Edelweiss Mobile App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Edelweiss Mobile App or Edelweiss Mobile Trader is one of the most trending mobile apps being used for financial trading. It is offered by Edelweiss, a corporate financial giant. The company has been in the Indian markets for more than a decade.

And, they’ve got a brilliant experience of doing what they do. The company is known to have built an empire of over 12,00,000 clients. They even have their offices in over 200 locations and a staff size of nearly 12,000 people.

However, for today’s article we’ll keep our focus strictly limited to the Edelweiss Mobile App. We’ll explain everything there is about the app.

Also about all the features, it has to offer. We’ll explain the steps involved in setting it up. And We’ll even tell you how to own the app.

And, at last we’ll conclude by telling you all about the reasons to be using this app in the first place. So, all you need to do now is sit up tight and read the entire article carefully.

Edelweiss Broking Offers

Edelweiss Mobile App Review & Ratings

Edelweiss Mobile App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.5/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Edelweiss Mobile App

Edelweiss Mobile App has presented itself in a great way to the clients. It has been rigged with many awesome features.

Furthermore, it caters to the exact needs of the customers. And, strictly speaking, nothing less can be expected from a global financial giant like Edelweiss.

In fact, the company has incorporated its experience of serving over 12,00,000 clients for their specific needs. furthermore, they’ve even had the experience of serving these clients one to one through their numerous offices located across the 200 different locations.

In short, they very well understand the need of each of their clients. And, they’ve used this knowledge to come up with a mobile trading app that suits the needs of every trader and investor.

In other words, the Edelweiss Mobile Trading App has been developed to grant personalized trading experience to the very best.

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    Edelweiss Mobile Trader App – Top Features

    The Edelweiss Mobile Trading App comes with several breathtaking features. And, all of these features combine together to grant a totally unexpected trading and investing experience for the clients.

    Here’s the list of some of the most intriguing features as offered by this app: –

    Extensive Home Screen

    Unlike other apps, the Edelweiss Mobile Trading App grants the services beginning at the very first stage. We’re referring to an extraordinarily created homepage.

    The homepage of the app offers an exclusive market view through the current status of BSE and NSE indices. The homepage even boasts a search bar that enables the users search for any scrip they want the details to.

    Dedicated Equity Segment

    Now, this is a very significant part of the app. It is a dedicated page that enables the users to execute Equity related trade, investment and research within the app.

    The page is made in a way it directly displays the market overview. This part can even be used to look up for real-time market commentary and generic sector performances at any particular moment.

    Effective Search Filters

    The app comes loaded with many search filters to help the users locate specific stocks. This feature can be used to place filters at index and sector levels. The filters like top market gainers and losers, check by percentage and monetary valuation can be executed.

    IPO Performance Tab

    This is an integrated section within the Equity Screen of the app. It allows the users to get information about the latest launched IPOs in the stock market. Using the feature ‘IPO Performance’ can even help in getting detailed information about a specific IPO.

    Dedicated Derivatives Section

    This is another section like the Equity Section of the app. This section is very useful for the users who prefer trading in Futures and Options.

    This screen shows direct transitions across the market related to Derivative trading. It even displays intraday stocks and international indices. Thus, the users can always stay up to date.

    Highly Customizable

    This feature enables the users to build customize the UI to a minuscule level. Users can easily change the looks of several elements present within the app.

    This includes the default chart type to be used, in-app notification control, live market streaming control and more.

    Highly Advanced Charting and Analyzing Options

    The app comes loaded with over 80 types of technical indicators. These indicators can be used to fetch different results based on the procedure of trading.

    The app even grants the access to a few drawing tools. This is especially useful for the advanced and experienced traders.

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    How to set up Edelweiss Trading App?

    There isn’t much to be done to install the Edelweiss Trading App on to your mobile. However, it must be done in a certain disciplined manner to get all things right.

    But you need not worry about getting it messed up. We’ve charted a step-by-step guide for you to follow right below:

    1. There is something that you must do before getting access to this amazing Edelweiss Mobile Trading App. We’re referring to getting yourself a trading or a demat account with Edelweiss.
    2. You must even take care to get a specific login code from the company authorities. This login code will be needed during the time of signing in on the app.
    3. Now, that you’ve got the account and login credentials ready, search for the official website of Edelweiss on the internet. You may even use this link https://www.edelweiss.in/.
    4. However, you must understand that there are discrete applications for iOS and Android based devices. Therefore, you must be careful to get the right app for your device.
    5. We’d suggest using the link https://apps.apple.com/in/app/id1031657545?mt=8 for getting it installed on an iOS device. However, the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.msf.emt.mobile must be used to install it onto an Android device.
    6. Open the app after it gets installed on your device. This will take you to the app’s login page. You must use the company granted login credentials here.
    7. Be advised to change the login password once you’re successfully logged in. This is necessary step towards your account’s safety.
    8. Now that you’re into the app, you can create your user profile. You can even change the UI of the app as per you liking from the settings.
    9. Most importantly, you can now create and add scrips to multiple watchlists of your preference.

    How to own Edelweiss Mobile Trader App?

    In order to get the complete ownership of the Edelweiss Mobile app, there’s only one thing you need to do. We’re referring to getting yourself a demat or trading account with Edelweiss. And, here’s how you can do it: –

    1. You should be easily able to locate a button with the tag ‘Open Demat Account’ at the bottom of this page. Use this button to go to a new page with an integrated information form.
    2. You must read the entire form and all the details mentioned within it. Once you’re done doing that, you must fill up only authentic information within the left-out spaces of the form.
    3. You’ll need to prove the information you provide within the form by uploading a few documents. These will be the documents you’ll need: –
      1. A copy of your bank account statement to justify your financial position.
      2. copy of your recently taken photograph to establish your identity.
      3. A copy of your Adhaar Card / Voter’s ID Card to prove your identity and residing address.
      4. copy of your PAN Card to verify your financial position.
    4. Once uploaded, the next step for your will be to wait for a call from the company. A representative will then guide you through the process of opening the demat or trading account.
    5. This will help you to get an account opened with a few hours.

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    Advantages of Edelweiss App

    Here are the list of all the advantages that come with suing the Edelweiss Mobile App: –

    • This is a versatile app with no compatibility issues. It can be used on both iOS and Android devices.
    • It comes loaded with many features. These features can be used to analyze the stocks and trading strategy before investing.
    • This app has been built to keep the users updated to every single minute. This helps the users in making informed decisions.
    • The UI of the app is built to be comfortable for use to all kinds of traders and investors. This app seems as easy to operate to a professional as to a newbie.

    Edelweiss Mobile App – Conclusion

    Edelweiss Mobile App is in short very attractive to use. it has all the necessary features and it cuts down on the irrelevant ones. It’s compact yet powerful. What else can be needed of a trading app after all?

    Edelweiss App FAQs

    Ques – What is Edelweiss mobile app called?

    Answer – This stock broking house provides a cleanly crafted investment app for the concern of the investors so they can invest in the stock market without any hassle. The app released by the stock broking house is called Edelweiss BSE, NSE, MCX & Sensex – Share Market News.

    Ques – Does Edelweiss provide an iOS App?

    Answer – Yes, the app provided by the stock broking house is available for iOS users as well. Irrespective of the operating system you own, you can enjoy the mobile application service provided by Edelweiss and enjoy uninterrupted trading and investment.

    Ques – Is Edelweiss App Free to use?

    Answer – Yes, there are no added charged just for the purpose of downloading or using the application. Other trading related charges being constant, the stock broking house charges no fee for app users, or from anyone who wishes to download the app.

    Ques – How to download Edelweiss App?

    Answer – The process is pretty seamless. In other words it is same as that of other application download. You need to visit the playstore or the iOS app store and enter the name of the stock broker house in search bar. Download the first search result that you see, by clicking on install.

    Ques – What features does Edelweiss App has?

    Answer – Their award winning research is open for reference. You can invest inequities, derivatives and F&O. The app lets you track, trade, and invest across stocks and let you manage your money efficiently. The perks are technical charting, track trends, market watch, live market news and more.

    Ques – Can I trade in Shares via Edelweiss App?

    Answer – Yes, it is indeed possible to invest in shares through the app. The app has all the seamless methods of trading in stock or company shares. You can monitor all the shares you like in one place, check their live updates and instantly invest in the most favourable option.

    Ques – Is Edelweiss Android App good?

    Answer – Yes, it is one of the best stock market investment applications provided to the investors or traders. This app is highly appreciated by the users and presently holds the rating of 4.7 stars, excelling in the domain of providing service with a good hold of technology.

    Ques – Does Edelweiss App have EKYC Feature?

    Answer – Yes, the app lets you go through the EKYC Process seamlessly and gets you easily verified. KYC is a mandatory procedure, and while it was previous submitting physical documents to branches, it can be done online now, where you have to scan and upload the documents.

    Ques – Does Edelweiss App provide Tips?

    Answer – Yes, this stock broker is a full service broker, and hence you can expect a well crafted research and analysis facilitation. They provide market tips, via the application for their clients to help them through the investment process.

    Ques – How to Buy Shares via Edelweiss App?

    Answer – The process is pretty seamless and you need to search for the order placement section in the application. The buy or sell order placement must be selected as per your trading need and then you have to enter the details of the trade you wish to place and push through it.

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