JeTrade App or Jhaveri Securities Trading App is a type of mobile trading platform that is presented by the company for the customers for their flawless trading experience.

Currently, it is extremely tough to function without a mobile trading app since mobile have become a part of our lives and an extension in our hands.

Thus, in this piece of writing, you are going to discover all the information regarding the JeTrade Mobile App, its most important features, benefits and most importantly the way of owning this app and the procedure to set it up so as to use for your own trading requirements.

This in short is a thorough review of Jhaveri Securities Mobile App that will assist you to comprehend for the better and put it to use for your own gains.

Jhaveri Securities Offers

JeTrade App Review & Ratings

JeTrade App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.3/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About JeTrade App

Jhaveri Securities has been one of the top brokers in our country and their perception of running business goes by the apparition that they require to offer the best for their customers.

With this in mind, they came up with their Jhaveri Securities Trading App that is one of the most complex mobile trading platforms which you will see in the market.

Jhaveri Securities being one of the low priced brokerage services, that is also known as the discount brokers, they provide some of the top notch technologies.

The primary job of these brokers is to bring out the best trading platform there is, that’s what you will get from the Jhaveri Securities as well.

JeTrade App has been a booming trading platform utilized by many customers of the company and it has some complex features that allow you to trade using your smart phone only.

It calls for a strong internet connection in order to work smoothly and the app provides all types of trading charts, orders and various other features that will be reviewed in the segment after this.

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    JeTrade App – Top Features

    Jhaveri Securities has also come up with a dedicated iOS as well as Android based mobile app for its traders who are registered, also acknowledged as Trade on Move.

    This application is favourably rated by the users of iOS, one of the reasons behind this is the fact that it is one of the only few software in our country that lets the users to distantly trade across many derivative and equity based trading fragments through mobile devices manufactured by Apple.

    It comes with the following features:

    • You can download this software for free; there is no need for the users to pay any kind of periodic charges after one point of time.
    • This software even allows the users to trade across several Options, Futures and Equity trading fragments absolutely hassle-free.
    • The application is integrated with the capability to showcase live stock price and charts movements across several indices and exchanges.
    • This even allows its users to maintain an active track of their own Depository Participant balance and holding.
    • This application allows its respective users to log on to global markets too.
    • This application also has the ability to retrieve the research and analysis report of the company in real time at any time from any place.
    • It also allows its individual users to have a quick look of the common market and also watch over all the fragments of NSEFO, BSE and NSE in real time.

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    How to Set-up Jhaveri Securities Mobile App?

    In order to set up the JeTrade Mobile App all you have to do is follow the steps below:

    1. The foremost thing you will have to do is open an account with Jhaveri Securities (link of which will be provided here), click the link below and get your application. Once that is done and you have your account at your disposal you will get the Login ID and the option to download the app.
    2. Here you will have to download the Jhaveri Securities App on your phone by using the App store in case you are an IOs user or from Google Play Store in case you are an Android user. After that simply log in to your account.
    3. On the dashboard, there are several options present which you will find as mentioned above which will help your make the market watch list. Then add scrips to that list which will allow you to tracking the stocks.
    4. The whole procedure of adding and removing the scrips is not at all complex. All you have to do is type in the name of the firm. Getting the scrips removed seems easy enough, once the scrip shows up, you will have to click on add, and you will be able to remove the same likewise.
    5. You can sell or buy the stocks simply by clicking on the said stocks. You will receive options to sell or buy, click whichever you need at the moment.
    6. There also exists a portfolio segment where you get to add all your holdings and at the same time track them.
    7. In order to see the technical indicators on the charts, you will have to go to the segments of the chart. You will get this in the tabs section there.

    How to own JeTrade Mobile App?

    If you wish to trade with Jhaveri Securities Mobile Trading App then you will need to open the trading as well as Demat account with the Jhaveri Securities.

    The things you need to do are listed below:

    1. First, click on the button below that says “Open Demat Account” and fill in the pop-up form.
    2. Then, upload the documents asked for.
    3. After this, you will get a call from the executives at Jhaveri Securities and they will authenticate the details.
    4. Once you get an approval on your application and the authentication is successful, you will receive your account thereafter.
    5. Finally, when you log in to the website of Jhaveri Securities with your login ID you can go along with the steps cited above segment to establish your Jhaveri Securities App.

    The documents you will need are:

    • Bank statement
    • Address proof
    • Aadhar card
    • PAN card

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    Advantages of Jhaveri Securities Mobile App

    The full service broker offers a mobile application to its customers who favour trading on the go. The highlights of using this application are as follows:

    • You can place, edit or even cancel orders.
    • The essential function of charting for analysis is available at both technical and fundamental levels.
    • Reports and research are available on a real time basis.
    • You also get provisions to trade over multiple indices.
    • You can stream market watch across several exchanges.

    JeTrade App – Conclusion

    There is around 5000 to 10,000 installation of jhaveri Securities App from Google Play store. This application comes in a size of 4mb. It has an update frequency of 4 to 5 months.

    Thus, this makes JeTrade App a wholesome trading application provided by the prominent discount broker Jhaveri Securities.

    The company does not charge any sorts of fee for the Jhaveri Securities Trading App, thus is totally free.

    Get Free Access to JeTrade App – Open Demat Account Now!

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