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In this article, we will discuss about KIFS App, its features, benefits & more. Let’s dig deep.

The field of trading is huge and vast. As some are into trading out of profession while there are many who spend the quality hours in trading as a part of the passion. But, in any case traders anticipate making the most out of trading.

For that, you need a perfect platform and a guide who will lighten up your path with proper information. However to be on the right course the KIFS TradeON Plus App is there to give you abreast on rightful information on the stock market.

Thus, today let’s get a full-fledged idea on about the KIFS TradeON Plus Mobile App it’s features and privileges that you expect to get.

Kifs Trade Offers

KIFS App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

KIFS App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.5/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About KIFS TradeON Plus App

No matter which type of traders you are whether day traders, position traders or the swing trader, the idyllic web- trading destination KIFS Trading App has a perfectly devised trading solution for you.

Now, this is a high- end designed user- friendly app which facilitates smoother and faster trading operation. The prompt KIFS Mobile App also earned the title of the best app.

Indeed, it is one of the smartest apps that leverage the investors to trade while on the go without any hectic. The easy app lets you keep full track of the holdings, ledger, derivatives, open position, etc.

Honestly, the KIFS TradeON App has unfolded a platform that blends both technology and convenience on the same page. On top of that, the mobile trading app makes the trader have a proper insight regarding the latest tools used in the data analytics as well as for managing the portfolio.

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    KIFS App – Top Features

    The KIFS Mobile App has few sets of features and they are the following:

    Support technical team

    The efficacious technical team is very supportive and ever ready to solve your problem at once. In fact, they are on their toes to help customers get rid of any technical snag in no time.

    High-end software used

    The software team maintains the quality of the software with great diligence. They use their ultimate skills and knowledge to fix any technical issue which has been addressed to them.

    Immense trading facility

    The best about the app is that here you can access the trading section with a single touch and can come across some sub-sections under the trading like trade booking, message hub, net position. GTD order book, stock view, funds view, market status.

    Alert offered

    Traders also get a timely alert on the performance of the stocks so that they can stay prepared with the rise and fall without any difficulty.

    Receive notification

    On the mobile app, the traders will come across notification hub and it notifies the traders regarding the stocks, which will be profitable for the trader. That means the trader will get the notification on the stock brand along with the trending price.

    Easily interacting links

    One most exquisite feature of the KIFS App is that it gives you an opportunity to visit the links of the popular trading destinations like NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, MCXSX, SEBI and the mutual funds. Remember, as you click on the NSE or BSE you will land upon the Beta version of the respective sites

    The option of calculating

    The mobile app is actually a one-stop destination because you get the chance to access the calculator. Under the calculator, you will see two options one is the fair value and the other is the option value

    Built-in back-office

    The built-in back office feature on the mobile app offers all information on the finances like the Holding and ledger statement, Summary and the P&L.

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    How to Set-up KIFS TradeON Plus App?

    Just go through the three-step procedure to activate the KIFS TradeON Plus –

    1. In order to set up the KIFS TradeON Plus you have to visit the play store.
    2. Search for the KIFS TradeON Plus and then click on the install button.
    3. As you see that the installation is done just click on the open icon.
    4. Then input the login id and password.
    5. Now if you are not an existing member then you will be asked to use the guest login feature where you have to enter the email id and the password.
    6. For guest’s user they have to enter a one-time password.
    7. Registered user need to change their password after an interval of15 days for security reason.
    8. You have the liberty to add multiple profiles to create and add stocks.

    In this way you can easily login to the App. For iOS users they have do the same process in App Store. Post Login, you can do multiple things within the app which are mentioned in the Features.

    How to Own KIFS Trading App?

    The owning process is very simple & easy for KIFS Trading App, Here is the process below –

    1. You have to open a demat account with KIFS Trade
    2. For the same, just click on the below “Open Demat Account” button & fill up the form.
    3. KIFS Trade representative will call you & guide you to open account online
    4. You have keep few documents ready as soft copy like Aadhaar, PAN & Cancelled cheque
    5. Your account will be opened within 2-3 hours after completing the account opening process
    6. Post 2-3 hours you will receive an email with your client id & password
    7. This ID & Password will be used to login to KIFS TradeON Plus App

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    Advantages of KIFS TradeON Plus App

    • It offers the trading option for any type of trader as they support long- term investor, day trader and the positional trader.
    • It is a smart app designed for intelligent investors, who love to trade anytime from anywhere.
    • The best part is that the interface is highly intuitive which makes trader have a hassle-free interaction with the app.
    • It is simple so traders can keep an instant track of their portfolio with the help of the innovative analytical tools.
    • In order to make your trading journey seamless, the company has a dedicated customer care team who are in service for round the clock.
    • The app team is prompt enough with the arrangement of their data so that you experience the best while using the KIFS TradeON app.
    • It facilitates the traders to develop a real-time connection with the stock market. It allows them to edit, cancel, enter the market rate. Understand their position and carry out the fund transfer by means of safe and encrypted system.

    KIFS App – Conclusion

    The KIFS Mobile App has been programmed to offer consistent connectivity and superb functionality to the traders. However, user-friendly but it accelerates the chance of making profit from the present corporate and economic condition.

    In fact, it eases the task of transferring the fund from trading account to savings or the vice versa. Even real-time updates are given on the credit, debit, and balance available. On top of that it allows the trader to set an alert tone to get a reminder on the levels of the portfolio as well as high and low price of the stock.

    Get Free Access to KIFS App – Open Demat Account Now!

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