Globe Capital Mobile App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Globe Capital Mobile App also known as Globe Connect App is an app designed to deal with all sorts of stock trading activities like market watches, notification and alerts, stock charts, dual security levels, real-time quotes, and many more.

Global Capital develops the app with a motive to deliver a seamless stock trading experience to their respective clients.

It pretty much covered all the features and functionalities that a standard trading platform supposed to have. You can trade multiple exchanges without breaking a sweat.

Another feature which is pretty sweet in this app is the Real-time fund transfer option. You can connect with any reputed bank to avail the facility.

Apart from that, you can able to monitor charts with precise market data, access back-office reports, and also get relevant stock market notifications to keep you posted.

Globe Capital Offers

Globe Capital App Review & Ratings

Globe Connect App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.0/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Global Capital Mobile App

Globe Connect App is a trading platform developed by the company Global Capital. Now about Global Capital, it is one of the leading stock trading companies in India right now, offering a wide range of stock trading products and services.

Having a subsidiary in Dubai, the company is, without a doubt, a genuine MNC in India, having more than 3000 branches around the world.

Prior to Globe Connect, which is a mobile app, they have already introduced a web trading platform – Globe Connect PRO Web Platform, and a trading terminal – Globe Trade Smart Terminal.

Globe Capital Mobile App, have tons of features and functionalities to perform stock trading without breaking a sweat. In this article, we will learn the most notable highlights of the app, along with the steps to configure the app.

We will also elaborate on the steps to own the mobile app and the most significant benefits of using this incredible app. Finally, we will conclude the discussion with our final thoughts.

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    Global Connect App – Top Features

    Globe Connect App is an Android-based mobile app that has most of the integral features in-built to let the clients take advantage. Now, here is a list of some noteworthy features that the app is offering:

    • With Globe Connect, you can trade on NSE and BSE, to start. But the fascinating part is you can be able to trade on other stock exchanges as well proves the credibility of the app altogether.
    • The app allows you to transfer funds from whichever bank account you own. What is interesting is you can do that in real-time. Similarly, in the case, if you want to withdraw your funds, the process is as simple as clicking a button.
    • Getting reports in the form of Charts are critical for the clients. So, Globe Connect allows you to fetch relevant information about historic and intraday trading as Charts, which are real-time.
    • Another compelling feature that this trading platform offer is to let you access the back-office reports directly.
    • Stock trading is all about having the knowledge about how your stocks are performing in the stock market. With the Global Connect trading platform, you will get the latest whereabouts of your shares, which eventually help you to make any decision.
    • Getting all the reports on time is one of the preliminary functions of the stock trading company. Global Capital doesn’t disappoint as the app, Globe Connect is equipped with features to fetch reports like Trade Book, Order Book, Net Position, Funds View, and many more. You can get the desired reports on just a simple one click. So, you can take control of the trading positions of your invested stocks.

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    How to Set-up Global Capital Mobile App?

    It is safe to say that configuring the Globe Connect mobile app is very simple. Here are the steps though:

    1. The mobile app is available in both the Android OS and iOS. So, you can either get it from the Google Playstore or get it from the Apple Store.
    2. You then need to download and install the app.
    3. To start working on the trading platform, you need to fetch the login credential of the app. You will get it from Global Capital once you open an account with them. We will, however, explain how to open an account with them later.
    4. Then next involves creating a 2FA password. Please note that it would be best to change the password after a regular interval of time, just to be on the safe side.
    5. Then you can use the Globe Connect app as you wish.

    How to Own Global Connect App?

    It is obvious that if you want to own the Globe Capital App, you must be an account holder of Global Capital. For that, you need to pay ₹450 as the account opening fees, which is a one-time payment.

    Of course, there are other fees that you need to pay to avail the service entirely. Meanwhile, here are the steps to own the app:

    1. Click on the “Open Demat Account” button below.
    2. Then a new pop-up window will appear on your screen with a form in it. It is a registration form to open an account. You just have to fill that out.
    3. Then one of the agents of Global Capital will give you a call to prepare the KYC verification as well as to process the account opening fees.
    4. You have to pay the amount and also have to upload the necessary documents to complete the KYC verification process.
    5. The process should be done within 1-3 days, and then they will provide you with the login credential.
    6. Then simply follow the app configuration steps that we have mentioned and start trading.

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    Advantages of Global Capital App

    There are some significant advantages that you should know before trying Globe Capital Trading App. Here they are:

    • 100% freedom to use the trading platform from any location at your convenient time.
    • You can perform stock trading from various stock exchanges and easily withdraw funds to your bank account with some simple clicks.
    • The User Interface is something that we should mention. It makes smoother navigation and more comfortable to find the options that you are looking for.
    • Readily available and even more easy to configure the app.
    • You can check your multiple indexes using the app, which apparently assists you to make better decisions.
    • You will be getting associated with a stock trading organization that has tons of experience in guiding new traders. If in the case, you are an experienced trader, the app they offer provides numerous notifications and reports both in the form of data and charts. So, it eventually helps your cause to gain the maximum profit.
    • Available in both Android and iOS users.

    Global Capital Mobile App – Conclusion

    Global Capital is already a corporate giant in the stock trading industry. They are in this business for over 20 years now with over 3000+ branches worldwide.

    So, you can understand when a company owns an app as its trader platform, that is got to be efficient. And without any doubt, the app is robust. Whether you are new to the stock trading industry or you are experienced, the app has everything that you need.

    However, there are some concerns about the security part of the app. Many traders believe they must strengthen the app security and add dual-layered defense option in it.

    Another aspect is the overall costing of using the app. Many believe that it is a bit on the higher end compared to other stock trading companies. Overall, we recommend the app, and you should consider using it.

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