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The Axis Mutual Fund Easy App is a unique application offered by the Axis Direct brokerage house for its mutual fund’s clients.

This Axis Mutual Fund App is a one-stop-shop for mutual fund traders and they can do any kind of transaction related to the mutual funds using this application which is available on mobile (smartphone) devices.

Axis Direct being one of the major stockbrokers in the market, it comes up with various new technologies to facilitate their clients and one such is this Axis Easy App.

In this article, we will go through the various attributes of the Axis MF Easy App. We will start with a brief overview of the application and then directly get into the various features this application has and we will also let you know how each of the features an helps you in your trading.

Apart from the features, we will also let you know, how you can own and set-up this application and finally we will talk about the advantages that you will get using this application for your mutual fund transactions.

Axis Direct Offers

Axis Mutual Fund Easy App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Axis Mutual Fund Easy App Ratings
Overall Ratings8.1/10
Star Ratings★★★★

About Axis Mutual Fund App

Axis Mutual Fund App which is the Mutual fund Trading application of Axis Direct is one of its kind. It facilitates the clients who trade mutual funds with Axis Direct to purchase, sell funds and also redeem them when necessary.

The application helps the clients to switch between the SIPs as well if the investment goals changes and he or she needs to switch apart from allowing them to start a new SIP.

This application enables the mutual fund traders and investors to invest and trade mutual funds anytime and from anywhere, where there is internet connection and internet banking facility available.

Yes, this application uses only the internet and internet banking facility to carry on your mutual fund transaction. It also has the Easy Call options which enable the mutual fund investors to know about the various mutual fund schemes.

The application does not limit its usage to trading of mutual fund, but you can also use the mutual fund calculator which is available on the application, then there are NAV available for the mutual funds you want to trade, you can check the latest as well as the NAV history.

There are other resources and data and information available for you so that you can trade and make profit.

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    Axis Easy App – Top Features

    This application is different from another trading platform which we generally use for trading as it is specifically designed and developed for investing in mutual funds. So, its features are also quite different from the other trading platforms.


    There is this unique feature in this application where the transactions of yours can be scheduled and those transactions will take place automatically without your intervention.

    The SIP investment is one where regular monthly or quarterly investments are done and with this application you can schedule those investments to be done even if you forget about them.

    Liquidity and Redemption

    If the funds are liquid in the market then, the application helps in quick redemption of the funds.

    Goal Planning

    The mutual fund investments are done in accordance with some goals in life. It can be retirement planning, a holiday abroad or child marriage or higher education and other financial aspirations that you have.

    This feature on Axis Direct Mutual Fund App, helps you plan your investment according to your goal. This gives you the idea of how and what are the funds and schemes are best as per your financial aspiration.

    Ample Information and Data

    The application is loaded with the information and current and historical data of the mutual funds.

    There are NAV from the current price prevailing in the market as well as the previous NAV to give you the full idea about your investment prospect.

    There are company details, other details of the mutual funds available in one place.

    Portfolio Analyser

    With this feature of this application, you can analyze your portfolio in accordance with the market prices and market conditions. You can compare the schemes and the SIP returns and take decision-related to your investments.


    There is various notification related to the mutual fund’s schemes and other details which are pushed by the distributor, you can receive them via this application.

    Then you can set up email and SMS notification as well for changes in price and NAV and other details.

    Favorite Transaction

    You can set some of the transactions as your favorite transaction to refer to them in the future.

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    How to Set-up Axis Mutual Fund Easy App?

    The process to set up the Axis Mutual Fund Easy App is simple and you would need –

    1. An Android Operating Device/ Smart Phone to install and run this application. The Android version needs to be over and above 4.4.
    2. For installing and using this application you also need to have the login details of Axis Direct.
    3. Once you down the application on your mobile phone, you have to install it. After installation opens the application and login with the login details you have. You require to download the application from Play Store. And for login, you require the easy invest ID which is provided to the clients and investors of Axis Direct.
    4. Now, you can sync in the location details of the place you are in with the application. This will help you get the details of Axis Direct offices in your location.
    5. You need SD card on your mobile device for downloading the PDF files and other data
    6. You can use the call option from the application and it will connect through your mobile SIM card.
    7. Now for using the application, you can first start with the Goal Preparation. Once your goal is set and investments are aligned with it, you can start buying and investing in the mutual fund schemes.

    How to Own Axis Mutual Fund App?

    If you are wondering how to own the Axis Mutual Fund EasyApp, then here are the easy steps to do so –

    • Click on this button which says “Open Demat account”. By clicking on this button, you will get a popup form that you would need to fill.
    • Once the form is filled and submitted, then you have to upload the documents for KYC purposes. The KYC is really important as after that only you will receive your login credentials and your account will be opened with the Axis Direct.
    • For the verification, you will receive a call from the Axis Direct employees and they will guide you about the rest of the procedure.
    • Once your account is opened, you can go to play store & start Axis Mutual Fund Easy App Download
    • You will also receive a client id & password after completion & verification of KYC

    You can use this client ID & password to login to this App.

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    Advantages of Axis MF Easy App

    The advantages of using the Axis Mutual Fund App are –

    • It helps you set your goal for investment and then align the investments according to that goal.
    • There are various information and data pertaining to the mutual fund investments that are available on this application. You can make use of this data and information for investment purposes.
    • You can easily get access to the account statements of your mutual fund investments using this application offered by Axis Direct.
    • There are various transaction options for making your mutual fund investment easy. You can easily buy and sell and redeem mutual funds and also invest in the SIPs and there are also scheduler which helps you invest at the right time even if you are not aware.
    • Various alerts and notifications are there to keep you updated and informed and alert about the investments.
    • There are one-click calling options to any of Axis Direct branches for any kind of assistance. There are also emails and other means by which one can reach the customer service using this application only.

    Axis Mutual Fund Easy App – Conclusion

    The Axis Mutual Fund Easy App is one of its kind mutual fund application that is quite rare in the market. This application really makes the life of the mutual fund investor easy and fun.

    With this application, you do not need to worry about your SIPs, as the scheduler will take care of the SIP investment if you set it up like that.

    If you put your investment goals, the application will give you the details of the schemes that are matching with your investment goal. So, this application is one-in-all for the mutual fund investor.

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