Arihant Capital has stepped forward to provide its users with a new wealth solution through its Arihant Wealth4Me App.

This is very useful for general public who cannot access all the intel regarding the thousands of mutual funds in circulation in the market. One of the significant advantages is that it can be easily accessed via a smartphone.

Hence, it will be available for all. Mutual funds are excellent instruments when it comes to money-making through market. If handled with care, one can generate much wealth through it.

Arihant Capital Offers

Arihant Wealth4Me App Review & Ratings

Arihant Wealth4Me App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Arihant Wealth4Me App

Arihant has been a service provider to the retail investors and traders for the last twenty-seven years and counting. Arihant is a certified broker and mutual fund distributor. Moreover, they have a reputation being a Category-1 Merchant Banker.

One way or another, Arihant has proved to be quite useful to the traders and the clients who have been a part of the company.

The company has a customer base of about two lacs, and the management runs smoothly. To provide better services and smooth trades, the company has launched multiple platforms which can be operated on various devices.

Mutual funds are among the safe instruments which the market provides to the investor to generate wealth and track the periodic growth as well.

The fund management done by the respective service providers decides the net increase of the accumulated funds and hence determines the growth rate of the fund.

Quite similar to the Fixed Deposit (FD) offered by the bank, the only difference is that the growth is directly proportional to the market developments.

Hence the investor should be cautious about the entry and exit period. In case of mutual funds, the period needs to around six months at least, before you should reach any final state.

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    Arihant Mutual Fund App –  Top Features

    There are a lot of platforms available in the market, but only a handful of them are dedicated to the mutual fund investment.

    This platform provides users with the daily activity of their investment and keep investing in the new instruments as well. Here are some of the features of this application which must be looked into by any active market participant.


    In an age where online fraud is on the hike, this platform is completely reliable as the platform is built upon sophisticated set of codes and it is operated from MPIN(Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number).

    Easy to use

    Unlike other critical platforms, this one is quite simple and easy to understand. Users can make easily make use of it without having any trouble.

    Investment Options

    There are many options provided on this one platform as the users can choose to invest in Lumpsum, SIP and also hold the option to switch between the SIPs. One can redeem or pay for the SIP as he/she wishes to.


    Investor can keep track of all his investments made in and out of the year. The dashboard provides a look at the daily profit and gain in the portfolio.

    The graphical representation is also made available for the user to keep track of the entry and exit position in the trade.

    These were some crucial features which help the retail investor to make money and keep the right track of it as well.

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    How To Set-Up Arihant Wealth App?

    This platform is quite simple to use and hence, it occupies less storage unit and easy to set up. The setup process is understandable with ease as this platform is available to operate on Android and iOS as well.

    For Android:

    1. Get to the Play Store and Search for the Arihant Wealth4Me App.
    2. Install the application on your smartphone.
    3. Click on the icon and enter the required credentials.
    4. Once the credentials have been verified, you can easily log in.
    5. Now, you have access to the dashboard where all the investments can be tracked, and the portfolio can be managed.

    For iOS:

    1. Open the App Store and search for Wealth4Me app.
    2. Install the application on your iPhone.
    3. Click on the icon and follow the steps by entering the required credentials.
    4. Once verified, relaunch the app and log in.
    5. You will be directed to the dashboard where fund management can be easily carried out.

    The above-mentioned procedure has been stated for the existing customers of Arihant Capitals, but if you are new, then the next section is for you.

    How to Own Arihant Wealth4Me App?

    In order to operate the Arihant Wealth4Me application, one needs to have an account registered with the company as this application is exclusively for the registered customers.

    In order to have an account, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Visit the official website of Arihant Capitals.
    2. Click on “Open an Account”.
    3. Fill the required fields and follow the steps.
    4. Upload the required documents and get verified.
    5. Once these procedures are done, you are good to go.

    With this account, you can access all the trading and investment platforms provided by the company.

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    Advantages Of Arihant Mutual Fund App

    The uniqueness of this platform provides a different standard to it. There are various companies which come forth with such ideas, but only a few prove to be good enough to operate on.

    Following are some of the significant advantages of this application platform:

    • Top Picks: Investors will continuously get informed about different segments of mutual funds to invest in. The expert advice will be provided to the users so that a well-informed decision can be made.
    • Calculators: There are various types of calculators which the investor can use such as SIP calculator, Retirement fund calculator, tax saving schemes etc. Such instruments come in handy when an individual needs to decide by him/herself.
    • Scheme Performance: Users can have aggregate information about the top fund performers in various fields and hence get a good hold of the sector performance.

    These were some of the significant advantages which the application provides to the users. The features and the performance make it the perfect choice for an investor.

    Arihant Wealth4Me App – Conclusion

    Arihant Capitals has been in business for a long time, and they have developed multiple platforms for the users to operate on and hence make money provided with expert advisory.

    Dedicating a particular platform to a specific sector of the market is a smart move as anyone who is investing can have a dedicated platform to carry out the operations.

    This application platform is easy to use and very reliable so that you can go for it.

    Get Free Access to Arihant Wealth4Me App – Open Demat Account Now!

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