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Mutual funds have always been the GO TO investment options for many who are not that comfortable with direct equity investment. SBI Mutual Fund App, also known as SBI Investap, has made mutual fund investments much easier.

SBI Mutual Fund App is an application made for mobile users, and thus it can be as handy as you want and you can easily check the NAV of the mutual funds that you are interested in and invest in them.

In this article, we will discuss the application and tell you about the process of setting it rightly for your investments.

You can also get the idea of how to own the SBI Mutual Fund Mobile App and use it properly. So, let us begin with the brief idea of the Mutual Fund Application by SBICAP.Sbicap Securities Offers

SBI Mutual Fund App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

SBI Mutual Fund App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.1/10
Usability 7.2/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.3/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About SBI Mutual Fund Mobile App

The SBI Mutual Fund Invest App is a simple yet very effective mutual fund application that SBI Mutual funds itself have developed.

Since it is an in-house product, it is superior in quality. It has ample features to make your mutual fund investments easier.

This is when everyone is on their mobile, or it will be good to say that mobile phones have become an extension of our body.

Thus a mutual fund application that operates on this mobile phone will be great to invest in your favorite mutual funds whenever and wherever you want.

The application enables you to invest in mutual funds instantly, and for the same, you need your PAN card details to start the investments.

Then you can get an overall holistic view of the mutual funds you already have invested your money into. You can start investing with this application in the SIPs in just five days which is incredible but truly possible.

SBI Mutual Fund Invest App is a dedicated app for investing in Mutual funds. It helps you to search for various schemes and invest with a few clicks and for its easy trading process, it is one of the Best Trading App in India for Beginners.

Apart from these, you can have favorite transactions, investment options are in abundance, and many other options and features are discussed in the next section of this article.

Learn about other features of SBI Securities from our SBICap Securities Review and start your trading journey with one of the largest full-service brokers.

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    SBI Mutual Fund App – Top Features

    The features of SBI Mutual Fund Mobile App are:

    Easy Access

    You get fast access to your mutual fund investments, making your life easier.

    You need to set up a six-digit MPIN for login, and you can avoid the passwords every time you need to log in, or you can also opt for the OTP whenever you want to login to the platform.

    It helps you from creating and remembering, and entering passwords multiple times.

    Make Favorite Transactions

    Yes, you can make certain transactions as favorites with this application and then revisit those transactions. You can revisit them and within just a few clicks, you can again use them for reinvestments.

    This helps in quick investments, and you do not have to calculate or track the funds; use the earlier transaction to make the new transaction.

    Multiple Options for investments

    There are different ways to invest in mutual funds using this application.

    You can use the One-time mandates for making the investments, or you can also use the Net banking facility for making the fund transfer required for the mutual fund investments.

    Finally, you can use the UPI accounts to make the payments for your mutual fund investments. So, there are multiple options, and you can choose any one of these based on your suitability and comfort.

    Online Registration

    You can register on this application for investing in mutual funds and start investing in mutual funds within only five days. Yes, that is possible if you are registering with OTP and you can start investing in the SIPs within five days of your application.

    It helps you to start your investments at the time when it is required and you do not have to miss any opportunities to wait for the registration process to complete.

    Product Page

    The product page is quite interactive, and you can find the NAV of each of the mutual fund schemes that SBICAP securities sell.

    There are also the graphs of NAV that will help you understand the performance of the mutual fund schemes over the last five years.

    Apart from the NAV, there are details of the schemes that the firm sells to the clients and investors. So, on this one page, you get all the details about the mutual funds you are about to invest in.

    SIP Calculator

    SIP investments are regular investments that yield great returns over a long period, and thus, for investing and trading in these, you need to calculate a few things.

    With the SIP calculator provided by this SBI Mutual Fund Invest App, you can calculate those things which are like the period for your investment, the amount you want to invest in every month or quarterly as per the SIP scheme and the percentage of return to get the future value of the investments.

    The SIP calculation considers the performance of the fund you have chosen for calculation from the past years. It implies the same for calculating the future value of your investments. It gives a fair result about the amount you accumulate in the future.

    Weekly SIP

    With SBI Mutual Fund App, you can invest in the SIPs offered by SBICAP weekly. There is no need to invest a bulk amount from your monthly budget into the SIP; rather you can invest a small amount every week.

    Many other features make this application complete, and the ones mentioned above are some of the most important ones.

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    Additional Features of SBI Mutual Fund App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the SBI Mutual Fund App:

    Live quotes and market updates

    Live quotes were supposed to be an expensive deal a decade ago but not now. Almost every broker has started providing this highly helpful feature on their trading platform.

    You can now receive an instant update on a particular stock. Know its real-time price value and volume to spot the best entry and exit point. Apart from that, Market Updates are also an excellent service offered by many brokers.

    As per this service, users can access real-time market insights right on their email address or in the notification bar on the screen. SBI Mutual fund app is one of those few reputed names to have this feature enabled for users.

    Manage funds

    It is maybe easy to buy shares, but more difficult when it comes to management. After all, managing shares is more important than just including them in your portfolio.

    To simply put, by the term management, we mean BUY/SELL assets at the right points, asset diversification, hedging, and handling all other activities linked with an investment scheme.

    Such as if you have purchased an SBI Mutual fund and have no idea how to manage them. Simply hire a fund manager or take the help of MF tools offered by SBI. The brokers make fund management easier and smoother.

    Analyze stocks

    Stock analysis can provide you with a competitive benefit, especially if you have more tools and features available to understand the market; you can guarantee some great returns.

    It is also the major intent of the SBI Mutual fund app behind offering broad-ranging tools and features to investors. The company wants to make sure that users buy a share based on their own analysis.

    If luckily, it goes right, you add more figures to your investment. However, risk-on MF schemes are relatively less. Still, SBI wants its users to make a well-informed decision.

    In-depth stock information

    In-depth details of the stock are high in demand among investors. People are no longer interested in watching what’s on the window but are keen on what’s behind the door.

    The SBI Mutual fund app, therefore, provides in-depth stock information to users. Similarly, if you are a rookie investor, afraid of investing in stocks since they sound a bit risky.

    Make sure you remember that you have a feature available to identify the background of every stock before investing in them. You can watch everything on your screen, from the company’s balance sheet and products to its upcoming business upgrades.

    Customized market watch

    Many times, trading apps unnecessarily inject features into the interface. Mainly when you are investing in an asset and are receiving a wholly different stock or MF scheme on your screen, you may easily go disappointed.

    But that’s not a thing with many good apps like the SBI Mutual fund app. The app offers a customized market watch feature that enables investors to keep themselves well-informed about their desired assets.

    Chaos is kept aside. Thus focus on a profitable investment is improved. However, the customized market watch may even have more than a few features available to amp your investment experience.

    How to Set-up SBI Mutual Fund App?

    For setting up the SBI Mutual Fund App, you need to:

    • Have a login ID of SBICAP Securities and for that, you need to have a Demat account in SBICAP securities.
    • Next, you have to check whether your mobile phone has an android version over and above 4.4 or not. For installing this SBI Mutual Fund – InvesTap application, you need android version 4.4 and above. The current version of the application is 8.4.
    • The next thing you have to do is follow the SBI Mutual Fund App Download process. You can do the same & install the application on your mobile from the Google Playstore.
    • Then once the application is installed, open it, log in, and set the MPIN. You can log in with the OTP as well.
    • Once you are done with the above steps, you can now check the NAV application of different mutual funds and start investing in the SIPs.

    How to Own SBI Mutual Fund Mobile App?

    The process of owning the SBI Mutual Fund Mobile App is simple enough, all you have to do is to –

    • Open the SBICAP Demat account and for that, you need to click on this button available below which says “Open Demat Account.”
    • Once you click on the button, you will see a pop-up form in front of your mobile/laptop/desktop screen. Fill out that form and submit it.
    • Wait for some time, and you will receive a call from the SBICAP executives. They will tell you about the documents you need to upload to verify your details.
    • You have to upload the documents like a scanned copy of your PAN card, AADHAAR Card, Cancelled Cheque, and photographs. Once you upload these documents, the executives at SBICAP will verify the documents and approve your application.
    • Once your application is approved, you will get your account’s login credentials, and then you can start trading.

    Advantages of SBI Mutual Fund Invest App

    The advantages of investing in mutual funds using the SBI Mutual Fund Invest App are –

    • Quick registration and you can start investments within only five days
    • There is no multiple password hassle; you can use the MPIN or log in with the OTP
    • All the details of the mutual fund schemes offered by SBICAP are available on this ABICAP mutual fund application
    • There are different ways of investing in the mutual fund – One Time Mandate, Internet Banking, and UPI App.

    SBI Mutual Fund App – Conclusion

    SBI Mutual Fund App is really helpful for mutual fund investors as it helps them start their investments quickly and opens ample options to invest in mutual funds and be aware of the details of every mutual fund.

    The application is quick, smooth, and simple to use.

    SBI Mutual Fund App FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the SBI Mutual Fund App:

    Which is the best app for SBI Mutual Fund?

    Investment apps can earn high or low ratings on their numerous features and facilities. Such as, the SBI Mutual Fund app is famous because it offers one of the best MF investment experiences. On the other hand, Zerodha and Angel One are popular because they provide the best online trading services.

    How can I check my SBI Mutual Fund Online?

    Mobile users can check SBI Mutual Fund simply via the SBI Mutual fund app. Other users can check their funds by visiting the SBI Mutual Fund website. Make sure you have customers logged in ready to check the funds.

    How can I get SBI Mutual Fund on mobile?

    You can get the SBI Mutual Fund on your smartphone simply by visiting Google Playstore or App Store and searching for the SBI Mutual fund app in the search box to download the app on your devices.

    Can I buy a mutual fund on Yono SBI?

    Mutual Fund Investment facilities are accessible through Yono SBI as well. Thus users can buy MF plans from there as well. However, managing MF deals is relatively easier in the SBIMF application.

    How can I redeem my SBI Mutual Fund?

    MF investors can redeem their SBI mutual fund by simply filling up the transaction slip and putting a request to the company to complete the redemption request. The request can be made via the SBI Mutual Fund app.

    Are there any charges for SBI Mutual Fund?

    Nobody provides MF services for free. Thus, SBI Mutual Fund also charges some commission from investors willing to buy MF plans.

    How can I stop my SIP in SBI Mutual Fund Online?

    Anyone who wants to stop their SIP plan with SBI Mutual Fund can contact the company’s agent and raise an account closure request. Meanwhile, you may be asked to submit a few documents to close your plan.

    Which SIP is best for 5 years?

    Presently, HDFC Balance, ICICI Prudential, Kotak Standard and Quant Infra are some of the most popular SIPs promising sky-high return on investment in the duration of 5 years.

    How can I change my SIP in SBI Mutual Fund?

    No. Unfortunately, you can’t change SIP. But in case you aren’t satisfied with your SIP plan, you can cancel it at the same time and apply for a Fresh SIP.

    How can I check my SIP balance in SBI?

    Users can check their SIP Balance on the SBI Mutual fund app by simply visiting the SIP section in the app and clicking the SIP Balance option to get the report.

    Can I increase the SIP amount in SBI Mutual Fund?

    No. Users can’t increase the SIP amount in SBI Mutual Fund. But if they wish to do, they can buy a SIP from scratch by cancelling the previous one. Alternatively, you can also buy a second SIP plan.

    What happens if I cancel SIP?

    If you cancel SIP, that means further instalments will no longer be debited by SBIMF from your bank account. After that, you need to submit a redemption request in case you want to redeem your funds.

    What is the interest rate in SBI Mutual Fund?

    The interest rate in SBI Mutual funds can vary significantly. You can get more details on the same from the company’s official website.

    How can I check my SIP status?

    Users can check their SIP status from the SBI Mutual fund app with a few simple clicks. Alternatively, you can know the status on the broker’s official website.

    How do I redeem mutual funds online?

    By putting a redemption request to the SBIMF agent, you can redeem Mutual funds online. The request can be made from SBIMF mobile application too.

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