Religare Dynami Trading App – Review, Features, Set up, Charges and more

About Religare Dynami Trading App

Trade has been the source of economic progress since the dawn of human civilization. In the 21stcentury trade of goods has transformed to become mobile trading. With the influx of mobile applications which are becoming more and more powerful and enabling the user access to more goods and trade options.

Now that internet connection is available in mobile phones, users use their mobile devices for all kinds of work. In such a time Religare which is one of the topmost trading platforms in India is coming out with their newest mobile trading application which is the ReligareDynami. To enable the mobile trading feature, users need to log onto the Religare website and activate the feature by doing the needful process on the website.

After the process is completed, the feature will be available to the user in 24 hours. The application will allow traders to keep track of shares and goods which they are going to invest or make trades in. The application also allows the user to make trades through the application itself.

Dynami’s Dynamics:

Religare’s Dynami prides itself on being a mobile trading app like no other. It is the fastest, user-friendly and the promises the most intuitive trading experience for the trader. The application offers the user real-time updates to all the trades on the goods the trader is doing.

The application also offers real time charts and progress value graphs based on the users need. Another important feature in the application is that the user can select and highlight trades and goods which are important to him. The application also has the ability to notify the user based on the application settings the trader chooses to do.

Diving Deeper Into Dynami:

The developers of this mobile application made some features which are present only in this application which makes Dynami stand out from the rest. Since it is connected to the Religare web platform, the trader can set up his account permanently on the application to make transactions.

Also, the application allows the user to make payments for the transactions through the banking services which have been inbuilt into the application. It has the following things which add a feather to the applications cap.

  1. Live portfolio

The application monitors the user’s investments and type of trades across all platforms and design’s the trader portfolio accordingly. The application also connects the user to Religare’s website and suggests blogs and articles which may help the user to improve his trades.

  1. Smart Search

By keeping a track of the user’s searches, the application makes suggestions on trades or shares which the user would like to make trades on. Also, the search engine makes changes to itself with every search the user makes making it more efficient every time the user makes a search.

  1. User-Based Watch list

The application shows the user based on the traders choice which indices he needs to see. Also, the application suggests the user indices and trade platforms on which the shares are appropriate based on the trader’s recent activity.

  1. Reports

The application creates and maintains a log in which all the user’s trade and activity are documented. The data is stored in a time log format and also keeps a record of the trader’s orders and sales. The trader can always look back to reflect on his highs and lows through this feature.

How to Setup Religare Dynami Account?

To be updated soon…

More About Religare :

Religare trading is one of the top most trading companies in India. It was established in 1994 and in its 25 years the company has risen to dominate the trading sector. To access the applications made by Religare the trader will have to make an account on the trading platform. It is a 5 step registration process and they forego the first month’s brokerage fees.

An account at the Religare platform allows the user to avail the customer helpline as well as articles and blogs written by experts which help traders understand the market better and make more profits. The Religare website has a definitive web page that the trader can access and can learn before making each trade or when the trader is going to make trades at a new stock exchange.

Religare ensures that the trader is best equipped to make trades which will end in profits by careful study of the market and giving the trader expert tips and advice which help him.

Religare has been making products for traders for a long time. Their panel of experts ensures that each product caters to the trader in the best possible way. These experts answer questions on a daily basis on the question and answer section which has been created just for the purpose to improve the trades of traders.

The Religare website has many features for the traders. It offers stock comparison tools, financial calculators, and smart charts which track the movement of shares which the trader is going to make a trade in.

Conclusion :

Religare’sDynami is not only the best application for mobile trading out there but the team behind design and making of the application is doing a commendable job. Only a few seconds of browsing through the comments and review section of the application would clearly make anyone a fan of the team.

We get to see that the team is responding back to each and every negative comment and rectifying the problem at the quickest. With a rating of 4 after more than 10,000 reviews by people, the application is successful by quite a margin. When the application was being designed, the makers had the goal of creating the best application for mobile trading and they were successful.

Now the Dynamiteams goal is to make the application better so that the application can be called as the flagship application in the mobile trading world.

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