Gold Rate in Indore – Find 22 Ct & 24 Ct Gold Price in Indore Today

We all can agree to the fact that Gold is one of the highest demanding commodities in the world – most certainly in India and precisely in the city of Indore. Now, one more thing that we all would agree is there are tons of factors that can cause fluctuations in the Gold Rate in Indore.

We will talk about Gold Rate in Indore today here, in detail now. As we know, the Gold Rate in Indore today is not the same as tomorrow, or a month back or a year back. So, we will pinpoint the reasons for the changes in price.

This article is, therefore, a walk-through for anyone new to investing in Gold and thus, serves them pretty well to get the latest Gold Rate in Indore Live.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Indore – Gold Price in Indore Today

What we will first discuss is about 22 Carat Gold Rate in Indore. For those who are unaware, 22 Carat Gold is primarily used to make jewellery. The Gold Price in Indore today per gram can be discovered in the above table.

Interestingly, it is on a rise presently, though we can see a certain degree of stability. Also, the change in the exact price drops, the percentage change and the performance from yesterday’s price with today’s is mentioned in this section.

24 Carat Gold Rate in Indore Today – Gold Price in Indore

Let us now talk about 24 Carat Gold Rate in Indore, which we consider the purest form of Gold. Down below, in the table, we have mentioned the pure Gold Price in Indore. However, the price has changed since yesterday, as it is meant to.

Therefore, we provide to you, not only yesterday’s and today’s price, but also change in percentage, the performance, and also change in numerical form.

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Gold Price in Indore for Last 15 Days

It is time to take a look at the Gold Price in Indore for the last 15 days. It can be integral for you as it reflects the current trend of this essential commodity.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Indore – Also Past Gold Price in Indore

Check out the Graphical Representation of the Gold Price in Indore for today and the last 6 days. This will help you to understand the trend of this commodity in detail.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Indore – Past 6 Months Price

It is time to explore the overall fluctuations in the Gold Rate in Indore. We will discuss the changes that occurred for the last 6 months and beyond.

Gold rate analysis in Indore for August 2020

Gold Rates in August 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
01-08-2020₹ 5,142₹ 5,404
08-08-2020₹ 5,382₹ 5,656
15-08-2020₹ 5,126₹ 5,386
22-08-2020₹ 5,138₹ 5,398
31-08-2020₹ 4,994₹ 5,241
Highest Rate in August₹ 5,454₹ 5,729
Lowest Rate in August₹ 4,978₹ 5,223

Indore is one of the biggest cities in Madhya Pradesh with a huge population. It also houses a large number of gold investors and traders and this adds to the total business transaction of the city. People in this city are highly interested in investing in this precious metal and this increases its demand immensely.

The latest price of 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold should always be known to an investor and a trader as it will help him in taking strategic investment decisions.

Below the exact highest, lowest, and performance percentages of both of the forms of gold are mentioned. These rates are for August this year and will help those who are planning to invest in this commodity shortly.

  • 22 Ct Gold rate fluctuated to a good extent in this month and it ranged between Rs.4978 and Rs.5454 per gram
  • The highest price of one gram of 24 Ct Gold was recorded to be Rs.5729 which has created a new record in Indore
  • 24 Ct Gold has the lowest rate of Rs.5223 for one gram which was quite relieving for new investors
  • The performance percentages were 9.56% and 9.69% for both the forms of gold and this can be called very good
  • Gold rates were the highest in the second week of the month and decreased gradually towards the end
  • A price difference of almost Rs.300 was maintained between both the forms

Gold rate analysis in Indore for July 2020

Gold Rates in July 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-07-2020₹ 4,675₹ 4,909
08-07-2020₹ 4,669₹ 4,898
15-07-2020₹ 4,806₹ 5,043
22-07-2020₹ 4,782₹ 5,023
31-07-2020₹ 5,147₹ 5,402
Highest Rate in July₹ 5,147₹ 5,402
Lowest Rate in July₹ 4,652₹ 4,886

Indore is the home for many gold investors and traders who search for the latest gold rate in the city. This portion of the article will discuss the rates for 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold in the city for July 2020 that will help readers to a great extent. They can make strategic investment plans by learning these figures thoroughly.

  • Indore marked the highest price for one gram of 22 Ct Gold as ₹ 5147 and the lowest rate for July this year was ₹ 4652
  • The price of one gram of 24 Ct Gold was the highest and lowest at ₹ 5,402 and ₹ 4,886 respectively
  • This month saw a huge difference between the rates of 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold that impacted the overall performance of the commodity in the market
  • 22 Ct Gold has a good performance percentage of 10.64% and that for 24 Ct Gold was 10.56%
  • Gold rates took a huge leap in the last week of the month while they were quite stable in the first three

June 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Indore

Gold Rates in June 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-06-2020₹ 4,576₹ 4,803
08-06-2020₹ 4,553₹ 4,776
15-06-2020₹ 4,543₹ 4,772
22-06-2020₹ 4,641₹ 4,879
30-06-2020₹ 4,754₹ 4,994
Highest Rate in June₹ 4,754₹ 4,994
Lowest Rate in June₹ 4,477₹ 4,702

This section has all the details related to the price movements of both 22-carat and 24-carat gold in the city of Indore for June 2020.

  • At the beginning of the month, the price of 22-carat gold was decreasing. The price fell in the second week as well but the margin was not that huge. Post the third week of the month, the price of the gold started gaining momentum and move upward.
  • Similarly, the 24-carat gold price was also falling in the initial week but then picked-up slight momentum after the third week of June.
  • The highest price of the 22-carat gold was Rs. 4,754 while the lowest was Rs. 4477 and as the difference is not that huge between these two prices, we can assume that the volatility in the price of the gold was also not high.
  • 24-carat gold made a high of Rs. 4,994 while fell to Rs. 4702 and this gap in these two prices suggest that there was a little bit of volatility in the market for this gold.
  • The performance of the 22-carat gold was 6.19% which means it increased by this percentage in June while the 24-carat gold performed better and increased by 6.21% in June 2020.

May 2020, Gold Rates in Indore

Gold Rates in May 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-05-2020₹ 4,476₹ 4,702
08-05-2020₹ 4,532₹ 4,756
15-05-2020₹ 4,563₹ 4,793
22-05-2020₹ 4,625₹ 4,853
31-05-2020₹ 4,577₹ 4,801
Highest Rate in May₹ 4,657₹ 4,890
Lowest Rate in May₹ 4,429₹ 4,653

Down below is a table, which consists of all the information with respect to the Gold rates in Indore for the month of May 2020. Note that we have scavenged data for both 22 Carat and 24 Carat Gold rates in Indore per gram.

  • We have mentioned prices of 5 different dates so that you can understand the trend better.
  • The higher recorded 22 Carat Gold price in the city of Indore on the month of May 2020 is Rs.4,657.
  • Subsequently, the lowest recorded 22 Carat Gold price is Rs.4,429.
  • You can also check out the overall performance in the table for both 22 Carat and 24 Carat Gold price fluctuations.
  • Finally, you can also see the overall price fluctuations in the table.

April 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Indore

Gold Rates in Apr 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-04-2020₹ 3,964₹ 4,162
08-04-2020₹ 3,962₹ 4,160
15-04-2020₹ 3,966₹ 4,165
22-04-2020₹ 4,578₹ 4,808
30-04-2020₹ 4,538₹ 4,768
Highest Rate in Apr₹ 4,621₹ 4,848
Lowest Rate in Apr₹ 3,961₹ 4,160

April was a month that withstands the initial ramification of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, take a look at all the changes that took place in a month via simple table data.

  • We will start by mentioning the exact prices on some 5 specific dates to give a clear idea of the movement of the Gold rates movement in Indore.
  • April saw a resurgence in Gold rates in Indore per gram for both 22 Carat and 24 Carat.
  • Rs.4,621 is the highest recorded rate for 22 Carat, whereas Rs.3,961 is the lowest.
  • As for 24 Carat, Rs.4,848 is the highest recorded price, while Rs.4,160 is the lowest.
  • You can also see the change in its percentage performance, which is 16.66% for 22 Carat, and 16.54% for 24 Carat.

March 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Indore

Gold Rates in Mar 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-03-2020₹ 4,065₹ 4,264
08-03-2020₹ 4,321₹ 4,536
15-03-2020₹ 4,252₹ 4,464
22-03-2020₹ 3,963₹ 4,162
30-03-2020₹ 3,964₹ 4,166
Highest Rate in Mar₹ 4,321₹ 4,536
Lowest Rate in Mar₹ 3,924₹ 4,118

March 2020 is one of the problematic months for any kind of trading, let alone Gold Commodity. Here is what happened in that month.

  • Check out the Gold rates movement in Indore. We have collected 5 data of 5 individual dates to give you a better angle.
  • The data will also show the dramatic fall in the Gold rates in Indore per gram.
  • The lowest recorded price for the month is Rs.3,924 for 22 Carat, which it is Rs.4,118 for 24 Carat.
  • Similarly, the highest recorded price for the month is Rs.4,321 for 22 Carat, and for 24 Carat, it is Rs.4,536.
  • Also, the percentage of performance movement is 10.12% and 10.15% for both 22 Carat and 24 Carat.

February 2020, Gold Price Movement in Indore

Gold Rates in Feb 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-02-2020₹ 3,985₹ 4,180
08-02-2020₹ 3,940₹ 4,137
15-02-2020₹ 3,982₹ 4,176
22-02-2020₹ 4,036₹ 4,240
29-02-2020₹ 4,155₹ 4,360
Highest Rate in Feb₹ 4,202₹ 4,414
Lowest Rate in Feb₹ 3,940₹ 4,137

There were a few countries where the Covid-19 Pandemic was already terrorizing people. However, not so much impact was observed here in India. See the table for more information.

  • As usual, we have recorded Gold rates movement in Indore of 5 variable dates.
  • While the highest recorded 22 Carat price was Rs.4,200.00, it was Rs.4,410.00 for 24 Carat.
  • At the same time, the lowest recorded price was Rs.3,935.00 for 22 Carat, and for 24 Carat, it was Rs.4,132.00.
  • While the Gold rate in Indore per gram has the performance percentage of 6.65% for 22 Carat, it was 6.70% for 24 Carat.

January 2020, Gold Price Movement in Indore

Gold Rates in Jan 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-01-2020₹ 3,796₹ 3,991
08-01-2020₹ 3,977₹ 4,175
15-01-2020₹ 3,883₹ 4,076
22-01-2020₹ 3,928₹ 4,123
30-01-2020₹ 3,927₹ 4,129
Highest Rate in Jan₹ 4,021₹ 4,223
Lowest Rate in Jan₹ 3,796₹ 3,991

The month of January 2020 was also very similar to February. Although there was a growing trend, the Gold price gradually increased. Check it out yourself in the table.

  • The first thing to notice is the 5 individual dates on which you can see the Gold rates movement in Indore.
  • Then, check out the highest recorded Gold price 22 Carat – Rs.4,015.00 of the month, which is Rs.4,216.00 for 24 Carat.
  • You can also see the lowest recorded Gold rates in Indore per gram – Rs.3,795.00 for 22 Carat, and Rs.3,985.00 for 24 Carat.
  • Finally, there is the overall performance percentage change, which is 5.93% and 5.81% for both the indices.

December 2019, Gold Rate Movement in Indore

Gold Rates in Dec 201922 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-12-2019₹ 3,736₹ 3,920
08-12-2019₹ 3,712₹ 3,903
15-12-2019₹ 3,675₹ 3,859
22-12-2019₹ 3,720₹ 3,906
30-12-2019₹ 3,800₹ 3,986
Highest Rate in Dec₹ 3,800₹ 3,990
Lowest Rate in Dec₹ 3,671₹ 3,856

The month of December 2019 was also very uneventful. Just picking up the trend that follows in the coming months, the month of December went by. Let us watch the table.

  • You can see 5 different dates like the other month’s data.
  • Of course, you can see the highest recorded Gold rates movement in Indore – Rs.3,800 for 22 Carat, and Rs.3,990 for 24 Carat.
  • Then there are the lowest recorded rates as well, which is Rs.3,671 for 22 Carat, while it is Rs.3,856 for 24 Carat.
  • At last, you can also see the percentage changes in the performance of Gold rates in Indore per gram – 3.51% for 22 Carat, and 3.48% for 24 Carat.

Gold Rate in Indore – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Indore

It is safe to call Indore a renowned 2-tier metro city in India. People over here are fond of jewellery as it is one of the major commercial hubs in Madhya Pradesh.

There are reports that suggest that gold investment has increased roughly by 21% than last year.

As the Covid-19 pandemic caused a sharp shift in the Gold rate trend in Indore, the investors see this as an opportunity to invest more.

Today, Gold rate in Indore is increasing every day, and that seems as a trend until it stabilizes by the end of this year.

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Gold Rate in Indore – Trend in 2019

The Gold rate trend 2019 in Indore, was mostly uneventful. The price was stable till Aug-Sept 2019. Then we observed a steady decline in the price till Dec 2019.

As trading between the US and China was gradually falling, the Dollar value in India continues to rise, which significantly affected the price decline of Gold in most parts of the country.

Meanwhile, the Historical Gold rate in Indore was still mostly static with a few fluctuations throughout the year.

What makes Gold Rates in Indore to increase?

There are several significant reasons that can increase or decrease the value of Gold. Sometimes, there is one major aspect, other time, several contributing factors result in this sharp rise of Gold price. Let us check them out:

  • The Gold rate in Indore as on today is high as compared to the previous figures. Due to Covid-19, there was a sharp rise in the price. So, it is evident that people would like to take advantage of, knowing it will surely go further up.
  • The overall price inflation even before the pandemic was literary visible. So, it should not be that hard to guess the Gold rate in Indore today per gram will rise eventually. Hence, inflation always leads to rise in price of gold level.
  • There has been a massive resurgence in demand for metal all over the world. Naturally, that should impact on the sudden rise of Gold price in Indore.

What makes Gold Price in Indore to decrease?

What goes up, must fall down! That is the way everything works. The Gold price in Indore is not an exception either. Meanwhile, take a look at some contributing factors of the fall in Gold price.

  • If any major turnaround happens in the international level and the international gold market is affect, price in Indore comes down as well.
  • Stock market downfall also leads to decline in price of gold as of now. This generally happens at time of bear market.
  • Again, if the demand for Gold drops massively, the price declines too.
  • The Central Bank policies also impacted Gold rates in most places in India, including Indore. This has a direct effect on the price level and may lead to a decline in price of gold.

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Indore?

The Indian government impose import duties, and at the same time, the currency conversion gets cheaper. These two are the primary reasons which impact the Gold rate in Indore today. There are several global and domestic cues that also affect the Gold rate in Indore.

What we all must understand that the Gold prices are incredibly volatile, and there are infinite variables which can all contribute. The revision in bank policies is one of such contributing factors.

If the government decides to change the rates of any stock or commodity, it instantly creates a ripple effect and inflates the Gold price accordingly.

Why Gold Price in Indore is different from other Cities?

Indore is a city where people are particularly fond of buying Gold for jewellery. While in some cities in India, people prefer to buy Gold for investment purpose only, here people love to craft artistic jewellery with Gold.

So, it has been ages since the Gold investment is in high demands. At the same time, it differentiates Indore from most other cities in India, as expenses such as import duty, hauling charges, etc differ from one city to another.

That said, the local jewellers association as well plays a crucial role in selecting the varied prices of gold in the city. The Gold rate in Indore is mostly dependent on the demand of the demand and when this takes a turn, the prices and making charges of the metal change as well.

What is Gold Rate in Indore 916 Hallmark gold?

916 Gold is actually the 22 Carat Gold rates in Indore. So, out of each 100 grams of alloy, it is supposed to be precisely 91.6 grams of pure Gold, of which the final product will get ready.

The 916 KDM Hallmark ensures the product’s quality standard as a whole.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Indore?

First of all, the Tax on Gold rate in Indore or the GST levied by the Indian Government is static – flat 3%. What you must understand is the manufacturing or the labour charge for the final Gold product that you purchase solely depends on the seller.

So, the making charge can either be in percentage terms or even in fixed figures.

Gold Rate in Indore – Conclusion

Today Gold rate in Indore per 10 grams for 22 Carat, and also for 24 Carat is provided in the article. We have given you all the relevant data to invest in Gold.

We have fetched up to 6 months of information so that you can understand the latest trend, and plan your investment accordingly.

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