Why Gold Price in Tamil Nadu is different from other Cities?

Multiple factors play in while determining the gold price in Tamil Nadu. However, we’ve managed to compile a list of the most dominating factors. So, just take a look at it:

  • As mentioned above, the policies laid down by the RBI has a direct impact on gold. However, it is always the state based council that determines the final price and, they take into consideration the transportation charges, in-state demand and local festivals to start with.
  • Another important fact that contributes to this, is the quantity of gold being ordered within the state. In simple terms, higher quantities fetch lesser transportation and security charges altogether. Thus, the added price in terms of certain taxes gets lowered as well.

What is Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu 916 Hallmark gold?

Gold has always been a prized possession for Indian. However, this also gives rise to the probability of forgery. That’s why the BIS was created in the first place.

The Bureau of Indian Standards recognizes a certain pattern in pure gold. It even has categorized the 22 and 24 carat gold for better understanding.

Anyway, 916 gold is believed to be the most potent in market terms. It’s basically 91.6% pure gold. The rest of it is other metals like alloy and, most importantly, gold rate in Tamil Nadu for the 916 category today is similar to 22 carat gold price.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in TN?

This part is all about the tax on gold rate in TN at present. Much like all states of India, Tamil Nadu is required to pay an import tax worth 10%.

The buyers from the state even need to pay a GST amount worth 3% and, that’s not all. The buyers are further incurred with another 5% in case they consider turning their gold into jewellery.

Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu – Conclusion

This entire article has been created to inform you all about the gold rate in Tamil Nadu. We’ve included a lot of charts, graphs and obviously historical data within this article and, we’ve ensured to incorporate the data from most reliable public sources.

Anyway, we hope that this article proves to be helpful for you and, we even hope that your investment in gold fetches you good profit.

Gold Rate in Tamil Nadu FAQs

Ques – How to check today’s Gold Rate in Tamil Naidu ?

Answer – In recent years, the markets have seen a rise because more and more people are ready to take gold as a precious metal. All of our rates have varied from time to time, i.e. 1 gram, 10 gram and 100 gram. The tables on this websites contain the cost per gram as well as the price comparison on a monthly basis.

Ques – Where to find Gold Rate in Tamil Naidu ?

Answer – You should subscribe to our website on on-line trading, which includes a range of market recommendations and forecasts (including gold). You can use our website or trade and we will give you the exact forecasts on the product.

Ques – Is this Live Gold Price in Tamil Naidu ?

Answer – You can refer to our website which provides a variety of market recommendations and gold forecast. You can use our website or trade and we will provide you with reliable product forecasts.

Ques – Can I find last month’s Gold Price here?

Answer – Yeah, you can type Gold Price here in the final months, since our reader’s insurance is complied with and our web site offers you rate increases every day, weekly and annually. Continue to search the website

Ques – Where to find 22 Ct Gold Rate in Tamil Naidu ?

Answer – Gold is 22 carat and is the first to be searched for by readers in the gold category. Therefore, to all our readers and traders we have made the price distinction very obvious. We have various tables for various categories and sub-categories with different sections, and the top 22 carat rate is given.

Ques – Is the Gold Rate in Tamil Naidu Update?

Answer – Our website offers regular up-to-date, specific functionality. We ensure that our readers get correct gold prices as soon as possible. The price of both the gold category can also be compared via our website. You can visit our website occasionally for more information.

Ques – Will I find Gold Rate Forecast here?

Answer – Yeah, we send you a regular rate of gold so that our readers can predict and see the best trading opportunities in our forecast. It’s on the basis of past research trends that one can look up to previous gold prices and see if price fluctuations can be predicted by market analysis.

Ques – Can I use Gold Investment Calculator?

Answer – Yeah, the Gold Investment Calculator is free to use on our website, as you need the requisite credentials, such as where you live and how much you want to invest and we have an equal share of information on how profitable your investment is.

Ques – Can I calculate Tamil Naidu Gold Price in Tola?

Answer – Yes, the gold price can be determined in Tola by the Gold Rate Calculator function. You must go to the gold rate calculator, which has been included in our website after section 24 carat gold. The state, the gold category, the unit, the Tola unit form, the investment period will have to be entered to see the gold statistics and market price.

Ques – What is 24 Carat Gold in Tamil Naidu ?

Answer – The 24 Carat Gold is the purest gold available on the market. Such gold, however is not sufficient for ornamental purposes and is deficient in flexibility in bars and bullions Since no gold fillers are present in this category compared to 22-carat gold, it is expensive.

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