Motilal Oswal Smartwatch App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

MO Smartwatch App or Motilal Oswal Smartwatch App is a trending new application for Android and IOs based smartwatches. This revolutionary Motilal Oswal trading app has been built after ages of research.

It has the compactness of a mobile app. And, yet it can be trusted to perform all trade related activities like terminal-based software. In fact, it consists the best of the two worlds. The Motilal Oswal Smartwatch App represents the state-of-art format of any possible trading platform.

Moreover, it has been made compatible with both Android and IOs based devices. This gives the trading app an edge over its competitors. Thus, making it a popular choice among the millennial traders.

Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal Smartwatch App Review & Ratings

Motilal Oswal Smartwatch App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.3/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About MO Smartwatch Trading App

MO Smartwatch Trading App has over 5,00,000 downloads on the Play Store with 26,273 people rating it an average 4/5. The app does not have any specific constraints as per the minimum required space or OS version.

In fact, it totally depends on the device for Android smartwatches. On the other hand, the app has been rated 4/5 by 990 people. This app takes 97.3 MB space to be installed on an iOS based smartwatch.

Moreover, its only supported for iOS version 10.0 and above. The app comes around with several cool features. And, it can totally be trusted for all trade related purposes.

In fact, it’s a complete financial trading platform of the new age.

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    MO Smartwatch Trading App Features

    MO Smartwatch Trading App is the perfect substitute to any other conventional trading software. In fact, this is a complete trading platform enriched with all trade related user-oriented features. And, the best feature of this Motilal Oswal is: –

    Robo Wealth

    As the name suggests, this is an AI based feature. It recommends the right asset allocation mix. The mix is recommended based on users’ risk profile.

    This feature can be used to get a hint of the best and worst parts of your portfolio. And, all the recommendations can be accessed using one single click.

    Targeted Investment Plan or TIP

    This is yet another AI based feature that comes with this platform. This enables the users to define their investment goals. And, it uses these goals to define and guide the users with investment strategies.

    These strategies suggest as to how much, wen and for how long to invest. This feature can even dynamically change the investment amount as per market conditions.

    Advice on Combination of Equity or ACE

    This feature offers users with proactive financial health expertise. It provides professional strategies for users with long term wealth creation and real time monitoring facilities.

    There is a specific feature called the ACE Cash. It’s an algorithm-based portfolio management feature. It enables to get superior returns through investment in certain baskets of growth oriented stocks.

    There is yet another feature called the ACE Derivatives. It’s another pre-defined algorithm-based portfolio management feature. However, its suited for investors seeking favorable returns within a horizon of 1-3 years through higher exposure.

    Live Market Updates

    This Motilal Oswal Smartwatch App has been enabled to show live updates across global indices, exchanges, market gainers and losers. This even displays the users’ mark to market and open positions.

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    How to set up MO Smartwatch Trading App?

    MO Smartwatch Trading App can easily be set up on the smartwatches by accessing the company’s official website. Here’s the exact process of how to get the app for distinct OS driven smartwatches. So, here’s exactly what you need to do: –

    1. The very first step in getting the app goes through obtaining the company’s demat or trading account.
    2. Once you get access to either of Motilal Oswal demat or trading account, the next step is to obtain a specific login details from the company.
    3. Then you must go to their official website and get the app for your respective smartwatches. You may even use the link for Android smartwatches. However, for the iOS smartwatches you must use the link. These links will guide you install the app on your smartwatches.
    4. Open the app on your smartwatch once you’ve installed it on your smartwatch. This will take you to the login screen.
    5. Use the username and password given to you by the company to log into the app on your smartwatch. Do not forget to sync it with your mobile app.
    6. Once you get inside the app, it’s preferable to change the password.
    7. You can now create your profile.
    8. You can even create specific watchlists and add scrips to them of your choice.

    How to own MO Smartwatch Trading App?

    As mentioned above, MO Smartwatch Trading App can be easily accessed using the login credentials given by the company. However, it’s getting the access to one of their demat or trading accounts, that’s a bit difficult. Not with us though.

    Just follow the steps as we’ve mentioned them below: –

    1. The first step is to identify and click on a specific button. We’re referring to the button with ‘Open Account’ tag on it.
    2. You’ll be redirected to a new page on your screen. This page will include a huge form with several space left blank.
    3. Go through each mention of the blank space carefully. You must fill up the entire form. Do mind to fill only verifiable information in the form.
    4. You must submit the form once you’re done filling it up.
    5. There are a few other documents that must be submitted along with the filled up form. These are the very documents that must be submitted: –
      1. You must submit a copy of your PAN Card. This will help you verify your financial status.
      2. You must submit a copy of your Adhaar Card / Voter’s ID Card. This will verify your identity and address.
      3. You must submit a copy of your bank account statement. This is needed to establish your identity, address and financial statement.
      4. You must even submit a copy of your image. This is needed to put up your identity.
    6. This is all to be done on your end. After this, you’ll get a call from the company representative. This will be your final guidance to get a trading or demat account.
    7. You’ll be able to acess your new account with some time of this call.

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    Advantages of MO Smartwatch Trading App

    Some of the many advantages of MO Smartwatch Trading App are listed as below: –

    • It’s a truly portable app that can be trusted with the quintessential notifications.
    • It’s a light app and can be synced with the regular and conventional trading platforms by Motilal Oswal.

    Motilal Oswal Smartwatch App – Conclusion

    You have read through the entire article now. And, you know about all the significant features of the app. The best part being it’s extended compatibility.

    Moreover, this app can be trusted to give real time research report access. Thus, making it a very useful companion in intraday trading. In short, we completely trust this app and, we’ll definitely recommend using it.

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