SMC Easy Invest App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Many of you are invariably interested in investing in small funds and for the mutual fund turns to be the best solution. On top of that investors can professionally manage their investment and it becomes super easy with SMC Easy Invest App.

The most talked-about fact is that there is no dearth of mutual fund schemes so you can select anyone you like to select.

In addition to that the traders don’t have to worry about the risk as diversification allows them to distribute the funds to several schemes which in turn reduces the negative consequences. Thus today will learn all facts, features, and advantages about the SMC Easy Invest.

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SMC Easy Invest Review & Ratings

SMC Easy Invest Ratings
Overall Ratings7.1/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About SMC Easy Invest App

Traders always give a positive thought to investment and when that investment is through mutual fund then obviously there is no second thought.

The best thing is that when you get such an excellent platform like SMC Mutual Fund App for kick-starting the investment.

Now you may wonder why to choose the app? Well, the reasons are vivid but the fundamental quality, which makes the app so endearing to traders is because it offers meticulous transaction experience to the traders. On top of that it is quite convenient to handle and not at all difficult to comprehend.

One more thing that you should always appreciate about the trading app is that it is faster and its tracking procedure is very easy.

That means you can get hold of it any time and from anywhere. On top of that, you will also get the proper fact sheet of the investment on the single screen only.

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    SMC Easy Invest App – Top Features

    The SMC Easy Invest mutual fund app has a handful of the incredible features which will highlight in the bullet points below:


    The designing of the app is quite comprehensive in order to make the traders experience the qualities which are smarter, faster and easy.

    Self handled

    Once traders start using the mutual fund app from the SMC easy invests, they would certainly see that there is nothing to struggle about as you can easily switch, redeem any kind of the mutual fund schemes. The best thing is that you can directly invest in the SWP and SIP without any external help.

    Easy tracking

    It is definitely a necessary task for a trader to keep a constant eye on the mutual fund movement, which is why the intelligently programmed mutual fund app does assure that the trader should get the proper insight of the portfolio.

    Unhindered access

    The trader only needs to make sure that the internet connection on his smartphone is stable so that he can access the app from anywhere and anytime of the day to track his mutual fund performance.


    Once you start using the mutual fund app certainly you would like the concept because the makers assured that the traders should get the complete sheet of investment detail from a single screen only.

    Therefore they don’t need to juggle between one screen and the other. So, in other words, you can say that it is time-saving as well.

    View holdings

    Traders have the ultimate privilege to view their holdings any time online so that they can take the measured steps ahead.

    Easy conversion

    Well, traders can even convert their offline profile online without any hesitation as it is hassle-free to do with the mutual fund app.

    Check history

    Traders can easily get the sight of the orders in a chronological format that means he can get the entire history of the orders.

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    How to Set-up SMC Mutual Fund App?

    1. To activate the SMC Easy Invest App, you can directly do so by landing up on the site
    2. You can
    3. Remember that you only need to register once, as the SMC does not have any rule of registering twice. That means once you register for the site you can start using the mutual fund app.
    4. Else you can also send an email to the address
    5. If you want to have a one to one call then directly, dial the number 1800-11-0909, which is toll-free.
    6. Or you can send a text message to the “SMC” to 54545.

    How to Own SMC Easy Invest App?

    In order to use the SMC Easy Invest mutual fund you have to tour out the process below:

    1. First you need to get on the URL to download the app.
    2. You can also download it from the Google play store.
    3. Once done just log into the account with your user id and password.
    4. Once you enter you come across some of the options like home, reports, invest now, recommended scheme, invest in the NFO, e locker and the calculator.

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    Advantages of SMC Easy Invest MF App

    The SMC Easy Invest mutual fund app has some of the best advantages so let’s dig into those in brief:

    The huge availability of schemes: The best privilege that a trader gets from the mutual fund app is that he can explore a large number of the mutual fund schemes all stocked from the paramount funding institutions. And the best thing is that all are available online.

    Online transfer of capital: Traders can seriously rely on the functioning of the mutual fund app for transferring funds from the trusted funding sources.

    The most exciting news for traders is that the app offers a secured gateway service with the banks like the Axis, HDFC and the ICICI. Therefore it is easy to conclude that the traders can transfer funds from any bank account to the mutual fund account.

    No paperwork: Oftentimes it becomes one of the greatest hectic when you have to deal with too many papers. However accessing the mutual fund releases the traders from the burden of paper works.

    SMC Easy Invest – Conclusion

    In conclusion, it is worth saying that SMC Easy Invest App is a wonderful addition to the dictionary of traders who are diligent and wants to take up mutual fund investment prudently.

    Besides allowing you to check the portfolio, you can also get the complete detail of the holdings you possess. At the same time, it also lets the traders check the Net asset value of the scheme as well.

    On the whole, you can say that it is an inclusive mutual fund app where traders can do investments, switch the investment, redeem and initiate an order through the SIP, SWP without no ambiguity.

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