Alice Blue ANT Mobi App or Alice Blue Mobile Trading App is an advanced mobile trading platform that is offered by the broker which is recognized as one of the best brokers in the country in various segments.

The firm has been providing ANT Mobi as the mobile trading platform for many years and clients are quite impressed with the application.

In this article, you will read about the various features of the Alice Blue Trading App and the ways to set it up in the right way so that you can trade on the go.

This easy to use Alice Blue Mobile App is a must for the new generation traders who are handling multiple things at a time.

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Alice Blue ANT Mobi Review & Ratings

Alice Blue ANT Mobi Ratings
Overall Ratings7.3/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Alice Blue ANT Mobi App

Alice Blue Mobile Trading App is considered to be one of the best mobile trading platforms in the industry because of its easily accessible interface which is very user-friendly and at the same time highly responsive.

This mobile trading platform can be used from areas where there is very low internet bandwidth and thus making the life of the traders further easier.

Alice Blue has been always path-breaking in its approach towards the technology segment and it has come up with recent technologies always.

It has been charging the clients very reasonably and their mobile trading platform is completely free of cost. There are no such extra charges of activating the platform you need to pay.

The Alice Blue App is a simple yet very effective device that uses less amount of data to give you a smooth experience of trading on the platform.

You might be thinking that since it is a mobile platform you won’t be having the analytical features as such on it but here you need to modify your thoughts as this platform offers various analytical tools like charts and indicators which are highly integrated with the market for real-time data and interpretation.

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    Alice Blue Trading App – Top Features

    The features of Alice Blue App which make it stand out are –

    Simple and Effective

    The trading platform of Alice Blue for the mobile platform is superfast and having a very light backend to make it that fast and responsive.

    It is simple with its interface and thus making the users trade easily without any interruptions and it fulfills all the trading needs of the clients.

    Charts and Technical Indicators

    The platform is a mobile trading platform but it has historical data of many years and that helps you in your fundamental analysis of the stocks that you want to perform for trading.

    It also has various indicators for the technical analysis parts and obviously the charts are there where you can use the indicators to locate the price movements points and take the decision for trading accordingly.

    All the charts and indicators are finely tuned and integrated with the real-time data and market updates.

    Live Market Watch

    You do not have to turn on your laptop or desktop for tracking the live market. It is there on the screen of your mobile.

    The platform facilitates the clients to see the market depth in real-time and there is multiple market watch list that you can create as you require and add, remove the scrips whenever necessary.

    It gives you complete freedom to customize your market watch list as well.

    Excellent Customer support from ANT Mobi

    The Alice Blue ANT Mobi helps you to connect with the customer care executives of the firm. The customer care executives are readily available for helping and supporting you with any kind of trading issues that you face on their platform.

    Rich Experience

    The market watch list is not the only thing that you can personalize but the whole can be customized in bits and pieces. You can add themes and add them and make the app look like the way you want.

    There are other features which you can alter as well. The overall experience of the Alice Blue Mobile App has been quite good.

    One of the Industry’s Best

    It is regarded as the best mobile trading platform across the country, and it comes within the top 3 in the market. The trading app – ANT Mobi is real gen in the trading arena and helps you trade with low internet speed and also with minimal data consumption.

    So, after reviewing all the features, we can say, that this Alice Blue Mobile App is really a great trading app that you can find in the market at present.

    It will help you with any kind of trading with all its features and facilities.

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    How to Set-up Alice Blue App?

    The process of setting up the Alice Blue Mobile Trading App is very simple and you have to start with –

    • Opening a Demat and Trading Account with the Alice Blue brokerage house.
    • Once you open the account with Alice Blue, you will get your login details and with the same, you have to log on to
    • Then you can download the ANT Mobi app for Android from the Google Play Store and for the iOs users, they have to download the application from their Apple Store.
    • Once you download it, you have to log on using your user id and password and then you can set up the ANT Mobi app.
    • At first, you have to create the market watch list and add scrips. Then you can modify the market watch list as you need.
    • You can add a theme to the application as you want.
    • Then you have to check the indices and you can find domestic and global indices on the same platform
    • For placing orders, you have to click on the scrip you want to trade and you will get buy and sell and other options for trading.

    How to Own Alice Blue ANT Mobi App?

    It is very easy to get the Alice Blue Mobile app and you can own it just by opening Demat account with Alice Blue.

    For an opening account with Alice Blue, you have to –

    • Click on the button that you see right on this article which says “open Demat account”.
    • Once you click on it, you will get a pop-up form. Fill the form with the necessary details.
    • You will receive a call from the Alice Blue executives after you upload the documents which are required for the KYC purpose.
    • Then they will verify your details and once it is verified, you will get your login ids and password for the Demat and trading account.
    • Then you can log in and go to the stores mentioned in the above section and download the Alice Blue Mobile App and start using it.

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    Advantages of Alice Blue Mobile App

    • It is really easy to track your portfolio and monitor the trades you are doing. It is easy to check the holdings and the positions you have in the market with the Alice Blue Trading Platform.
    • There is various market watch list that you can set and check the real-time prices of the stocks and the assets you want to trade with this application.
    • This application provides seamless performance without any interruption even at a slow internet connection.
    • There are various technical and charting tools available and not only that there are also fundamental data and information for analysis purpose.
    • The application is one of the top three mobile trading apps in the market and it comes without any price tag attached to it.
    • The application support customer care services as well and you can connect with them without any hesitation via this application whenever you face any issue.

    Alice Blue Online ANT Mobi App Conclusion

    The Alice Blue Mobile Trading App being the top three mobile applications in the market at present has all the features that should be in such a sought after application.

    It is simple and effective at the same time. The application can be used for free and easily downloadable from the Google Play store or the Apple Store and uses very little data for running smoothly and helping you trade as you want.

    Alice Blue App FAQs

    Ques – What is Alice Blue mobile app called?

    Answer – The stock broking house Alice Blue provides a quick access mobile app that is inclined towards easy investment. The stock broker has named the application ANT Mobi – Online Trading App. You can use the app as per your need and interest.

    Ques – Does Alice Blue provide an iOS App?

    Answer – Yes, iOS application is provided by this stock broker with a view to provide services to all kind of users. Android, as well as iOS users have the benefit of being able to use this app and trade on the go, ensuring there is no hassle to placing trades.

    Ques – Is Alice Blue App Free to use?

    Answer – Yes, the mobile application provided by the users is absolutely free of cost and the clients or the new users are not required to pay a dime for the same. Anyone can reach out and download the app for free in case they wish to trade via Alice Blue Online.

    Ques – How to download Alice Blue App?

    Answer – The process is alike other application download, where you need to visit your specific phone’s application store. Reach out for the app store embedded in your smartphone and search for the keywords Ant Mobi or Alice Blue. When you see the app, click on the install button.

    Ques – What features does Alice Blue App has?

    Answer – This app is a great platform for investment and online trading. It lets its user analyse and trade with financial instruments in all exchanges. Real time data updates are provided with easy to follow tools. You can place orders with few taps, evaluate portfolio and get news updates.

    Ques – Can I trade in Shares via Alice Blue App?

    Answer – yes, one can definitely trade in share using the Ant Mobi app. It is in fact the prime product provided by the stock broking house, and there are a lot of features to monitor your favourite stocks. Live stock prices are provided, following which you can place successful trades.

    Ques – Is Alice Blue Android App good?

    Answer – The ANT Mobi has keenly gained on a lot of investors clients since it came into the playstore, as the app has recorded 100,000+ downloads. However, the app has not managed to gain a good rating from the users, as the present rating of the app stands at 2.7 stars.

    Ques – Does Alice Blue App have EKYC Feature?

    Answer – Yes, the EKYC feature is provided in the app, for the ease of verification. The users can seamless install the app and apt for EKYC process, by updating the app with the scanned images of your documents. This is indeed an easy process.

    Ques – Does Alice Blue App provide Tips?

    Answer – No, the app does not provide the users with exclusive investment related tips or hot stock information. However, it is indeed possible for the investors to analyze the financial instrument they wish to invest in, with market dept and news.

    Ques – How to Buy Shares via Alice Blue App?

    Answer – Order placement is an easy to perform process. You will find the option in the dashboard, and when you click on it, you will be redirected to the buy or sell page. Click the one you wish to place and enter the trade details you wish to pursue and push to buy or sell button.

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