Religare Dynami App – Review, Top Features, Benefits, Set-up and more

Reliagare Dynami App or Religare Online Trading App is one of the highly recognized trading app in the country.

In this article, we will do in-depth analysis of Religare Trading App, its various features, its set-up process & more. Lets have a detailed review of Religare Mobile Trading App below:

Religare Securities Offers

Religare Online Trading App Review & Ratings

Religare Dynami App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.3/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Religare Online Trading App

Trade has been the source of economic progress since the dawn of human civilization. In the 21st century trade of goods has transformed to become mobile trading.

With the influx of mobile applications which are becoming more and more powerful and enabling the user access to more goods and trade options.

Religare Dynami Trading AppNow that internet connection is available in mobile phones, users use their mobile devices for all kinds of work.

In such a time Religare which is one of the topmost trading platforms in India is coming out with their newest mobile trading application which is the Religare Dynami App.

To enable the mobile trading feature, users need to log onto the Religare website and activate the feature by doing the needful process on the website. After the process is completed, the feature will be available to the user in 24 hours.

The application will allow traders to keep track of shares and goods which they are going to invest or make trades in. The application also allows the user to make trades through the application itself.

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    Religare Dynami App – Top Features

    Below are various features of Religare Online Trading App:

    Dynami’s Dynamics:

    Religare’s Dynami prides itself on being a mobile trading app like no other. It is the fastest, user-friendly and the promises the most intuitive trading experience for the trader. The application offers the user real-time updates to all the trades on the goods the trader is doing.

    Religare Dynami

    The application also offers real time charts and progress value graphs based on the users need. Another important feature in the application is that the user can select and highlight trades and goods which are important to him.

    The application also has the ability to notify the user based on the application settings the trader chooses to do.

    Diving Deeper into Religare Dynami

    The developers of this mobile application made some features which are present only in this application which makes Dynami stand out from the rest.

    Since it is connected to the Religare web platform, the trader can set up his account permanently on the application to make transactions.

    Also, the application allows the user to make payments for the transactions through the banking services which have been inbuilt into the application. It has the following things which add a feather to the applications cap.

    Religare Dynami App

    Live portfolio

    The application monitors the user’s investments and type of trades across all platforms and design’s the trader portfolio accordingly.

    The application also connects the user to Religare’s website and suggests blogs and articles which may help the user to improve his trades.

    Smart Search

    By keeping a track of the user’s searches, the application makes suggestions on trades or shares which the user would like to make trades on.

    Also, the search engine makes changes to itself with every search the user makes making it more efficient every time the user makes a search.

    User-Based Watch list

    The application shows the user based on the traders choice which indices he needs to see. Also, the application suggests the user indices and trade platforms on which the shares are appropriate based on the trader’s recent activity.


    The application creates and maintains a log in which all the user’s trade and activity are documented. The data is stored in a time log format and also keeps a record of the trader’s orders and sales. The trader can always look back to reflect on his highs and lows through this feature.

    Religare Trading App

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    How to Setup Religare Trading App?

    The set-up process of Religare Trading App is very simple, Please follow the Step by Step process:

    1st Step – If you own an Android Mobile please open Play Store or If you have an iOS Mobile please open App Store

    2nd Step – Search for Religare Dynami

    3rd Step – Click on the Install button, the app will automatically get downloaded & installed

    4th Step – Open the installed Religare Dynami Trading App

    5th Step – Login with your Login ID & Password provided by Religare Securities

    6th Step – You can reset your password & get inside the App

    7th Step – Now you can check all the features of the App & Start Trading

    How to own Religare Online Trading App?

    To own a Religare Mobile App, you have follow these few basic steps:

    1st Step – Open a Demat Account with Religare Securities, Just click on the Green open account button & fill up the form

    2nd Step – You will receive a call from Religare executive for meeting

    3rd Step – Executive will take details & documents, then your account will be opened within 5 days

    4th Step – Post account opening, you will receive welcome kit via email with Login ID & Password

    5th Step – Now can go to Play store or App store & install the religare dynami mobile App

    6th Step – Login using Login ID & password

    By doing the above process, you can easily own a Religare Dynami App.

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    Advantages of Religare Dynami App

    the various benefits of Religare Dynami App is listed below:

    • It is very easy to install & login
    • The App is bug free in most of its features
    • Payin & payout process is very smooth
    • Features like Stoploss & Trigger are positioned properly within the app
    • Buy & Sell process is also very simple & has not been complicated in the App
    • The app is easy to use for the all segments like beginners & traders
    • The charts are quite detailed & gives very good insight

    Disadvantages of Religare Dynami Trading App

    • There have been login related issues reported where the users are logged out of the application as soon as they are logged in. This peculiarly a concerning issue and is a turn-off for regular traders.
    • The feed displayed can be delayed at times and can be ambitious in nature.
    • The app has performance and speed related concerns as well.
    • No guest login offered.
    • Limited charting features allow you low opportunity to perform detailed technical and fundamental analysis.

    Religare Online Trading App – Conclusion

    Religare’s Dynami App is not only the best application for mobile trading out there but the team behind design and making of the application is doing a commendable job.

    Only a few seconds of browsing through the comments and review section of the application would clearly make anyone a fan of the team.

    We get to see that the team is responding back to each and every negative comment and rectifying the problem at the quickest. With a rating of 4 after more than 10,000 reviews by people, the application is successful by quite a margin.

    When the application was being designed, the makers had the goal of creating the best application for mobile trading and they were successful.

    Now the Dynami teams goal is to make the application better so that the application can be called as the flagship application in the mobile trading world.

    Religare Broking App FAQs

    Ques – What is Religare Broking mobile app called?

    Answer – If you are looking for the App as presented by Religare Broking, then you must refer to the Religare Dynami App. This app is provided for both the OS, i.e. iOS as well as the Android users and you need to search for the app using the names.

    Ques – Does Religare Broking provide an iOS App?

    Answer – Yes, the app is widely provided for the entire customer base and as a result there is a provision of the app for the iOS users as well. The features and all the other parts of the app are common for both the iOS as well as the Android users.

    Ques – Is Religare Broking App Free to use?

    Answer – Yes, this app is provided by the stock broker to all of its customers absolutely free of cost. There is no charge associated with the stock broking house’s app in terms of usage and you can seamlessly use it according to your interest.

    Ques – How to download Religare Broking App?

    Answer – The process is quite seamless, where you first need to open the specific app store of your mobile phone. You must now refer to the search button and type the stock broking app’s name in the area provided. When you locate the app, quickly download it.

    Ques – What features does Religare Broking App has?

    Answer – The key features of the app as mentioned by the investors are Live Prices, Personalized Streaming Watchlist, Track your Holdings, simplified order placement, alert and notifications, AMO orders, manages funds and a lot more of them.

    Ques – Can I trade in Shares via Religare Broking App?

    Answer – Yes, the stock broking house provides the facility of investing in shares in the Application. In fact it is one of the most popular products in the list which the investors trade in, via the mobile trading app. All sort of premium features related to shares investment is provided in the app.

    Ques – Is Religare Broking Android App good?

    Answer – Yes, this app is a great choice for the purpose of stock trading as it has 3.9 stars in the playstore. This app has been well received from the wide and existing customer base and all the features are appraised by the investors and the traders alike.

    Ques – Does Religare Broking App have EKYC Feature?

    Answer – Yes, the KYC feature is provided by this stockbroker for its customers so they can easily go through the verification process. Since everything has become digital now, you can as well provide the scanned copies and then get your account verified.

    Ques – Does Religare Broking App provide Tips?

    Answer – Yes, this stock broking house has the provision of tips for the clients who need help regarding investment in many ways. You get to avail for the help from the industry experts and the professionally who study the market in dept and provide solutions.

    Ques – How to Buy Shares via Religare Broking App?

    Answer – If you wish to get started with the trading process and buy the shares you decided, then you need to search for the order placement section of the app. When you do, you will have to click on the buy option, select the number of shares you wish to purchase the scrip and then place the order.fa

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