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The MNCL Mobile App or Monarch Networth Trader App is a mobile app which acts as a trading platform for stocks, equities, derivatives, currencies, commodities and more investment products.

The app is owned by Monarch Networth Capital which is a capital market company.

Monarch Networth Capital Offers

MNCL Mobile App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

MNCL Mobile App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.2/10
Usability 7.3/10
Features 7.4/10
Speed 7.3/10
Performance 7.2/10
Overall Ratings 7.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Monarch Networth Trading App

Monarch Networth Capital was founded in the year 1992 by Bankim Shah who is now the COO of the company. They are associated with all major stock exchange markets in India like the NSE, BSE, NSDL etc. They serve more than 245k clients across their country with a network of more than 500 sub-brokers.

The MNCL Mobile App is a product that the company offers. The mobile app is available to download on both iOS and Android platforms through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

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    MNCL Mobile App – Top Features

    The Monarch Networth Capital App has a wide range of features that it can offer. Some of the features are listed below: –

    Multi-Segment Market Watch List

    The MNCL Mobile Trader App has a feature called the Multi-Segment Market Watch List using which you can keep tabs on the markets you are interested in on the go using your mobile phone itself.

    The watch list is segmented into different sections like the current markets and holding watch where you can see the progress of your current holdings in the respective markets

    Trade in cash, derivatives, currency and commodity

    The MNCL app can be used to place trades across a wide array of financial products like cash, derivatives, currencies as well as commodities. It is a useful feature in a mobile app since most of the other competing apps only offer a limited set of financial products.

    Intraday real-time charting

    Using the intraday real-time charting feature of the MNCL Mobile Trader App, you can see intraday charts at small intervals of time like five, ten, or sixty minutes. The charts can be represented using candlestick representation to gauge the ups and downs of the market.

    Fund Transfer

    The MNCL App has a built-in fund transfer feature using which you can send and receive funds to and from your trading account.

    This makes the process of cashing out your profits easier as there is no hassle of placing a fund transfer through a call or by going through the website.

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    How to Set Up Monarch Networth Mobile App?

    The Monarch Networth Mobile App is a mobile app which can be downloaded on any iOS or Android device from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. However, there are a few restrictions on the Android and iOS versions on which the app can be downloaded.

    For Android phones, the minimum version of Android required to download the MNCL Mobile Trader is Android 4. The app runs smoothly in every version above Android 4.

    Similarly, for iOS devices, the minimum version of iOS required to download the MNCL Mobile Trader app is iOS 6.0. The app can be used on all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch which has an iOS version of 6 or above.

    If your device meets the criteria, follow these steps to get the MNCL Trader App on your Android and iOS devices.

    For Android Devices: –

    1. Go to the Google Play Store app.
    2. In the search bar, enter “MNCL Trader”.
    3. The first search result by Monarch Networth Capital named MNCL Trader is the app, install it.
    4. Once the app is installed, you can open it by selecting the app icon from the app drawer.
    5. To use the MNCL Trader app, you should have an online account with Monarch Networth Capital. The app asks for the user Id and password to sign in. You can make an account in the next step.
    6. After entering the details, you can access all the features of the MNCL Trader app.

    For iOS Devices: –

    1. Go to the Apple App Store.
    2. In the search feature, type in MNCL Trader.
    3. In the first result, select the Get option. It is a free app so the app will be added to your library for free.
    4. Now, open the app from the home screen.
    5. To use the features of the MNCL Trader iOS app, you need to have a user id and password for Monarch Networth Capital. You can make an account in the next step.

    How to Own MNCL Mobile App?

    To use the Monarch Networth Capital Mobile Trading App, MNCL trader, you are required to have an online trading account with Monarch Networth Capital Limited. In order to open a trading account for Monarch Networth Capital Limited, you can follow these steps:-

    1. Click on the below “Open Demat Account” button
    2. A Pop-up will appear with Form, Fill up the form with your name, and mobile no. & city.
    3. You will receive a call from an MNCL representative for an online account opening.
    4. Keep your documents ready for KYC verification & e-sign will be done only
    5. Once your details have been accepted, your user id and password will be available via Email.

    You can now use these details to sign in to the MNCL Trader App on your Android or iOS device.

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    Advantages of Monarch Networth Capital Mobile Trading App

    Monarch Networth Capital Limited is a seasoned broker with more than two decades of experience in the industry. Their MNCL Trader app has a lot of advantages over other apps of similar kinds.

    The advantages of the MNCL Trader app are:-

    • Fast Order Facility: Using the app, you can place instant orders on buying and selling of financial products. This makes sure that you get the best price for your investment at the right time.
    • Less Bandwidth Usage: The MNCL Trader app is lightweight and uses less network to complete tasks. This makes it useful in low bandwidth areas and on devices with less computing power.
    • Portfolio Tracking: The MNCL Trader app has a built-in portfolio tracking feature using which you can keep constant tabs on your holdings in different markets. The feature makes it easy for people to know if their holdings are in profit or loss and they can act accordingly.
    • Multiple Reports: You can generate lots of reports using different in-built algorithms on the MNCL trader app. These reports can be used for analysis by investors so that they can make mindful investment decisions.

    MNCL Mobile App – Conclusion

    The MNCL Trader app is a useful mobile application to manage your holdings on the go. You can perform functions which are comparable to some desktop trading software and more. The app is available on all major mobile phone platforms that are Android and iOS and is free of cost to download and use by traders.

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