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Motilal Oswal Trader App or MO Trader App is one of the most widely used trading apps. This article will do an unbiased review of the Motilal Oswal mobile trading app, its various features, its set-up process, & more.

Find a detailed review of the Motilal Oswal Mobile App below:Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal MO Trader App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Motilal Oswal Trading App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.4/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Motilal Oswal MO Trader App

Motilal Oswal MO Trader App is one of the most renowned financial services providers, allowing customers to trade in equity, derivatives, commodities, currencies, and mutual funds.

Motilal Oswal Trader AppThis firm always gives utmost importance to strong research and implementing cutting-edge technology to impress its customers.

The Motilal Oswal Trader App is one of the most performing apps that serve a decent number of features to the customers to go along with high execution speed.

This App allows investors and traders to trade, invest and track on a single login and offers research, technical tools, and advisory services under one roof.

Furthermore, most of its facilities are geographical convenience, which means it can access more than 1900 locations and 500 plus cities. This is the best-fit App for active traders.

It provides customized action plans, live streaming quotes, technical charts and daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, which help you make the right decision.

Motilal Oswal financial service understands that time plays an important role in trading; hence it has developed one of the Best App for Trading, where you can enjoy high-speed execution without experiencing any technical glitches.

Hence, this next-generation trading terminal enables traders and investors to invest in the market without facing huge losses.

You can explore all the products and services with Motilal Oswal Review.

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    Top Features of Motilal Oswal MO Trader App

    Motilal Oswal Trader App provides good trading features that give you a smarter and faster trading experience to trade like a pro.

    Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App

    Here we have listed all the top features that give you a clear insight into this App. Let’s take a look:

    Advanced Charting Tool

    This feature offers you more than 40 plus technical indicators, drawing tools, bar, line, and candlestick graphs.

    It also provides customizable indicators like triple exponential average, Bollinger Band, and Moving Average.

    With the help of this feature, you can virtualize the market, analyze the order flow, and check the trading performance.

    Multi-Asset Watchlists

    A watch list is the filtered section that only tracks your favorite stocks. This App allows you to create multi watch lists and track the stock’s performance, average volume, day range, earnings, dividends, and options activity in a single screen.

    Solid Research

    Motilal Oswal has won the best mobile App for solid equity research by Zee Business. This feature allows you to access 30,000 research reports across 260 companies and 21 sectors. You will also get daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly reports on the asset class.

    Motilal Oswal Trading App

    Solid Advice

    With the help of this feature, you can invest in the right direction and execute trading decisions based on your risk profile. It offers you customized, actionable strategies and recommendations on various time horizons like an hour, days, weeks, and months.

    Market Scanner

    This feature saves your time, gives instant advice on the most yielding stock, multibagger, and top revenue, and gives you the chance to earn. It also offers you a quick understanding of the market position and its trend.

    Trade guide signal

    This feature never lets you miss the new opportunities, it’s a new generating trend guiding tool that gives you a clear insight into when what & how trading is to be performed.

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    Additional Features of MO Trader App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the MO Trader App:

    Feature Rich Mobile Trading App

    A feature-rich mobile trading app is above everything to a trader. It brings swiftness to their executions; empowers them for a strategic trade. In short, it upgrades their trading level.

    Trading was supposed to be a game of monitor and big panels long ago, but not now. Because mobile apps are increasingly replacing the monitor culture.

    As more new features and technology are coming to the fore, trading apps are bursting with a lot more interest in this mobile age.

    And MO Trader App is the best example setter because the app features everything that you need to kick start a good trading career.

    From research tools, technical tools, and watch lists to every essential feature, find them right on a smart screen in your smartphone.

    Multi-Asset Trading

    As more-n-more people are exposed to the benefits of diversifying their portfolio, multiple-asset trading platform grows in popularity. Such as MO Trader App, which provides multiple trading instruments to investors, is growing popular with every passing year.

    Not just because the app serves a seamless user experience but also because the brokerage app allows you to purchase multiple assets on the move.

    Most notably, traders can create up to 10 positions all at one time on a single screen. If you also believe diversification is a key to winning, then the app will surely excite you for a more great play at trading.

    How to Set up MO Trader App?

    Motilal Oswal Trading App is one of the fastest apps that provide users exceptional trading experience and standard features to traders. Follow the following mentioned below, and learn how to set up this App.

    • This App is available on Android and Apple platforms.
    • First and foremost, go to the play store and search for the Motilal Oswal trade app.
    • Once you find the App on the play store, hit click on install.
    • If installed, you will see two options: client login and guest login.
    • If you want to log in as a client, then enter your client ID and password.
    • Also, if you want to log in as a guest, sign up, fill in the details, and submit. For signing as a guest user, you have to enter your nickname and password ( Note password will be sent on the registered email ID).
    • Once you log in successfully, then overview the menu and start trading.

    Here are the simple steps to Set-up Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App.

    How to own Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App?

    Motilal Oswal Trade App is free. Traders don’t have to pay a penny to access this App and its comprehensive features.

    You only have to pay Rs. 600 for opening a trading account, and annual trading maintenance is also free.

    Here is the Step by Step process to own a Motilal Oswal Trader App:

    • You have to open a Demat account with Motilal Oswal
    • Just click on the Green Open Demat Account Button & Fill up the Form
    • You will get a call from Motilal Oswal & they will send a link for account opening
    • Complete the account opening process online; your account will be opened by the next day
    • You will receive a Client ID & Password with the Welcome Kit
    • Download the App from the App Store & Login with ID & Password

    So, this is the simple process to own a Motilal Oswal Trading App.

    Advantages of MO Trader App

    • While you are on the move, by using this App, you can view your order and trade history and margins.
    • You can get the latest market updates and trends of all segments on your mobile.
    • This App always updates you with new opportunities related to stock marketing.
    • With the intraday chart, you can grab all the details on any script.
    • You can also place your orders through the watch list.
    • This App can help create four watch lists and add 50 scripts to each watch list.
    • You can receive all the latest news related to your portfolio.
    • This app allows traders to view the quote, place orders, and advanced charts by clicking on any scripts.
    • You will receive a wide range of recommendations to help you in trading.
    • This App also gives you the facility to transfer funds from more than 60 affiliated banks.
    • Using this App, you can instantly look up any annual report based on the company.
    • By using an easy purchase option, you can invest in a mutual fund.
    • No hidden charges and are completely free.

    Disadvantages of Motilal Oswal Mobile App

    • Mobile App updated version is not so effective.
    • The App is relatively new in the share market.
    • This App requires high internet speed.
    • No interaction with a broker.
    • Round the clock customer service is not available.
    • Must have a phone, laptop, or Desktop.

    Conclusion of Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App

    The Motilal Oswal Trade App is an automated online stock marketing robot that gives you round-the-clock trading suggestions to trade emotion-free.

    The regular information related to your portfolio comes from most accurate data so that you can make a profitable trade.

    This App has some helpful features preventing your trading account from entering in a loss cycle and maintaining your risk management level.

    Its comprehensive alert tools will suggest new opportunities every hour so that you can easily double the profit. Whether you log in as a client or a guest user, the subscription to this App is completely free.

    Traders can easily sign up within 15 minutes and then analyze the market status, then execute a trade and once they have some profit, they can withdraw directly from the savings account.

    Motilal Oswal App FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Motilal Oswal App:

    What is the Motilal Oswal mobile app called?

    MO Investor, shares, stock trading app for BSE, NSE is the App we are talking about, i.e., the official App of the stockbroker. You need to download the same to start your trading journey and invest in the segments you wish to.

    Does Motilal Oswal provide an iOS App?

    Yes, there is a provision of the exclusive App for the iOS users. This ensures everyone gets access to a MO Investor app irrespective of the OS their mobile phone is embedded with. This provides seamless investment solutions to all individuals.

    Is Motilal Oswal App Free to use?

    Yes, the App is free for investors and traders to download and use. There is no charge applicable for the use of the App, or the downloading purpose, although the other charges would be levied as they are meant to.

    How to download the Motilal Oswal App?

    You can download the App from your mobile phone’s app store, as per your OS. First, you must click on the app store and search for the App.

    When you see the results, click on the App and instantly click on the install options.

    What features does Motilal Oswal App have?

    Taking a closer look at the MO Investor app, its features are EDUMO, Stock Sip, customizable multi-asset watchlist, enhanced get a quote page, IPO, investment, trading reports, simplified investment features, investment tools, and a lot more.

    Can I trade in Shares via Motilal Oswal App?

    Yes, this is the prime feature of the App, where it lets you trade in shares alongside other financial products. Also, you get to place active orders instantly and in a matter of a few clicks or touches. You can also place orders right from the market watch section upon clicking on the App.

    Is Motilal Oswal Android App good?

    Yes, the App seems fair enough per the functionality it possesses and the features offered since the App has managed to gain 3.7 stars in the play store with a fair share of positive reviews in favor of the App and the stockbroker.

    Does Motilal Oswal App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, the KYC feature is a perk of the App, where you can go through the verification process right from the App. This lets you submit your documents to the stockbroker by uploading the scanned copies of pics as per the order provided.

    Does Motilal Oswal App provide Tips?

    Yes, there is a section catered for providing tips, and it is since this stock broking house belongs to the domain of full-service brokers. They also provide all market-related information for the investors to make easy decisions.

    How to Buy Shares via Motilal Oswal App?

    The process to buy the shares is simple and seamless; the investors have to get through the order placement section and, more precisely, buy options.

    So, you must visit the section, provide all the details of the same and then click on place order accordingly.

    Does Motilal Oswal have an app?

    If you are a mobile user and want to enjoy the benefits that Motilal Oswal broker serves to its trader, you should go ahead and download MO Trader App from the Google play store or Apple app store.

    Is Motilal Oswal good for trading?

    Motilal Oswal Trading App is a feature-rich and multi-asset trading platform built for mobile users. Not only that, you are exposed to real-time trading reports, market screeners, and the latest news when you are on this app.

    Is the Motilal Oswal app good?

    Without a doubt, Motilal Oswal App has every feature available that can impress a trader in no time. The app equips multiple features that can never get you wrong at analysis, depending on your past studies too.

    Which app is best for trading in India?

    MO Trader App could be the best option for traders in India because the single app features a desktop-like experience. The single app lets you hold the position for the long term investment or trade for a short interval.

    Who is better, Zerodha or Motilal Oswal?

    Motilal Oswal Trading App and Zerodha app both sound good in their own areas. Both share similar technical features, except for fees that vary slightly in both options. Apart from that, both are great alternatives to give your trading career a quick spin.

    What is the available margin in Motilal Oswal?

    Margin in Motilal Oswal can vary. To simply put, for equity delivery brokerage, it is Min 5 paise, and for options, it is Rs 100 per lot. The rate varies one after another.

    What are the brokerage charges of Motilal Oswal?

    MO Trader App’s brokerage charges are fixed and transpired. Such as, the broker charges 0.50% brokerage fees on equity delivery. Similarly, for future and options trading, it is 0.05% (on both sides).

    Is Motilal Oswal a free Demat account?

    There are no advance charges for the Motilal Oswal Demat account. It is absolutely free.

    What is the difference between the Mo trader and the Mo Investor app?

    The broker makes available both MO Trader and MO Investor App into a single mobile application. MO Trader can buy and sell an asset for the short term or within the same day. Whiles MO investors can hold an asset for as long as they wish.

    What is the Mo app?

    MO Trader App is designed for traders that are comfortable with mobile trading.

    What is ETF trading?

    ETF trading, aka “Exchange-traded funds,” is a type of fund that is bought and sold on exchanges. But it’s worth noting that, unlike other assets, ETF may encompass a bundle of assets.

    How accurate is Motilal Oswal?

    MO Trader App has earned 100% marks when asked its user about the accuracy of the trading platform.

    Can I have two trading accounts?

    Unfortunately, no. You can’t have two trading accounts.

    Is Motilal Oswal safe broker?

    Motilal Oswal Trading App has a strong presence in the Indian stock market. The technology-focused company has been in business for more than 30 years. Hence, it is a trusted broker.

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