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Angel Bee or Angel Bee App is a mutual fund mobile app with an essential and savvy approach to overseeing and developing your cash. You can effectively locate the best mutual funds and put resources into them quickly.

The Angel Bee App picks the best schemes for you and encourages you to ascertain the correct SIP investment amount to accomplish your monetary objectives.

With customized proposals, zero administrative work, and different installment choices, this SIP app is the problem-free and keen approach to contribute.

You can also set your financial limits, pick your objectives using this fantastic mobile app. That not all; you can plan how to make your cash work for you with the Angel Bee mutual fund app.Angel iTrade Plan

Angel Bee App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Angel Bee App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.4/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Angel Bee


Angel Bee App allows you to perform mutual fund trading efficiently. This incredible mobile app is made by Angel Broking, primarily a full-service stockbroker company developed in 1987.

Before their other Trading platforms like Angel Broking App, Angel Broking Trade, Angel Broking Speed Pro, and Angel Broking ARQ, this is an exclusive mobile app designed to meet up all the mutual fund-related activities.

The mobile app passes on some top-tier development bolstered by an ostensibly stunning User-Interface to make the app simple to use.

We will discuss the app’s differences later, but as of now, we should conclude that the Angel Bee App is vigorous.

It is a Top Trading App that brings helpful mutual fund information and makes every trading activity straightforward for you as a part of its features.

So, in this article, we will discuss all the significant features that the app is offering along with its long list of advantages.

Also, check out other features of this stockbroking entity from our Angel Broking Review section.

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    Angel Bee App Features

    If you are concerned about mutual fund features, the Angel Bee App is packed with them. There are some with specific decisions and others with what it should be.

    It is hard to make reference to all of the features, yet here is a summary of the most obvious ones.

    • You can start your mutual fund investment venture shortly with this controlled mutual fund mobile app.
    • Evaluate your budgetary wellbeing and realize where to improve with the smart advisory service of Angel Bee.
    • You can characterize your objectives, and effectively compute your SIP, and add up to accomplish them.
    • This brilliant mutual fund app will enable you to save tax by putting resources into the best ELSS mutual funds.
    • The implicit expense tracker can deal with your cash and expenses better.
    • The app has a sleek user interface that makes the mutual fund trading experience seamless and user-friendly.
    • It has a dedicated Mutual Fund Calculator by which you can easily calculate the precise amount every time.
    • The app is equipped with a dedicated SIP Returns Calculator.
    • The app is available in Android and iOS versions, which you can download from their app stores.

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    Additional Features of Angel Bee App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the Angel Bee App:

    Smart Investments

    Trading via mobile Application has been a major revolution in trading history. The world is already celebrating the effectiveness, friendliness, and helpfulness driven by mobile Applications for traders. But the 21st century brings us even much better mobile Applications.

    Smart features have paved the way for more clever trading executions. And Angel Bee App is the best example here. The App allows you to invest in multiple assets through a single interface.

    Not just that, smart features even promote a sleek and user-friendly experience.

    Automatic alerts have been a well-demand feature in mobile applications, as it keeps you updated about your investment in a particular trade.

    Simultaneously that brings a smooth flow to your entire investment journey. And it’s no surprise that Angel Bee App is loaded with these smart features.

    Tax Saving

    Investment planning and tax planning go hand in hand.

    It does not deny that income from the investment is taxable. But amid the plethora of investment instruments in the market, few notable ones are tax exempt.

    If you are also searching for a lucrative investment opportunity that lets you enjoy massive returns, then Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) and Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) could have been the best plans to tap into.

    Apart from that, the National Pension System (NPS) is also an equally alluring deal from a tax-saving perspective. And the best thing is that access to all these tax-saving schemes is available via Angel Bee mutual fund app.

    Track Expenses

    When you live a trader’s life, you are more likely to deal with some puzzling situations. Such as whether your trade is making a profit or it is just deriving a hefty amount of losses is hard to answer.

    It happens when you don’t have an appropriate tracking system on the board.

    To simply put, if you are using a mobile application, you must have expenses and income ratio accessible. In which month do you make and lose the most? Such data is always helpful.

    But thanks to Angel Bee Investment App, that makes profits and expense tracking way easier.

    Unified Dashboard

    A unified dashboard brings investment/trading information into a single place. The feature provides a unified visualization of information that is meaningful to users.

    However, not all trading applications have this feature accessible. But few apps like Angel Bee App make it available.

    The features augment the existing dashboard capabilities, ensuring you no longer need to go deep into the Application to get minute information. Moreover, few apps even make a widget available to showcase a trading activity life on a mobile screen without being logged into the App.

    It makes mobile trading even more convenient and friendly to users.


    The recommendations bar has been highly admired among users.

    Gone are those days when you had to actively look at your trading panels. Whether stop loss has been hit or targeted profit has been achieved, know everything at your fingertips now. Applications like Angel Bee mutual fund app make this facility accessible.

    You can know the payment details, get stock updates, and get the latest reports of your activities in the past. But it’s worth noting that you are only receiving important alerts in the recommendation.

    The setting can be adjusted within the App. However, a recommendation list of stocks can also be prepared within the Application.

    How to Set up an Angel Bee Mutual Fund App?

    Here are the simple steps to set up Angel Bee Mutual Fund App:

    • Go to either Google Play Store if you are an Android user or Apple Store if you own an iPhone. In the respective search bar, type “Angel Bee” and find Angel Bee App in your respective app stores. You need to download the app and install it on your smartphone.
    • The next step is to put down all your personal information correctly as it asks.
    • Next is the KYC verification process, where you have to upload digital copies of your identity proof, address proof, and other relevant documents.
    • You will get some recommendations from ARQ, and after that, you can invest your money.
    • The next step involves the selection of the desired investment plan. It would help if you choose your desired goals, then set your monetary budget, and lastly, finalize your plan.
    • You can check the progress by viewing your dashboard, where you will find everything that you need in one place.

    How to use Angel Bee?

    Angel Bee App is one of the best mobile apps to deliver seamless mutual fund trading. Here are some noteworthy aspects that you can use this fantastic app for:

    • You can put resources into mutual funds and SIP designs in only a couple of swipes. It is free to open a new account.
    • Get a perception of your full financial picture inside a couple of snaps. Our brilliant calculations give profound bits of knowledge on your financial health and aides you on your voyage towards financial freedom.
    • You can screen your external mutual fund investments alongside the investments made utilizing Angel BEE through the Angel BEE mutual fund tracker. You can transfer your combined CAMS statement to deal with your mutual fund property in one spot.
    • Characterize your financial objectives and plan your investments to accomplish your fantasies. You can also use ARQ to break down the SIP sum required to achieve your objective.
    • The investment app gives you access to a Big Savings Account that will enable you to improve returns on the cash lying inert in your current bank account. Pull back money whenever, anyplace, 24*7 utilizing the Angel Bee app.
    • Saving tax has never been this simple. With no desk work, you can use this fund app to put resources into the best tax-saving schemes (ELSS mutual funds).
    • You can set spending plans, break down your spending, and intelligently deal with your cash with the Angel Bee investment app. Consequently, the app forms your transactional SMSs and groups your expenses into classifications like sustenance, shopping, travel, etc.

    Advantages of Angel Bee App

    Here are some signification reasons why you should use Angel Bee App:

    • You can contribute immediately with the help of this mutual fund mobile app.
    • You can carefully plan your Finances and invest adroitly using this mobile app.
    • With Angel Bee App, you can easily track your portfolio with a mutual fund tracker and utilize it to your benefit.
    • The app will help you to characterize your objectives and accomplish them safely.
    • You can now acquire better returns on passive funds.
    • With some well-crafted suggestions, you can save big on taxes with mutual funds.
    • Thanks to Angel Bee App, you can plan your spending limits and track expenses without worrying much.
    • Easy to download on your smartphone, whether you are using Android or iOS.
    • The app is user-friendly with a visually staggering user interface.

    Angel Bee – Conclusion

    Angel Bee is an across-the-board investment app giving a one-stop answer for all your mutual fund investment needs. The Angel Bee, a mutual fund app, was granted “Best Mobile App for Mutual Fund Investments of the year” at India BSE – CEO Weekend 2018, sorted out by Tesla.

    So, naturally, the app has some charismatic factors that make it so popular. Angel Broking, this mobile app maker, is a stock trading giant organization.

    They have been in this business since 1987 and are considered a full-service stockbroking company. Therefore, it is not hard to expect such precision in all their services.

    Angel Bee App is a fantastic initiative with a simple motive – making money at your own pace. Moreover, the setup procedure is easy and quick, with no dilemma of hard copy paperwork.

    Another reason for its success is that they allow clients to customize their plan. Overall, Angel Bee App is a competent mobile app dealing with mutual fund investment.

    FAQs on Angel Bee App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Angel Bee App:

    What is the Angel Bee app?

    Angel Bee App is a one-stop destination bringing investors and traders an opportunity to invest in their favorite Mutual Funds at their fingertips.

    The mutual fund application has been installed by millions of MF investors and has been offered by a leading stockbroker Angel One.

    How do you use the Angel Bee app?

    If you already have an account set up with the Angel Bee trading platform, you can use the login details to access Angel Bee App.

    New users can create login details by downloading the App and begin using it.

    How do I add money to my Angel Bee account?

    You can add money to your Angel Bee Trading Account simply by logging into the payment section.

    The option must be available in the upper menu, with an option to add funds/amount to your account.

    How do you stop SIP in Angel Bee?

    In case you no longer want to continue with SIP in Angel Bee, simply login to the Application, go to >> my transactions >> SIP >> select the SIP plan>> click on the Cancel Button, and done.

    How do I download ELSS from Angel Broking?

    You can get ELS to statement for Tax Return simply by logging into the Angel Bee broker App.

    Find the “Reports” option on the dashboard and click on it. Find ELSS or Security Holding and click on the download button.

    How do I view my mutual fund portfolio in Angel Broking?

    MF Investors can use the Angel Broking app to view the status of their portfolios.

    Firstly, go to the “order Book section.” A list of MF owned by you must be available here. Locate the MF you want to check the status of and click on it.

    What is the big saving account in Angel bee?

    The Angel bee app’s big savings account app is similar to a bank saving account. Even if you have not used funds for investment, you will still withdraw 6-8% returns.

    Is Angel Bee a direct mutual fund?

    No Angel Bee offers regular mutual funds plans. Hence, you can’t invest in direct mutual funds through any of its trading platforms, be it web or mobile applications.

    What is ARQ prime?

    ARQ Prime is an innovative feature provided at Angel Bee App. With the support of the Application, it sends you the top 15 recommendations for investment through its advanced advisory engine.

    Why are my funds not showing in Angel Broking?

    You have recently added funds in the Angel broking app, and it has been 48 working hours since then; the amount isn’t reflected in your account; contact support@angelbee.in.

    Is Angel Bee a direct mutual fund?

    The Angel bee mutual fund app is a dedicated platform and isn’t a direct mutual fund app. You can use the App to invest in regular mutual funds online.

    What are call and trade charges in Angel Broking?

    If you have executed a trade on a call, you may be inviting an additional charge of Rs.20+ GST. This excludes brokerage charges that are Rs—20 per executed order.

    How do I get my statement from Angel Broking?

    Log into the Angel Bee app, and in the reports section, find Transaction Reports Options. Select the type of report respectively and financial year too. Click on the GO and download your statement.

    What are AMC charges in Angel Broking?

    The newly updated AMC charges on the Angel Broking platform are Rs. 240 per year. Month by month, it is around Rs. 20. But you have the option to pay it annually and not month by month.

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