LKP Securities TradeSmart App – Review, Top Features, Set-up process and more

LKP Securities Tradesmart Mobile App is new Mobile Trading platform introduced by LKP securities. In this article, we will dig deep into LKP Securities Mobile Trading App, its various features, its set up process, pros & more.

Find detailed review of LKP Securities Tradesmart App below:

LKP Securities Offers

LKP Securities Tradesmart App Review & Ratings

LKP Securities Tradesmart Ratings
Overall Ratings5.9/10
Star Ratings★★★

About LKP Securities TradeSmart App

In recent times, the smart way to conduct trading is by making this whole procedure online. LKP is one such organization which has used innovative ways to design its powerful trading platforms which provided everything mandatory for online trading.

LKP Securities Mobile AppThe TradeSmart@LKP is a powerful Mobile App which provides all information related to market news, investment research, an analyst report and so on.

LKP Securities Mobile App is one such trading platform app provided by LKP which is more user-friendly and powerful than other apps meant for trading. It is developed for the registered clients of LKP and is especially beneficial for users which have Android phones.

So, utilize the service of the app with the latest market updates and easily track all your activities related to the stock market with one move on the phone.

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Top Features of LKP Securities TradeSmart Mobile App

There are many important features of TradeSmart app which would help the users to conduct online trading in the stock market in an effective manner and in a quick manner.

LKP Securities Tradesmart App

So, here take a look at its features:


  • Provision of live quotes for currency, commodity and equity markets
  • Online Transfer of funds
  • Providing users to prepare their own multiple market watch
  • Based on accounting and finance subcategory of the business
  • Use of the Android operating system for the smooth functioning of the app

LKP Securities Tradesmart Mobile App

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How to setup TradeSmart@LKP Platform? – Process

TradeSmart@LKP is available to download from the official website of LKP which could be installed using an Android phone. It is a free software application which is currently available in the version 5.0.3. Its set-up procedure could be explained below:

1st Step: Go to Google Play from Android Device

2nd Step: Type LKP in the search bar of the Google Play

3rd Step: Select the given app from the list and install

4th Step: After installation, open the given app by clicking on LKP icon

5th Step: Fill in the credentials which include username, password, and other important information

6th Step: Click the Login Button and open the app

7th Step: Select the app, TradeSmart platform from the given app and open it

As you can see the process is very simple.

How to Own LKP TradeSmart Mobile App?

The TradeSmart platform is a free software application which could be downloaded for free with no charges occurred by the users. The download link is safe but it is recommended to the users to scan the downloaded software with their antivirus so as to save the phone from getting affected.

Moreover, it works effectively, if the platform is based on the Android operating system which allows it to work in a smooth manner. Thus you could utilize this perfect trading platform for free and use its services whenever you required.

To own this LKP Securities Trading App, you nee d to follow these steps:

1st Step: Open Demat Account with LKP Securities, Just click on the green button below & fill up the form

2nd Step: You will get a call from LKP securities & they will open your demat account within 3 days

3rd Step: Once the account is opened, you will receive Login ID & Password

4th Step: Install the App in your Mobile & login with the id & password

5th Step: You can now start trading & exploring the App

It is very simple way to own LKP Securities Mobile App.

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Advantages of LKP Securities Trading App

  • This is cost-free platform thus allows a wide variety of people to avail its services in an effective manner and use it as per their requirement.
  • This app allows users to trade in the stock market with a clear and scientific view which focuses on short as well as long-term goals of the users.
  • Use of advanced technology for online trading which also includes internal trading and risk management and thus provides the organization a cutting edge against other online trading apps.
  • This app is provided by the highly trusted brand in the trading market, LKP and thus allow it to get accessed by a large number of people who regularly trade in the stock market.
  • Al the information regarding equity, stocks, commodity and currency market are presented live so that the customers could sell or purchase their shares without facing losses.
  • It provides various personalized features with multiple market watch thus allows the users to have all the relevant trading information at a single platform.
  • It has allowed the users to transfer their funds online which is relatively safe and secure and the information remained with the users only.

Disadvantages of LKP Securities Tradesmart App

  • It is available in English so could not be properly utilized by the people who are not fluent in English
  • It has a limited number of features which compel the management of people who regularly use stock market for trading their stocks
  • Tradesmart App has various concerns related to its performance such as its slow speed which disturbs its efficient working and thus impacts the stock market trading done by the people
  • It is relatively tough to use its interface and navigations which makes the life of people trading in the stock market difficult in situations where they are trading for multiple commodities at once
  • Another major disadvantage of this app is that it could not work on devices other than an android phone which thus prevents users with other phones to utilize the services of the app in an effective manner

Conclusion of LKP Securities Mobile Trading App

Thus we could see that it is a user-friendly platform which has wide ranges and allows different users to work on the trade market for selling and purchasing about their shares daily in an effective manner.

Besides, its provisions of live quotes about the equities and other commodities have boosted the performance of the users and they have become confident to involve in selling and purchasing of commodities in a convenient manner.

Although there are few glitches in this app, still it has become popular among the people due to its availability on an android phone as well as its smooth functioning because of the use of Android operating system.

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