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Traders always aspire to have a comprehensive trading platform that would feature all the convenience of online trading. In the same breath, it should be flexible and smart.

In that scenario, traders can always stand by the SMC Easy Trade Web trading platform. The breathtaking platform came to the forefront with highly improvised attributes.

In fact, it has redefined the term trading with its super easy tools. Therefore today in this content, we will shed light on the SMC Easy Trade and its features. We will also tell about the importance of using SMC Online Trading Platforms.

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SMC EasyTrade Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

SMC EasyTrade
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.5/10
Usability 7.4/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.3/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About SMC Easy Trade

SMC Easy Trade is a web trading platform & that is one of the super convenient inclusive trading platforms, which you can access without any problem either from a desktop or laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The best is that the traders get the chance to scout through various segments like derivatives, Equities, currency, commodities, IPOs and mutual funds through this singular web trading platform.

In order to offer seamless web trading service to the traders, the developers used high-end advanced HTML 5 technology to make it run smoother. One most explicit features of the web trading platform are that it can be customized.

That means the traders as per their requirement and easiness can modify the screen. On top of that, it enriches your know-how regarding the trading world through the knowledge centre.

Apart from that for faster operation the smart- end tools like portfolio checker, Autotrader, Autotrader along with the calculator is the best one so far.

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    SMC Online Trading Platform – Top Features

    The SMC Online trading platform has some super features which you can learn from the bullets below.

    Modified trading

    The first feature that the trader will always enjoy is that they have the liberty to customize the requirement on the screen to simplify the daily trading task job.

    Manage portfolio

    A trader can always manage the portfolio without any issues traders it is so easy with the advanced web trading platform.


    Web trading experts are aware that people should stay updated and that is why traders are given abreast of information regarding the trade market.

    Research teams on alert

    In fact, web trading platforms like the SMC easy trade online trading platform have the proper research team who researches the trending stocks and based on that they deliver the information to the traders through regular updates.

    Advanced technology

    In order to make the traders experience an uninterrupted seamless web trading service, the developers used high-end HTML 5 technology to run the application.

    Navigation is hassle-free

    Once you start using the application you will see that it is easy to operate moreover, for the easiness of the users some of the common tools are embedded on the platform as well.

    Arrange menus as needed

    Traders are facilitated to use the search option for accessing the menu. On top of that add the favourite option to access the menus which are used frequently.

    Check the back office reports

    In fact, traders can get a detailed report of the back office without using any other method for that.

    Easy fund transfer

    The traders get the privilege of transferring funds without any hassle. In fact, the trader can transfer funds from multiple banks.

    Enjoy smart trading

    Traders will definitely fall for SMC Easy Trade because it has some outstanding hotkeys that function faster and smarter.

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    How to Set up an SMC Online Trading Platform?

    In order to activate the SMC Easy Trade Platform, you have to go through the below steps at once:

    1. You need to get on the URL https://www.smctradeonline.com/online-trading/browser.
    2. Just go straight down to the page and there you will come across some of the mandatory fields like insert Name, Email Id, State, city and then mobile number. Once done you can log in.
    3. Once you are here you will get the option download on the upper sections which when clicked will land you up on the URL https://www.smctradeonline.com/downloads.
    4. Just go through the sections at once to download the desired one.

    How to Own SMC Easy Trade Platform?

    • For using the web trading platform you have to get on the https://www.smctradeonline.com/
    • You will come across sections like market, news, research, and products.
    • Then you will also get the option called online trading.
    • Once you click that you will come across the browser.
    • Just click on that to continue the rest of the operation.
    • Remember it will land you on https://www.smctradeonline.com/online-trading/browser.

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    Advantages of SMC Online Trading Platform

    The SMC Web trading platform has some well-known advantages let’s know about those in brief:

    • Traders have the privilege of trading and exchanging on a single platform instead of switching from one screen to another.
    • The best advantage of the web trading platform is that here the traders can actually change the settings according to their own requirements and preference.
    • Traders don’t have to worry much about the work because they can work cosily from their self-created workspace.
    • For more clarity, the traders can view the charts of scrips so that they can trade more efficiently and effectively.
    • Besides pulling funds from multiple banks, traders also have the freedom to have online mutual funds as well.
    • One more addition is that the traders get the detail of the market with real-time updates with at-length charts.
    • The superb advantage that you will see is the security lock system which is activated for the additional safety of the traders.

    SMC Easy Trade – Conclusion

    The SMC Easy Trade Platform is the most convenient so far. In fact, it offers a professional web trading platform that is designed for clients who prudently handle the stock market.

    In fact, the advanced tools, and intuitive single-screen feature definitely turn out to be a boon for traders who are involved in the day- to day trading.

    On the whole, it offers inclusive facilities to the traders so that they can get to work more in a short time span. In addition to that, the traders can access the reports from the back office anytime which means it is available round the clock.

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