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Traders have a dream of dealing with a trading terminal that should be enough flexible and at the same time should give the wand of customization to the hands of the traders.

From that perspective, if you want to witness such a revolutionary yet smarter trading terminal then the SMC Trading Terminal means to change the course of trading.

Feature-wise it has some excellent ones like allowing to transfer funds to watch market news, get research reports and check the position of the individual trader.

On top of that, the traders can also observe the intraday charting based on real-time updates. Therefore let’s discover some more information on the SMC Privilege Trading Terminal.

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SMC Privilege Trading Terminal Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

SMC Privilege Trading Terminal Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.4/10
Usability 6.4/10
Features 6.5/10
Speed 6.5/10
Performance 6.6/10
Overall Ratings 6.5/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About SMC Trading Terminal

Traders who are almost busy all the time always aspire for an application that should be quick and smart. In that regard, the SMC Privilege Trading Terminal fits the bill the best way.

It is programmed in such a way that traders get unobstructed trading to feel all the moment they are at the trading terminal.

In the process, the creators do make sure that diligent traders can be overwhelmed by its seamless performance. In a way, you can say that it was designed to make the trading journey a smooth task for those who are in the process of dealing with a number of trade tasks.

One most exciting facts are that a trader can pick all the information regarding the trading market from a single screen. In addition to that, they can keep on their toes with the information obtained from the research support group which will make them reap profit at any cost.

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    SMC Privilege – Top Features

    Like all other convenient trading terminals, the SMC Trading Terminal has also had some of the marked features as well. Let’s scroll down below to get an idea of that.

    Real-time information

    The first basic feature is that the SMC Privilege Trading Terminal allows the trader to enjoy real-time up-to-minute information from the market using live-streaming quotes.

    Comfortable with desktop

    Traders can easily get acquainted with the trading terminal on their desktop which means they don’t need to switch to any other device for operating the same.


    Traders can get a complete view of the market through the market watch window. But at the same time have the liberty to customize the same at their convenience.

    Security lock

    While using the trading terminal, traders will often come across the security lock option and the main thing is that it ensures that the data remains safe and secured without getting rummaged.

    Fast trading

    Who does love to waste time while trading? No one does and to assure a faster trading experience the best form of the trading terminal has introduced the hotkey which functions superbly by easing the hassle of navigation.

    SMS alert

    Traders always don’t have time to check the terminal by getting into the desktop. Therefore to ease their work the SMC Privilege Trading Terminal team has initiated the service of SMS alert which keeps the traders ahead in their trading goal.

    Mail facility

    In order to make traders get the best from the trading terminal, the development and support team has assured that the traders get all the information pertaining to the trading market on time.

    In fact, the mail included all sorts of information about the market, reports on research made on the stock market and updated news on the trading market.

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    How to Set up SMC Trading Terminal?

    In order to activate the SMC Privilege Terminal, you need to dig through the steps below:

    1. The first is that you need to get on the link https://www.smctradeonline.com/online-trading/software.
    2. Then you need to scroll down below the page where you will get some of the options like input name, state, city, and mobile number. You need to insert those.
    3. As you are done you can sign up to use the terminal.

    How to Own SMC Privilege Terminal?

    In order to use the SMC Privilege Trading Terminal again, you have to follow a few of the steps penned down.

    1. Firstly you have to directly get to the link http://www.smctradeonline.com/.
    2. Then you should go to the section called online trading.
    3. Once you land up there, you will scroll to the section called software.
    4. Now once you click that you will be directed to the URL called https://www.smctradeonline.com/online-trading/software.
    5. Once you are on this page you will get the chance to open an account directly from this page only.

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    Advantages of SMC Privilege Trading Terminal

    The SMC Privilege Trading Terminal has some superb benefits so let’s highlight those at a glance.

    Easily customizable: It is one of the best boons for traders on a trading terminal when they are allowed to customize it according to their own needs.

    In that regard, the SMC does allow that as here the traders can modify anything right from the screen itself. On top of that, traders can customize the rates of live streaming. In addition to that, you can edit the charts as well.

    Scrip-wise watchlist: How convenient a trader feels when he gets the complete view of the market through the scrips watchlist. Now it eases the task of keeping an eye on the most favoured stock brand.

    At the same time facilitates them to create several watchlists as well. Also, traders can get the detailed information regarding the buying price through the scrip-wise charts. On top of that, he can also come to know about the price loss as well.

    SMC Trading Terminal – Conclusion

    The SMC Privilege Trading Terminal has multiple benefits which make it the most talked-about web trading terminal in the stock market.

    It is comprehensively designed to leverage the traders with qualities that certainly underline the terminal as convenient, quick and smart.

    In fact, it’s intelligently designed which does not allow you to sign in to different pages to avail each of the sections instead one-time access will let you get hold of each section on the same page only.

    Therefore it is needless to say that it turns out advantageous in terms of time-saving as well. Henceforth, traders feel like resorting to the same because of its complete customization feature.

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