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After registering with LKP Securities, you get the opportunity to use the immensely powerful and customer-friendly LKP Tradesmart Web that caters to all phones & browser users.

Trade smart enables the user to stay ahead on the move by keeping up to date with the recent market data. Track your stock market activities wherever and whenever.

LKP Securities is a well-established and progressive broking house in India. Known for its advanced systems and ground-breaking processes, LKP offers a single-window advantage to clients for all capital and money market-related requirements.

LKP Securities Offers

LKP Tradesmart Web Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

LKP Tradesmart Web Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.1/10
Usability 7.2/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.3/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About LKP Tradesmart Web

The web browser-based platform Tradesmart replaces terminal-based platforms. A computer web browser, smartphone, or tablet would connect easily with this trading platform.

The simple and compact nature means that installation is not necessary either. Optimum performance is achieved by using the cache memory of the web browser. Several exceptional facilities support traders and their activities with a simple UI.

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    LKP Online Trading Platform – Top Features

    LKP has launched an excellent trading platform, LKP Tradesmart that facilitates a range of financial procedures very quickly. Containing all the easy access services provided by terminal-based platforms and compact mobile apps, Tradesmart shows the way with simple navigation and effective integration of facilities.

    Research reveals what users really need and LKP Online Trading Platform has been configured accordingly. Obtain live quotes for Equity, Currency, and Commodity markets. Online fund transfer is possible. Keep a watch on multiple exchanges. Consider some of the significant advantages:

    Advanced Charting

    Trade smart enables users with advanced analytical tools for a successful charting process and super results. Integrated are at least 40 technical indicators and 30 drawing tools. Further options are a very flexible bar, line, and candlestick graphs.

    Integrated Research Reports

    Such integrated reports come as a great advantage to traders. Detailed knowledge of specific stocks is thus gathered. The information generated includes the company overview and current market status.

    Further details related to buying and selling prices, the volume available, and headlines about the stock. Detailed research reports are very informative and motivating.

    Easy Portfolio Status Analysis

    Confidential information related to investments may be obtained through this distinctive feature. Whether it is Mutual Funds, derivatives, equity, and commodities, a compact view of the information regarding holdings is obtained. Integrated researched information concerning each stock held is also seen.

    Multiple Watchlist Creation

    In some senses, the trading platform, trading app, and web versions are similar to this feature. Users could design several wachlists based on the holdings in a variety of asset classes, indices, and exchanges. Adding up to 50 scrips in a single watchlist would be possible.

    Advanced Advisory Options

    AI permits such an excellent advisory feature to be featured in a trading platform. As a result of the analysis of user investments and risk-taking, recommendations for investments are made across several domains. The feature also suggests suitable amounts of investment.

    Trade Guide Signal

    Trade smart has integrated this unique feature that provides alerts all day regarding favorable investment chances that arise. User preferences decide the nature of the alerts.

    Derivatives Chain

    According to this feature, the user can study a few options for chains of indices. Users can also add scrips to the preferred chains. As a result, users would be informed of live quotations regarding those selected options.

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    How to set up the LKP Tradesmart Web?

    The setting up procedure for Tradesmart is rather simple. Far from being difficult, it takes a mere two minutes to complete the process. Follow the steps to set up the software:

    1. You need to open a trading or Demat account with LKP Securities. Login information will be provided.
    2. Now go to the official website of LKP Securities. The web address is www.lkpsec.com. A link will help you connect to Trade smart.
    3. Use the login credentials from LKP Securities and connect with Trade smart.
    4. For security reasons, the password needs to be changed after logging in.
    5. Entering the software, study the features available by clicking on the screen icons.
    6. Don’t forget to study the live quotes streaming across the screen.
    7. Start the process of building up a preferred watchlist and add scrips to it.

    How to own the LKP Web Trading Platform?

    Obtain a registered trading or Demat account with the company. You need to follow a few steps:

    1. Search for the button with the tag ‘Open Account’ at the end of this section.
    2. Click on the button. Clicking will open up a new page.
    3. The new page contains a form with several blank spaces.
    4. Study the form thoroughly and fill up the blank spaces. Pay special attention to the spaces mentioning the ‘mandatory’ mark.
    5. Make sure that the information you give on the form is valid.
    6. Along with the form, you have to provide a few copies of documents on the website. The required documents are Aadhaar, PAN Card & Cancelled Cheque.
    7. After the form filling is done and copies of documents uploaded, you will receive a call from the company. Information will be given to start the new account within hours

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    Advantages of LKP Web Trading Platform

    Here are the various advantages of LKP Securities Online Trading Platform –

    • A frequently updated platform that will bring an optimum bug-free experience to the user.
    • You will find advanced charting features that lead to useful financial analysis within exceptional, specific layouts.
    • Among the many tools is ‘Trade Signal’ that brings notifications of new investment opportunities.
    • Users may occasionally review and restructure their portfolios. Restricting tool quickly enables such procedures.

    LKP Tradesmart Web – Conclusion

    Put the LKP Tradesmart Web to the best use and start by investigating all the attractive features carefully. Easily accessed and compact features keep you in the race at every moment and quickly catch new opportunities for investment.

    Work on the several customizable options towards personalization according to likes. Write your money success story with the LKP Tradesmart Web.

    Get Free Access to LKP Tradesmart Web Platform – Open Demat Account Now!

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