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It is an era of mobile trading and all the traders want to have an ace on that. In that context, the development of the SMC ACE App is analogously the worthiest thing that happened to the traders.

The coolest thing about the mobile trading app is that traders can trade any time on the go. At the same time traders can trade based on real time information as well.

In order to track and keep an eye on the market, a market tracking window watch is there on the features list as well. Hence let’s get started with the attributes and the perquisites of the SMC ACE Mobile App.

Smc Global Securities Offers

SMC ACE App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

SMC ACE App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.1/10
Usability 7.2/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.1/10
Overall Ratings 7.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About SMC ACE App

Trading is an age-old practice as bygone days elaborate trading on a different note as of now if you see trading it is entirely different. This is because traders are more up to trading terminals, which are fast and less time-consuming.

In that regard, the introduction of the SMC ACE Mobile Trading App is diligently a matter of satisfaction for the new-age traders. The best is that the traders are more open to the user interface, which is friendly and intuitive.

Moreover, this particular one certainly makes a mark with its amazing performance indeed. The plus point is that the traders can delineate every data regarding the market from this app so that they can stay informed.

At the same time, the traders are able to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right share for them. Apart from everything, the traders are also able to calculate on a real-time basis with the assistance of an advanced calculator.

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    SMC ACE Mobile App – Top Features

    Certainly, the SMC ACE Mobile App takes an edge over other trading applications in the market. Therefore let’s read below about the characteristics which give it such an acceptable face among traders.

    Trade-in various sections

    The first thing is that traders will have the ultimate freedom to trade in any type of segment like equities, FNO, currency a well as a commodity.

    No need to be a registered user

    Well, this is one of the things to mention that to experience the functioning of the Ace mobile trading app you can use the option Guest login as well. That means before registering you can have the demo experience of the same.

    Easy transaction

    Traders who are for the first-time or existing traders have certainly witnessed an easy transaction interface, which makes the process seamless.

    Enhanced charting option

    The main goal of the app is to simplify the whole trading task of the traders, which is why you will see charting options that are quite enhanced and enriched at the same time.

    Real-time market information

    The applications like SMC ACE mobile app have a clear vision that traders who are on this platform should be well informed and stay updated with the current occurrences of the trading market. In that respect, they devised platforms designed to offer live market information to traders.

    High-end advisory support

    Top-Notch advisory support is necessary for a trader who can make the trader set sail very fast and easily. In that respect, the robotic advisory support from the SMC is an important feature of the trading app.

    Live calculation

    Traders always need to calculate very precisely so that they can always be on the list of gainers. In that respect, the cutting-edge live calculator is something to talk about.

    Back office report

    The application makers always consider the traders as a significant segment which is why traders are informed of market details by means of several reports from the back office.

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    How to Set up an SMC ACE App?

    In order to install the SMC ACE Trading App just have a look at the mentioned steps below:

    1. Firstly you can get the app named SMC ACE from the Google play store or from Apple.
    2. Next, you can directly get the app from the mentioned link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rs.smc.
    3. Once you click the link you will be directed to a page where you will come across an option called install. Just click that and it will be right there on your smartphone.

    How to Own SMC ACE Trading app?

    In order to use the SMC ACE mobile trading app you will have to know more about the steps at once:

    1. Firstly as stated you get it downloaded either from the Google Play store or from Apple.
    2. Once installed trading users can use the login Password and ID.
    3. But if you are not a trading user then you can also use the guest user login option as well.
    4. Remember that the Guest user has to provide the mobile number and has to verify with the help of the one-time password.
    5. Once you are on the screen you can discover options like the market, research, watchlist, My portfolio, Portfolio health checkup, etc.

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    Advantages of SMC ACE Mobile App

    The SMC ACE Trading App has some notable utility which makes it worth using. Therefore scroll down below to understand the advantages at once.

    • The most convenient thing about the SMC ACE mobile trading app is that traders get at-length information from the research team. Even they offer assistance on call as well.
    • The application developer always endeavoured that their traders should be in the front seat which is why they offered the detail of the market supported with valid data.
    • In addition to that the traders can also get historical data as well which helps them to step measuredly and remain informed about the market.
    • The best is that the traders also have the privilege of checking their portfolios as well.
    • On top of that customers are always privileged because the application offers real-time information to them.
    • It is quite secure as a transaction platform because it is highly encrypted.

    SMC ACE Mobile App – Conclusion

    The SMC Global ACE App has definitely come into the forefront as a boon for traders because it is designed intelligently and comprehensively.

    The interactive platform in a true sense is a real companion for the next generation of traders because of its pioneering and advanced requisites.

    In fact, traders can use the single screen only to carry out the trade in in different segments starting from commodity to equity.

    On the other hand, the notification option is again an underlined benefit which makes the trader achieve an edge over their competitors.

    Finally, yet importantly, the quick tour facility of the app diligently briefs traders about the utility of the app in a few seconds.

    SMC Global App FAQs

    What is the SMC Global mobile app called?

    SMC ACE: Stock Trading App for NSE, BSE, MCX, and Nifty is the app which is offered by this stock broking house – SMC Global. They have a well-running app for the investors and traders who have chosen them as their official broker.

    Does SMC Global provide an iOS App?

    Yes, there is a special app modified and offered to investors who use the iOS operating system. This attempt is to make everything super handy so that anyone and everyone can make investments according to their plans.

    Is SMC Global App Free to use?

    Yes, this app comes at absolutely no cost and investors can avail of it anytime and instantly get started with the investment process. You can install the app directly, without going through the payment section of the app store.

    How to download SMC Global App?

    The process is just like any other app which you have installed on your mobile phone. It is where you first need to open your phone’s app store, following which you must search for the app. You will find the app in the search results, and you must click on the install button for the final step.

    What features does SMC Global App has?

    The SMC ACE has features like Trade in a different segments, guest user login, seamless transaction experience, detailed information of scrip, state of art portfolio, multiple actions, robo advisory, real-time data and news, back office, multiple tools, and more embedded into it.

    Can I trade in Shares via SMC Global App?

    Yes, this is in fact the most popular reason for the app’s usage as a lot of capital market investors are into stock trading rather than other financial instruments. The app provides an easy way of placing orders for shares, for both intraday and also delivery.

    Is SMC Global Android App good?

    Yes, in fact, this app can result to be a great choice for investors and traders as the amount of acceptance this app has received is astonishing. The rating at present stands at 4.5 stars which is indeed a great review portraying how great the app really is.

    Does SMC Global App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, there is a provision of EKYC from the app, which lets you get your account verified. It is essential to provide your identity details via documents and EKYC lets you do the same digitally, where you need to provide the scanned images of the thereby asked documents.

    Does SMC Global App provide Tips?

    We suggest you rely on the app in terms of detailed information on a particular security. You get the full information of the scrip you wish to invest in, which is very important when you choose to invest in a strategic manner.

    How to Buy Shares via SMC Global App?

    The section you need to seek for here is the Order Placement section which is provided on the app’s dashboard. You need to specifically visit the buy section of order placement, and then enter the trade details you wish to undertake and then click on buy.

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