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In this article, we will discuss Karvy Mutual Fund App in detail. Let’s get started.

A mutual fund is the best form of investment where the investor can play safe with limited capital. He comes to know about the hack of managing capital professionally with proper guidance from researchers.

One most important benefit is that here the investor is open to diversifying the capital at the same time, can enter and quit any time he wants without any inhibition.

On top of that, he has the liberty to choose any investor he wants to go for. In addition to that, he will certainly realize the process of mutual fund investment is quite transparent. In that regard, the Karvy Mutual fund app is the best one to plunge into the field.

Karvy Offers

Karvy Nivesh App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Karvy Mutual fund app Ratings
Overall Ratings8.0/10
Star Ratings★★★★

About Karvy Mutual Fund App


Investing in the right fund at the right time through the perfect medium is what every investor looks for.

Here comes the Karvy Nivesh App to your rescue; it offers the mutual fund app platform, which is easy to operate and super hassle-free to comprehend even for a layman.

Honestly, it is one of the highly interactive apps for the mutual fund that promises you to make the investment and grow your wealth, which will be the best savior in the long run.

It has been coded to tackle all your funds and to offer you strategies so that your investment plans follow the exact course. Coming to its navigation, it is friendly, intuitive and interactive.

Moreover, the investor will invariably like the app because of its convenience, which makes the journey easy for them to attain pre-determined financial targets.

One of the reasons, it is among the Best App for Trading is that the investor can easily understand the financial notions without any scepticism.

Do check out all other features of Karvy from our Karvy Review section.

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    Karvy Nivesh App – Top Features

    The Karvy Mutual Fund App has a few talked about features, so let’s see what those in detail are:

    Great investment hub

    The mutual fund app from Karvy Nivesh is devised to offer you friendly investment plans and ideas. The ideas are tailored so that it meets the end of every single investor without any flaw.

    A single platform solution

    It is a one-stop mutual fund app offering solutions for any investor. The investors are facilitated to get real-time experience regarding the investment plans.

    Honestly, under one umbrella, the investor can access any of the segments like at one time he can avail the dashboard while at the same time he can get to see the portfolio as well.

    In addition to that, the investor can invest, sell and redeem on the same platform without getting troubled about swapping the platform for doing such tasks.

    Customized to your need

    As an investor, you want a platform where investment schemes and ideas should be sorted and that should comply with your needs.

    In that respect, the Karvy MF App turns out to be the super best indeed. This is because this revolutionary, user-friendly mutual fund app offers customized funding solutions to the investors.

    You have the full freedom to choose from any set of services and products, but all of these could be customized after considering the special requirement of the investor.

    Safe to use

    It is a matter of concern for every investor as they have to step very cautiously after choosing a platform for investing.

    In that respect, it is important to say that the Karvy Nivesh MF App app is encrypted and safe enough to use.

    Therefore now investors don’t have to ponder about losing their money at any cost because buying and selling is no more a matter of concern or fear for the investors.

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    Additional Features of Karvy Mutual Fund App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the Karvy Mutual Fund App:

    Goal-based investment strategy

    You can’t win an investment until a goal is set. However, any exponential jump in a share price could be luck, but it isn’t helpful in the long run. You must deploy a goal-based strategy when entering the world of investment.

    If you want to see tangible progress in the stock market, then avoid over-reacting to any asset, but endeavor to adopt disciplined decision-making. Market fluctuations can be sometimes favorable, but not always.

    A strategic goal must be set for the portfolio expansion. To simply put, you should be determined to hold your asset for a considerable time and will not withdraw before the committed time.

    Also, it is good to occupy high risk-appetite. You may be trying good hands at Karvy Mutual Fund App, but it is essential for you to learn the basics of investment strategy.

    Well-designed user interface

    A well-designed user interface is the crux of every winning analysis. You can better derive clever market insights, understand the price patterns, and can even take prompt action for an investment.

    The feature is even more essential on mobile brokerage apps. Such as Karvy Mutual Fund App, where users can invest in their favorite MF plan in no time as the broker keeps everything straightforward and simply available on the interface.

    Users can access every essential feature in one place, on a single screen, and what else could be best above that. Enhanced features bring enhanced transparency to the workflow and services provided by the broker.

    Buying and selling with one-touch

    BUY/SELL activities turn out much smoother when you have a feature-rich app available. Most notably, if the application is lightweight and simple features access is granted, more benefits could be derived.

    For example, Karvy Mutual Fund App offers a one-touch BUY/SELL feature that allows users to instantly pick up an asset in their portfolio as soon as its price touches the best BUY price.

    Similarly, if ever the market face a sudden drop and you wish to exit in a rush, these one-touch features will help out there. But it’s worth noting that broker isn’t popular exclusively for this feature.

    Karvy even provides a one-touch facility across numerous other functions on its app.

    Easy tracking

    The easy tracking feature helps its users in monitoring their trading activities. Be it tracking of your holdings, online tracking of the market, and other vital metrics.

    The feature is most demanded across the mobile trading platforms, and so does Karvy Mutual Fund App is compelled to provide its MF investors with an easy tracking option.

    Mutual Fund investors can track the response on MF investment and are allowed to adjust and modify their Active plans.

    Moreover, insights into relevant and best-performing MF plan is also provided, ensuring investors can take the plunge as soon as the best scheme arrives.

    Lump-sum and SIP investment options

    Lump-Sum and SIP Investment options are the two most prominent plans offered by brokers to aspiring MF investors. SIP investment refers to investing in an asset in EMI.

    Similarly, a lump-sum amount refers to investing entire investment capital on an asset at once. Karvy Mutual Fund App allows you to invest in numerous investment plans either once in Lump-sum amount or via SIPs.

    Investors can choose the desired investment plan as per their ambition. Also, there are no restrictions imposed on these investments by Karvy.

    SIP users can start investing with 500 rupees per month and can invest in lump sum accounts as much as their investment capitals grant them permission on it.

    How to Set up Karvy Mutual Fund App?

    To activate the Karvy Mutual Fund App, you need to go through the said steps below:

    • The first thing is that you can either visit the website.
    • Here, you will have to go through the download option at the bottom. Just click that, and it will start to download.
    • Else, you can even download the Google Play app directly on your mobile.
    • Now if you are doing so from a laptop, click on the URL to install the app.

    How to Own Karvy Nivesh App?

    • To use the Karvy Nivesh mutual fund app first, you have to download it from the link.
    • Then you have to use your login Id and the password to enter the app.
    • Remember, you have to provide the KYC once only.
    • You can easily sign up with a PAN card.
    • Next, you can easily connect your bank account for SIP.
    • Once you enter, start to view all the information related to the market.
    • In addition to that, get to see the scripts, technical charts, and research reports.
    • Once you are done viewing all the sections, you can start your investment process.

    Advantages of Karvy MF App

    The Karvy Nivesh Mutual fund app has a few marked advantages as well; hence go through that to understand that at length:

    Secure to use

    You don’t have to worry about losing the data as it is very much safe. On top of that, the transactions are through encrypted mediums.

    Smartly designed

    The smart and intuitive interface is brilliantly programmed to offer you fund plans tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Easy and hassle-free

    Using the app is not a big deal at all because it has features that are easily accessible, and the customization can be done at one’s convenience.


    It acts very rapidly to your call. Only you need to put in the plug at once.

    Use it from anywhere

    Investors have the flexibility to buy and sell anytime from anywhere.

    Return on investment: The best thing is to expect a high return from the investment here.

    Karvy Mutual Fund App – Conclusion

    Indeed the Karvy Nivesh Mutual fund app is the true companion of every willing investor who wants to have a particular financial objective. It opens the door so that the investor can earn enough from the savings.

    You get the opportunity to save in the equity mutual fund as well. The best to note is that it makes the investor scrutinize their potential so that they can invest rightfully.

    Apart from that, the investor also learns to balance their portfolio. Overall, it is significant to say that the app is convenient, customer-friendly, and highly secured.

    Karvy Mutual Fund App FAQs

    Here is the list of Karvy Nivesh Mutual fund app:

    Which is the app for the Karvy mutual fund?

    Karvy Mutual Fund App is one of the well-structured mobile platforms built for Mutual Fund investors. The app allows investors to track and manage their MF plans in one place.

    How do I check my mutual fund Karvy?

    Users can check activities related to their Mutual Fund app at Karvy Mutual Fund App.

    What is the KfinKart app?

    KfinKart app is provided by Karvy finance company that brings a one-stop solution for MF investors where they can manage their Mutual Funds in one place.

    Is the Karvy app safe?

    One of the most trusted and SEBI registered brokers back the Karvy Mutual Fund App, making it a safe-to-use application for investors.

    Which is the best mutual fund app?

    Karvy Mutual Fund App is one of the best Mutual Fund applications so far, particularly because the app serves as a feature-rich experience for Mutual Fund Investors.

    How do I get my Karvy statement?

    Users can download their Karvy Statement from the Investor Services Tab. There, users are required to Capital Gain Mail options, and upon entering further details, they can get the statement.

    How can I check my mutual fund by PAN number?

    You can check with CDSL and NSDL websites to get the details of the Mutual Fund Plan using your PAN Number.

    How can I know my PAN card number?

    A permanent Account Number is issued to every single individual in a card form who meets the eligibility criteria in India. The card comprises a number which is known as PAN Number that you can use to track your Mutual Fund.

    How do I cancel my Karvy mutual fund?

    If you are not satisfied with the Karvy Mutual Fund, or you want to leave using the platform for personal reasons, you may cancel your Mutual Fund plan at any time.

    Is Karvy and Fintech same?

    No, Karvy and Fintech are no longer the same. Because Karvy Fintech is now known as KFintech.

    Can I invest in mutual funds through Karvy?

    Yes. You can invest in mutual funds through Karvy by simply downloading the Karvy mutual fund app that provides Mutual Fund specific services to investors around the world.

    Is KFinKart and KFintech same?

    KFinkart and KFintech belong to a similar company, Karvy, but both serve different customers in the share market.

    How do I use KFinKart app?

    Karvy provides outstanding financial services to diverse types of investors. Thus, the company ensures that its mobile application is straightforward and easy to use.

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