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Yes Trader or Yes Trader App is a noteworthy mobile app that offers you consistent stock trading awareness. Yes Securities Trading App is an exciting development where you can perform all your stock trading ventures.

The app is mentored by individuals who have vast amounts of information in the stock trading industry just as the IT industry. Yes Securities Mobile Trading App has the capability to investigate the market conditions and create reports accordingly.

Apart from that, it recommends you accept fundamental and pertinent choices as it can distinguish current market conditions and give valuable information through charts. Unlike some stock trading companies, the app comes in both Android and iOS; therefore, you can undoubtedly get it in Google Playstore or Apple Store.Yes Securities Offers

YES Trader App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

YES Trader App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.2/10
Usability 7.3/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.2/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Yes Trader App

Yes Securities App is essentially a mobile app intended to give you a chance to perform stock trading with simplicity. This consistent app is created by Yes Securities, who is essentially a Discount Stockbroking organization built up in the year 2013.

After immovably grasping the ground in the stock trading industry, they propelled their very own trading platforms around the same time.

Yes Securities Mobile App or the Yes Trader, which is its official name, drove close by its Web Trading Platform, which is officially called YSL Trading Platform.

The app conveys some best in class innovation supported by an outwardly staggering User-Interface to make the app user-accommodating.

We will talk about the app includes in subtleties later; however, for now, we might want to presume that the Yes Securities Trading App is a robust app.

The app is a source that brings profitable stock market information, and it likewise makes trading stocks simple for you with a portion of its highlights.

So, in this article, we would bring up the basic features along with the steps to set up this trading platform. Also, you will need guidance to own and use the app too. There are some fundamental drawbacks of this app as well that we will discuss on the conclusion.

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    Yes Securities Mobile App – Top Features

    YES Trader from Yes Securities is one of smartest mobile app for everyday stock trading activities. So, it is time you should check out the most significant features this trading platform is offering.

    • The mobile app is available in Android as well as iOS. So, you don’t need to worry on the platform compatibility.
    • With YES Trader, the chance of missing a profitable investment opportunity is very less. The app delivers critical stock market information which is essential to make a decision. It also has a quality stock market analysis feature to help that cause.
    • There are several indices that you can take a look at the same time. The likes of Nifty, DOW, Commodities, Currencies can all be monitored via this incredible mobile app. At the same time, you can decide the best as the Market Watch feature provide some valuable perceptions.
    • The Charts is the stock trading industry plays a crucial role. Thankfully, you don’t worry as YES Trader covers all the necessary and fundamental Charts which are essential.
    • Another significant feature is the ability to execute orders among multiple indices. It is an invaluable feature in this volatile stock market, and something every trader seeks.
    • YES Trader is a robust trading platform equipped with all sorts of notifications and alerts that you can think off to keep you updated to all the stock market activities.

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    How to Set-up Yes Securities App?

    It is not difficult to set up YES Trader mobile app. On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite. So, here are the simple steps to set up this fantastic trading platform:

    1. If you own an Android phone, you need to go to Google Playstore and search for “YES Trader,” and you will get the app. Similarly, if you use an iPhone, go to the Apple Store and search with the same string, and you will get the app.
    2. Then next obvious step is to install it.
    3. Once you open the app, it will ask for a Login ID and a Password. Now, as YES Trader is a proprietary service of Yes Securities, you must own an account to use the service. By the way, we will talk about the steps to open an account with Yes Securities later.
    4. Once you get the login ID and password, you can log in and start trading. Remember to change the password in a regular interval to keep your account secure.

    How to Own Yes Trader App?

    As mentioned before, YES Securities App is a product of Yes Securities and therefore, you need an account to use it. So, to own this mobile platform entirely, here are the steps to open an account with Yes Securities:

    1. There is a button on the bottom – “Open Demat Account,” that you need to click.
    2. In the pop-up, you will get a form which will ask your contact information and details about name, mobile no. & city. Fill up those information & submit.
    3. You need to wait till an agent of Yes Securities call you to confirm the information that you have provided. At the same time, the agent will ask you to submit all the relevant documents to complete the KYC verification.
    4. Once you submit all the documents, they might take a couple of days to wrap up the verification process before they hand over the login details of your accounts.
    5. You then simply need to follow the set-up steps of YES Trader to own the mobile app.

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    Advantages of Yes Securities Mobile App

    If you choose the services of Yes Securities, you will get to use YES Trader mobile app. Here are some major benefits of using this trading platform.

    • The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS smartphone users.
    • You can do stock trading from any desired location.
    • Free Demat and Trading account opening.
    • Quick problem escalation with robust email support.
    • Check Position Conversion and Global Net Positions.
    • You will get Real-Time Quotes.
    • You can do trading across multiple segments like equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency.
    • All kinds of Notifications and Alerts.
    • Essential Charting.
    • Integrated Stock Market Watch.

    Yes Trader App – Conclusion

    As good as it may sound, YES Securities Trading App has some significant flaws that you should know; particularly when all the other stock trading companies are cruising with technological advancements. One of the instant flaws that you will notice is the backdated User Interface.

    Compared to every significant stock trading mobile apps, it doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to look and feel.

    Next, we should keep this in mind that the app hasn’t been updated in over 1.5 years, whereas most apps get updated twice or even thrice a month.

    But the biggest loophole that we have discovered is the lack of Fund Transfer feature, which is essential for the clients.

    Now, after considering the pros and cons of YES Trader, we believe you should wait for some time till they mend the app a bit. Yes Securities, on the other hand, is a growing company, so it is just a matter of time till they figure this out.

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