Tradebulls Touch App – Review, Top Features, Setup, Charges and More

About Tradebulls Touch App

If you are looking for an application that can be the best trading platform for you to get and that can provide you with the most convenient trading experience, we have a mobile trading application for you. The Tradebulls Touch Mobile Trading Application is a mobile trading application that gives to you a platform with the best features for easy and profitable trading.

Everyone wants to work and trade through the best app with latest technology and latest features where multi – tasking can be done and that too effortlessly. It should be good for both the experienced as well as the beginners.

This application of ours will give you various features like comprehensive trading as well as they will help you in the process of monitoring the market well enough. Here you will get to do trading in the equities, derivatives, currencies’ market as well as commodities. In addition to this, you will also receive a number of trading tips that will help you gain much more. Besides this, we also offer you real time streaming quotes that are required in profitable trading.

Tradebulls Securities Offers

 Top Features

Now let us describe to you various key features that the particular application holds. These are as follows:

  • Get to place an order anytime as well as anywhere: The first and top feature of the app is that you get to do order placement on it that can be done from where ever you are as well as at any time. The application is a mobile trading application, so that you can place order on it from anywhere.
  • Get an access to the brokers: Another feature that the app offers is that it provides you access to various brokers that can be helpful for you in trading during future as contacts with the brokers is an important aspect of trading. One can’t be successful in this field without having the required support that a trader can get from the brokers. One also gets access to the exchange messages needed by him or her.
  • Be informed with the security as well as contract information: The appprovides its users with the information that are regarding the security and the contract. The purpose is to keep the online traders informed about these important details that they must know while trading on this platform.
  • Get to access market watch in the streaming: While trading, the person gets to access a watch of the market, its proceedings and the developments taking place there.So he or she can be well informed of these kinds of changes for taking better decisions and also to remain updated of the market.
  • Tracking of the order book and the trade book: The user of the TradebullsTouch mobile trading application can track his or her order book and trade book anytime. The individual can also track the net position on the market and the funds view real – time.
  • Access to many more significant financial details: With this app get to access many more features of the market that are the financial details, funds transfer information, payout request, portfolio and others.

How to setup Tradebulls Touch App? – Process

One needs to open a demat account in order to trade through the app. And for this purpose he or she should have all the required documents in place. After applying for the same the account gets open in a few days. There are various steps in the process of opening a demat account which are mentioned below:

  • Identification of the DP to open the account: you need to choose the DP of your choice based on a number of features that are the charges involved for the demat, the proximity to one’s home or one’s office, etc.
  • Documentation requirement for opening the demat account: One’s income tax PAN card is a must for this. Besides this, there are two documents that are required for the opening of a demat document. These are the proof of residence and the proof of identity.
  • Signing and the executing of the DP agreement: Next step in the process is the signing as well as the executing of this agreement whose format has been strictly defined by the body called SEBI.
  • Actual opening of the account: A Beneficial Ownership Code is being given to you that is your account number. The DP code of yours has to be mentioned during the applying for IPO in the same way.
  • Signing the power of attorney for the online debits and credits:The last step in the process is giving the DIS or the debit instruction slip to broker on same day as the day of selling shares from the demat account of yours. One can execute the power of attorney in his or her broker’s favor to overcome the problem of regular traders.

In this way you can get your demat account opened for the Tradebulls Touch App.

How to Own Tradebulls Touch App?

You need to know the following details regarding the charges applicable for the opening of demat account on this Tradebulls Touch App.

  • Charges during opening of the demat account: It is a normal thing today to get the account opened for free of cost by the banks as well as by many of the brokers. But here one thing that deserves mentioning is that this zero charges policy is applicable only for the opening of this demat account. It is also normal that you have to pay for legal stamp paper’s charges in the case of the execution of the Power of Attorney. Here you will be charged by the DPs.
  • The Annual Maintenance Charges: The annual maintenance charges have to be paid that can amount from Rs.300 to Rs.800 for each year. Though there are a number of brokers who do not charge you in this respect during the first year and begin asking you to pay this amount from the second year only.
  • Custodial fees and the transaction fees: There are the two depositories namely theNSDL and the CDSL that impose a custody fee on the basis of per ISIN.Sometimes this charge does not need to be paid because inmost cases custody fees is paid by company directly to the depository. Also every time the account is credited or debited, you are imposed a fee for every transaction.
  • Debit of some additional charges as well: You get debited to your account of demat the transaction fees as well as the AMC. But then you also have to pay some charges that depend upon the services that are being demanded.


The TradebullsTouch mobile trading App of ours has a huge number of advantages to its credit that make it one of the best trading platforms for the people interested in carrying out trading through it. Some of these deserve a mention. The app with its distinguishing features gives all the common and basic benefits to the user. And in addition to these, it also offers certain benefits.

It is suitable for both the starters as well as those who hold experience in trading. Then, it acres of the time, money and effort of its customers. It makes sure it provides all the required details of the stock market that can prove useful for the trader. This can be understood by studying its features.


But as said everything comes with negative points, using this app also holds some glitches that can create difficulty for the traders. Availability of internet is the basic need for making use of this app, otherwise all of the advantages are of no good. There can be network issues which can become a big hurdle in the working.

Another point is that the working is not completely free of cost and the trader needs to pay at least some amount in spite of the other benefits it could get from the app providers. Problem here is that if the internet connection gets slow or gets lost during the processing it could lead to serious losses for the traders.


Someone serious regarding trading on the stock market through the mobile trading application would find this app of the Tradebulls Touch App as one of the best mobile apps. The app makes sure that you do not lose any opportunity and get your work done efficiently in the least amount of time by providing you all the necessary details regarding the stock market.

The app providers value its customers as well as its users and knows its responsibility towards providing the right kind of service that proves to be most beneficial for them.

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