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LKP Securities Intraday Trading is prevalent amongst the investors. Numerous clients prefer this broker house for intraday trading and have been immensely benefited from the deals. This broker house maintains the utmost transparency with its clients and goes to every extent to help them in making profits.

LKP Securities Offers

LKP Securities is a big name in the category of full-service broker houses. It was incorporated in 1948 and has been seamless in its operation since then. This broker house has managed to garner a lot of popularity and reach great heights in the past few decades.

Through this content, you will get to learn about the critical LKP Securities Intraday services, advantages, charges, procedures, and margins. This information helps you in understanding the policies owned by the broker house.

LKP Securities Intraday Trading & Benefits

There are a large number of differences between the intraday trading method and the conventional trading method. The former is considered to be harder but certainly has got several advantages.

LKP Securities Intraday Trading also comes with numerous advantages that help clients to a great extent. We have combined those advantages in the points below, and you should take a look at them for a better understanding.

  • There are no account opening fees charged by LKP Securities. It means that you can open a trading account with the broker house for free of cost and enjoy all the facilities.
  • The broker house operates brilliant trading platforms that help in effortless trading. These platforms are fast in action and keep the user updated about all the latest market conditions.
  • LKP Securities ensures that investors are aware of the transactions that take place from their trading account. They are incredibly transparent and share even the minute detail with their clients.
  • The traders highly appreciate LKP Securities Intraday Tips because they never go wrong.
  • The broker house offers exciting discounts on the brokerage charges, and thus clients have to bear fewer expenses.
  • There are flexible brokerage plans which an investor can avail of in LKP Securities.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in LKP Securities?

    The intraday trading method is not at all easy, and thus many traders refrain from taking a chance with it. Proper knowledge of the share market is very important to ensure the right amount of profits in this trading process. It is often said that intraday trading should only be tried out by the experts, and new investors should not try their hands on it.

    However, Intraday Trading in LKP Securities is not a very difficult job. The broker house has made the task easier for investors who need to follow some simple steps for initiating intraday trading.

    Those simple steps are illustrated below.

    1. The first step is that an investor needs to open a trading account with the broker house. This process is very easy, and he will have to complete the account opening form and submit it. The representatives of the broker house shall contact him and guide him through the rest of the processes
    2. After the trading account is created and activated, the broker house will send the account ID and password to the investor. He needs to maintain it safe and should not share the details with anyone.
    3. Then he will have to log in to his trading account using the same account ID and password provided to him. After logging into the account, it is advisable to set a new password as that provides added security.
    4. There will be a long list of shares that can be viewed from the trading account. The investor should look at them carefully and choose the ones that he wants to buy. He can fetch help from the advisory feature offered by the broker house as there are expert opinions available.
    5. For more ease, the trader can prepare a watch list that will comprise of those shares that he wants to keep track of. This list will project the current market scenario of the chosen stocks and the investor will be able to make quick decisions.
    6. The final and the most crucial one in the trading process is buying shares, and for this, the investor will have to enter the Buy or Sell section of the trading account. There he will have to choose the ‘intraday trading’ option and start trading in shares

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    LKP Securities Intraday Charges

    LKP Securities Intraday Charges are not fixed and vary with transactions. It ranges from 0.02% and is applicable depending upon the type of the transaction. There are many other charges and taxes that a client needs to pay and are mentioned below.

    • Transaction charge
    • LKP Securities Intraday Brokerage charged on the total amount of transaction
    • STT decided by the government
    • Stamp Duty that depends on the states where the purchase is processing
    • SEBI Turnover Charges as determined by SEBI
    • GST on the amount of the transaction
    LKP Securities Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.02%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator LKP Securities Brokerage Calculator

    The following example helps you understand the above calculation better. Let us assume that you have bought 1000 shares at the rate of Re.1 per share. It will make your total holding sum up to Rs.1000.

    After some time, the price of each stock rises to Rs.2, and you want to sell the whole lot. Then you will get Rs.2000 from it, and the turnover results into Rs.3000 with a profit amount of Rs.1000.

    Now if the above transaction process took place in Gujarat, then you will have to pay the following charges:

    • Brokerage charge: Rs.0.30
    • STT: Rs.0.378
    • SEBI Turnover charge: Rs.0.006
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.09
    • Transaction Charges: Rs.0.093
    • GST: Rs.0.071

    Your total profit from the deal will be Rs.999.062 and the brokerage and other charges will sum up to Rs.0.938.

    LKP Securities Intraday Margin

    LKP Securities Intraday Margin is a great feature that can prove extremely useful for traders who want to buy shares of a more significant amount. The range is up to 5 times, and thus a client can easily bank upon it for conducting more significant transactions.

    LKP Securities Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Lkp Securities Margin Calculator

    For example, if a trader has a balance of Rs.1000 in his account, then LKP Securities Intraday Limits will permit him to buy shares of worth Rs.5000. The broker house will pay instantly on his behalf, and he will have to return the amount, adding the interest.

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    LKP Securities Trading – Types

    There are three methods by which LKP Securities Trading can be conducted, and they are online, offline, and on-call.

    The trading platforms maintained by the broker house help in effortless LKP Securities Online Trading. A trader can also visit a branch of the broker house for offline trading or call the executives for initiating on-call trading.

    LKP Securities Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    After going through the whole of the LKP Securities Intraday Trading, you must have understood how helpful the broker house is.

    It offers superior services to the investors and guides them through each and every path. So if you want to try your hand at intraday trading, then contact LKP Securities fast and get started.

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