Geojit Funds Genie App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Traders are always in hunt for a congenial form of a trading app that will be free of any kind of hectic. Like in this case, it is worthy to underline the name of the Geojit Funds Genie App.

The app is just the best to fit the bill of any traders list, especially those who are keen to make their effort in investing in the right mutual fund.

Thus it is important to bring some features and highlighted privileges that you can actually get from the Geojit Mutual Funds App in this content.

The best part is that it is completely paperless and the process of account opening is just free of any trouble as well.

Geojit Financial Services Offers

Geojit Funds Genie App Review & Ratings

Geojit Funds Genie App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.1/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Geojit Funds Genie App

Traders might have a vision of getting mutual funds online because this is the safest at the same time hassle-free way to make an investment. In that respect, the introduction of the Geojit Funds App is definitely making a sensation.

To pile up the noteworthy points about the same the first one that will come to sight is that it is purely paperless. The next point is that it is friendly so even a naïve can understand its manual at a wink. The highlighted fact is that it offers immediate account opening to instant validation of the KYC.

Therefore traders can get the idea that in any case, it is not going to waste your time. On top of that, traders will have the privilege of selling mutual funds by means of some other platforms as well.

Moreover, traders can pick up the insight from the enhanced goal planner as well to achieve their set financial target.

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    Geojit Mutual Funds App – Top Features

    The Geojit Funds App has some italicized features so let’s move to the points down below to understand that in a  brief.

    Entirely customized

    The best among all the features is that you can customize the mutual app according to your terms in order to get the detail recommendations regarding the top-performing mutual fund schemes.

    Live tracking of portfolio

    The next big move that the app developers did make is that by initiating the use of real-time watching of the portfolio.

    Definitely, as a diligent trader, you can make use of that at length to get the real-time feed of how your portfolio is actually performing.

    Immediate account

    You don’t have to wait in a queue with a form in your hand to get have an account. Instead, you can get your account instantly online without any tussle of paperwork.

    Trouble – less

    The concept of making it fully online is a big hit truly. This is because the traders don’t have to run to anywhere branch. Moreover, they can have the account by just showing the Pan and Aadhar as the identification proofs.

    Security assured

    Once traders start dealing through this app they can actually transfer the capital to AMC’s directly without any medium.

    Withdrawal convenience

    Traders would also love to know that they don’t have to wait for a particular day or hour to withdraw the money as they can do that at any time.

    Encrypted medium

    One more important feature of the app is that it is devised perfectly with inbuilt encryption of 28 bits that assures great security. That means traders don’t have to worry while making any transactions.

    Check the performance of the particular fund

    You can even check the status of a typical fund by going to the menu fund search where you will witness some of the vital parameters like the percentage of the return, load exit, rating of the fund, etc.

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    How to Set-up Geojit Funds Genie App?

    In order to activate the Geojit Funds Genie App, you need to go through the steps that are underscored down below in points:

    1. Firstly you can directly land upon the URL & start Geojit Funds Genie App Download
    2. Once you are here you can click the word install to get it on your mobile.
    3. Else you can get that directly from the Google play store or from the apple.

    How to Own Geojit Mutual Fund App?

    Using the Geojit Funds App is not tough because you have to go through the rest of the points at once to understand how it works:

    1. Once you install the app from the Google play store or from the URL
    2. Then you can use the option called Option board where you can use the Pan card or the Addhar to get the account.
    3. Next, you can click the section where you can take the help of Gene enhanced Robo to take financial assistance.
    4. later you will come across the option known as online payment which again shows it is completely paperless work.
    5. Lastly you can avail the section track your portfolio to get real-time information.

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    Advantages of Geojit Mutual Funds App

    The Geojit Mutual Funds App has some of the underscored advantages so let’s dig below to know a bit of them in a glimpse:

    • The first advantage is that it is completely online.
    • Next is that you don’t have to struggle with any kind of paper to get the app.
    • The best is that you will come to know about the enhanced Robo facility from the Geojit.
    • One more thing is that you can see the status of your portfolio through live updates.
    • Apart from that, you will have the facility to take out the money any time you want to do.
    • You can use the other platforms to sell the units of the Mutual fund.
    • The traders using the app need to submit only the Adhaar card and the Pan card as the proof in regards to KYC.
    • Besides that, the tax planner is one of the additional advantages as it guides the traders to save the tax in the right way.

    Geojit Funds Genie – Conclusion

    The Geojit Funds Genie App has certainly given a user-friendly platform dedicatedly devised to experience a hassle-free online investment in the mutual fund.

    The best about the app is that it allows you to plan your future investments in the most fruitful way in assistance of the feature called Goal planner.

    The real-time updates again keep the traders armed against all possible setbacks. The fund withdrawal policy is also quite suitable as traders can draw the money at any time.

    On top of that, it also offers hassle-free switching of money. Finally it offers ultimate security to the traders as well.

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