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Alankit Assignments is one of the pioneer stock trading companies in India, and Alankit Easy Trade is the trading app they offer on mobile.

The app is available for you in both Android and iOS. This trading platform has one of the best in India right now with all the necessary features to perform stock trading effortlessly.

The app offers innovative stock tips as well as profitable recommendations. The general look and feel are very light and easy to use in most case.

However, there are some people who raised eyebrows with some of the limitations, but that doesn’t affect people of getting the best out of this incredible app. Performance-wise this app is gifted with all the features necessary that we will learn later.

Alankit Assignments Offers

Alankit Easy Trade App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Alankit Easy Trade App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.5/10
Usability 6.4/10
Features 6.2/10
Speed 6.1/10
Performance 6.3/10
Overall Ratings 6.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Alankit Mobile App

Alankit Easy Trade is a flagship mobile app of Alankit Assignments. Before we know more about the app, it is essential that you know a bit more about the company. Alankit Assignments is a public limited company established in the year 1995.

Now, with years of experience, you can call it a full-service stockbroker company. Moreover, the company has reached to an aspiring height by emerging to an e-governance service provider from a simple SEBI registered broker.

Apart from stock trading products and services, they also deal with GST calculations, Healthcare, and Insurance-based services.

Alankit Easy Trade App is, first and foremost, a trading platform. It is all the necessary features and functionalities in-built. You can get real-time stock updates and also some useful stock tips prior to trading in commodity, currency, F&O, and of course, equity.

In this article, we will learn about the services the app is offering with more detailed observation. Along with that, we will figure out the steps to configure the app and how to own it. We will end the conversation with our final verdict on this app too.

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    Alankit Easy Trade App – Top Features

    Alankit Easy Trade is a next generation trading platform with tons of features and functionalities. Of course, it is difficult to mention every one of them, but here are some significant ones:

    Alankit Trading App is an incredible mobile app primarily because it is packed with a lot of utility features. So, here are some noteworthy mentions that you should take a look:

    • Alankit Mobile app offers real-time stock quotes, which makes every trader keep a tab on the current status of the stocks you are interested.
    • You will get all the latest tips and recommendations relevant to the stocks you are interested in.
    • Alankit Online Trading App offers real-time online fund transfer features. So, you can transfer funds almost instantly from any reputed bank account.
    • With Alankit App, you can quickly buy or sell stock shares.
    • If you are new in the stock trading industry, you can be massively benefited from the Research and Analysis feature that the app is offering.
    • With this trading platform, you can monitor infinite stocks that you think suits you, and are willing to bid for.

    Advanced Features of Alankit Mobile Trading App

    • There are plenty of utility tools that you can use. The Advanced Charting is, unquestionably, one of the integral tools that offer candlestick charts, indicators & bars, a bunch of drawing tools, lines, and many more.
    • The Risk Management tool is yet another crucial feature that Alankit Easy Trade has. Yes, the primary objective is to assist new traders. However, the efficiency of this tool is beneficial for experienced traders as well.
    • One of the most prominent features of this impeccable mobile app is that it gives you the freedom to trade stocks in various other exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, NDSL, and so on.
    • With Alankit Easy Trade, you don’t have to worry about getting the stock market information. The app has all the prebuilt alerts and notification features that you need to make you aware of the changes.
    • Intraday trading is always tricky. So, this trading platform offers all the assistance you need to perform such trading effortlessly.
    • Another important feature the app has is the intelligent Market Watch. You can even customize the dashboard while monitoring stocks.

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    How to Set-up Alankit Trading App?

    If you wish you use Alankit Easy Trade, you need to open up an account with Alankit Assignments. We will discuss that later, but for now, let us know how to configure this fantastic trading platform:

    1. The app is available on both Android and iOS. So, you can go to either Google Playstore, if you use an Android smartphone, or go to the Apple store if you use an iPhone.
    2. Once you are there, type “Alankit Easy Trade” on the search bar of whichever store you are.
    3. Once you find the app, download and install it on your respective smartphone.
    4. You will need the login credential to use the app. We will discuss the steps to do that later.
    5. Once you successfully log in, you can use the app to trade stocks instantly.

    How to Own Alankit Easy Trade?

    If you are new in stock trading, you should know that to perform stock trading; you need three kinds of accounts – a Savings account, a Demat account, and a Trading account. You have to open a Savings account from your nearest bank around you.

    Apart from that, you have to open a composite account with Alankit Easy Trade, that comprises of a Demat and a Trading account. Of course, there is a one-time cost involved in that, which is ₹500.

    Now, let us discuss how to open the account and own this incredible mobile app:

    1. Click on the button below that says “Open Demat Account”. Fill up the form that appears.
    2. Once you fill-up the form, you have to wait till one of the representatives of Alankit Assignments gives you a call.
    3. You have to tell them that you want to open a Demat as well as Trading accounts. For that, you have to pay ₹500, which is the account opening fee.
    4. Then the representative will ask for all the relevant KYC documents, which you have to submit either hardcopy or digitally.
    5. Then you need to wait again till they complete the KYC verification.
    6. Once done, you will get all the login credentials, including the one that has Alankit Easy Trade.
    7. Log in using the login credential, change the password, and start trading.

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    Advantages of Alankit Online Trading App

    Alankit Easy Trade is a very light and compact mobile app with several benefits. Here are some most notable advantages of using this trading platform:

    • You can trade from anywhere, anytime you want.
    • Alankit Easy Trade has one of the best visually stunning User Interface. The navigation is smooth and user-friendly.
    • You can expect a stable and fast stock trading experience with Alankit Easy Trade.
    • It is one of the best options to place your orders securely.
    • There are tons of alerts and notifications that will keep all the news at your fingertips.
    • Another prime benefit is the tips and recommendations feature which is ideal for new traders.
    • With Alankit Easy Trade, you will get all the synopsis of the stock market at just a single click.
    • Finally, the app is available in both for iPhone and Android smartphone.

    Alankit Easy Trade – Conclusion

    Not everything about Alankit Easy Trade App is positive. Like all other trading apps, which is a lot, this one has some flaws, as well.

    However, no such loophole is that much drastic not to consider the app. Most importantly, the app is developed by one of the best stock trading companies in India.

    So, it would be best to trust their service if not the performance of the app. The ratings in Google Playstore and Apple Store are decent enough to recommend the app as well. Overall it would be best if you tried it once at least.

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