Astha Trade Wave App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Astha Trade Mobile App or Astha Trade Wave App is a new intro from the broking house. In this article, we will discuss about the same.

Online trading is a real craze among the traders now the basic reason is that here they get a flexible platform with oodles of opportunity to explore. On top of that, the introduction of high-end tools makes the deal much better and prompts at the same time.

Most importantly, traders don’t have to actually face the high brokerage fees as well. Therefore, altogether the online trading platforms with smartest applications are a real blessing to the traders.

Thus, today in this respect will learn about a few important things about the Astha Trade Wave Trading App, about its highlighted advantages and the underlined features as well.

Asthatrade offers

Astha Trade Wave App Review & Ratings

Astha Trade Wave App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.1/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Astha Trade Wave App

The Astha Trade Wave is the first known trading application programmed in India. The best fact about the mobile trading app is that it allows the trader to obtain all the real-time information regarding the stock market.

Besides that, it facilitates the trader with all flexibility so that the investor can get the proper view of the market rates.

In addition to that, they have the liberty to enter and edit their portfolio any time they want to do. Most notably the investors can have full controlling power on the orders at the same time get the detailed view of their positions and the transaction took place.

In fact, the traders need not muse with the security of the trading platform as it is important for them to know that the platform is coded with encrypted channel so it is highly safe and secured for the traders.

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Astha Trade Mobile App – Top Features

Indeed Astha trade Wave Mobile App is a trending app nowadays, therefore it will see what are the features that make them so popular.

Customer Oriented

Recently the makers have reduced the size of the application for the sake of the customers so that they can experience a trading platform that should be interactive, intuitive and most importantly simplifies the trading operation without killing any time.

Discovered the best

There is a team of high-end researchers who are always on their quest to make the app friendlier so that it can keep pace with the dynamic trading arena.

In addition, they are continuously endeavoring to adopt cutting edge technologies so that the app could act faster.

Good Rating

Truly it is again important to say that the app has a bagged good rating which is 3 plus rating. In fact, so far about 10,000 people have downloaded the mobile trading app.

Continuous Up-gradation

The development team is on their toes to improvise the look and interactive interface of the app, therefore, the present version of the app does not have the hassle of frequent log out an issue which was a dilemma before.

Modern App

The traders who have used it for the first time will surely comment that the trading app is highly modern at the same time excellently interactive with sleek features.


The programmers are aware of the security of the traders so that they can continue the buying and trading without any issue that is why they have encrypted the channel.

Real-time Information

One most important feature of the Astha Wave App is that the traders always have real-time connectivity with the trading market.


Traders have the ultimate autonomy to edit their portfolio as and when they feel needed. In addition, they can observe their performance through their own eyes as well.

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How to Set-up Astha Trade Wave App?

In order to set up the Astha Trade Trading App you have to read the steps below at once:

  1. Very firstly you have to get to the web page to get the information on the Astha wave trading app.
  2. Once you are here you will see a click here option which will direct you to the page
  3. As you land up here just install the app.
  4. No if you are using from the mobile then you can go to the play store directly to download the app Astha Wave.

How to own Astha Trade Wave Mobile App?

Here is the detailed process to own Astha Trade Wave –

  1. Once you download, the app from the It will get installed on the mobile.
  2. Now you will be asked to log in with the User Id and the password.
  3. Once you enter you come across options like the screeners, trading, funds DPS, transfer funds, calculators, preference, and the notification hubs.
  4. All these are placed one after the other under the menu.
  5. But there is an option called quick tour where you will get the option like open the account.
  6. In case if you forget the password you will get the option to change it.
  7. That apart, you will come across an extra option called guest login which you can use it for login besides the member login as well.

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Advantages of Astha Trade App

Like all mobile trading apps, the Astha trade mobile trading app has a couple of advantages as well which are mentioned below.

  • The app is designed to offer live updates about the stock market to the trader.
  • Traders have the flexibility to view their position and have detailed whereabouts regarding the market as well.
  • In addition to that, the traders can enter and modify their portfolio when required without any second thought.
  • The best thing is that the app is very safe for the investors as data is encrypted which means that not a single data can tamper.
  • One more benefit of the trading app is that the traders don’t have to worry about controlling the orders as they can do it very easily on their own.
  • In addition to that, traders can have the complete detail about the transactions held through the process of buying and selling.

Astha Trade Wave App – Conclusion

It is worth saying that Astha Trade Wave App is a revolutionary and intelligent trading app so far. It has amazing features starting from real-time updates to offering liberty to the traders to customize the app when needed.

The main goal of the developers is to re-frame the app capacitated to offer the incessant trading experience to the traders.

In fact, their main goal to facilitate the traders to explore the high end possibilities and foster the relationship with the customers.

Thus, the mobile trading app left an excellent impact on the traders as people are much satiated to use the re-programmed app as it is simpler and faster.

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