Traders who are already into the world of trading for quite some time are much acquainted with the boon of the trading apps. In that regard, the Bonanza Wave App is certainly making  news with its secured, smartest and fastest app.

The app is not only highly interactive and prompt but at the same time saves lot of internet data as well. Definitely the Bonanza as a trading platform is on top of the pinnacle because it extensively looks after your wealth and makes a proper analysis of the market.

Based on that scrutiny they leverage the traders with detail reports as well. Therefore, in the article we will learn a few important whereabouts regarding the Bonanza Portfolio App.

Bonanza Wave App Review & Ratings

Bonanza Wave App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Bonanza Wave Mobile App

Traders have a tendency to look for trading apps that should be equally smart as well as robust. In that scenario, the Bonanza Portfolio Mobile App stands out the best from the lot.

In fact, so far the traders are more than happy with its prompt service and the improvised version is excellent than the previous versions.

One more strong point is that it works faster and it’s not time killing at all. Now traders who have already used the app should be quite apt with the app because of it faster, securer and most importantly it takes only seconds to be downloaded on your smartphone.

Without any skepticism today, the app has emerged one of the truest user-friendly companions for the travel-friendly traders.

This is because it has been designed quite systematically so that once you press the menu you can have unhindered access to various sections like the trading, trade book, net position, message hub, stock view, funds view, etc.

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    Bonanza Portfolio App  – Top Features

    The Bonanza wave mobile trading app has few trademarks that make it a distinguished app in the trading world.

    Place your order without any time issue

    The best trait of this typical app is that you are not restricted to any time limit or boundary. That means as a trader you can actually place the order any moment you prefer to do so without any dilemma.

    Access market watch

    You can get a detail view of the market watch either in live streaming mode. Else you can even watch the same in a refreshed mode as well.

    The most notable is that you can do both without any problem because the app performs seamless depending on its bandwidth capability.

    Proper tracking

    You can even track the order book, trade book, the status of the net as well as the funds you are holding anytime as the app offers the real-time view facility.

    Operate on the go

    You don’t have to wait for a particular position or device like a dedicated desktop or laptop for operating the app. This is because you can place the order while moving at any time.

    Clear security

    Traders are often apprehensive about the online dealings. However, you can stay assured that the app is fully encrypted so that the transactions can be carried out safely.

    Right Contracts and information

    Once you read the contractual information you will see that the makers are quite clear with points and there is nothing hidden in the process of using the app.

    Interact with the broker

    One more thing is that as you start using the app definitely you will get a chance of interacting with the trader any time you feel like so. In addition to that, the traders also have the privilege of chatting through text messages as well.

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    How to Set-up a Bonanza Wave App?

    In order to activate the Bonanza Wave Mobile App, you need to read the steps talked in the below section:

    1. The first thing is that you need to visit the Google play store to download the app.
    2. Else you can directly click the mentioned link
    3. Once you click the above- said link you will get an option install just click that and it will be there on your mobile phone.

    How to Own Bonanza Wave Mobile App?

    To use the Bonanza Portfolio Trading App, again you have to pay attention to the low down points at once:

    1. First you have to download from the link
    2. Then use your password and user id to login.
    3. If not then you can also enter the app through guest login option as well.
    4. Once you login you will see that it shows you various options like market, trading, order book, trade book, net position, message hub, funds view, stock view, SSO, alerts, market status, funds/ DP, calculator and preferences.
    5. Other than that you will also get option like the rate us, feedback as well as the share app.

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    Advantages of Bonanza Mobile Trading App

    The Bonanza Trading App takes the upper hand compared to all other trading apps. And that you can come to know from the mentioned points.

    • It works quite faster and in a great way, it saves a lot of time.
    • Traders can trade at any time and without any place boundary.
    • It offers a real-time view of the trade book and order book.
    • The best is that traders can easily share the app with their co- traders without any charge.
    • The app is entirely customer-friendly so that traders can access funds easily. At the same time could be able to use the calculator as well.
    • Besides that, the traders can easily catch up with any information from the notification hub where the traders are notified regarding the status of the stocks and about the shares who are losing or gaining.
    • The best utility of the app is that you don’t have to wait for long in initiating a conversation with the broker as you can do so any time by simply messaging the trader and receive the message in the message hub section.

    Bonanza Wave App – Conclusion

    In conclusion it is worthy to mention that the Bonanza Wave Mobile App is definitely a superb addition to the traders. This is because it allows the trader to trade within seconds.

    At the same time it is comprehensively designed which means the traders can access all the significant information without any hesitation.

    One more use of the app is that it makes the traders stay ahead of time in respect of trading as traders get aware of the flow of the stock market through the notification hub.

    In addition to that, also get vivid live information about the stock market. Apart from that can have a direct one to one chat with the brokers as well.

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