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Tradebulls Touch App or Tradebulls Securities Mobile App is a speedy, secure and readily accessible trading platform.

Traders can easily take stock-market decisions through this app as this app offers real-time latest market news. Multiple features of technical analysis are also delivered through Tradebulls Mobile App.

So traders can trade speedily and anytime with the help of this app. The purpose of this article is to make you know about Tradebulls Trading App, its advantages, its set-up process & more.

Tradebulls Securities Offers

Tradebulls Touch App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Tradebulls Touch App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.9/10
Usability 6.8/10
Features 7.0/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 6.8/10
Overall Ratings 7.0/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Tradebulls Touch App

Tradebulls Securities Touch App is a readily accessible and easy-to-handle trading platform. Among various stock broking companies, Tradebulls Mobile App retains decent design, requires fewer internet speeds, and has countless features that enable the user to fulfil all its trading needs in one app.

It helps users to track their trades and investment. The users will also be facilitated with SMS services through which they can receive messages related to their trades and share prices.

Traders through this app will be facilitated with updated market news and daily recommendations which enable them to track their performance.

This app also provides a search option where users can easily search for their stocks, equities, the market’s latest news, and other products they are trading. The traders can also track the performance of their portfolios.

Through this one of the Best Trading Apps in India, traders can trade from anywhere and anytime and with any of their android devices. Traders can even instantly contact their relationship manager while trading through this mobile app.

Clients even can check the market details such as index, news, market indices etc. They can even track their order book, trade book, and net position and examine real-time funds.

Apart from Tradebulls App, you can also explore other platforms and trading facilities of the entity with our Tradebulls Review.

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    Tradebulls Touch App – Top Features

    Here is the list of the attractive features delivered through the Tradebulls Trading App –

    • Traders get an opportunity to trade anytime in the day or from any place.
    • They can examine stock market information on global and index watches, the latest news, stocks, and mutual funds.
    • Traders can even examine their ledger reports and ledger accounts. Trading activities details, derivatives, equities, margins, etc.
    • Traders can easily track their orders, net position, real-time data, and balance of funds.
    • Clients can easily call brokers and relationship managers and exchange messages with them through this app.
    • Traders will be facilitated with the multiple features of technical analysis.
    • They will constantly receive alters about the price of the stock they are interested in.
    • Traders will receive instant notifications related to their trading activities and recent orders.
    • Traders will even be facilitated with multiple technical charts through which they can easily analyze market information.

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    Additional Features of Tradebulls Touch App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the Tradebulls Touch App:

    Trading across various segments

    Trading can be risky; that’s why it is advised to try to trade across various segments.

    Simply put, rather than going straight into options trading or picking up the margin in day trade, utilize your own capital to trade equity delivery orders.

    Profits will be pretty less, but it highlights your mind’s grip on how to predict an accurate price and the market. Tradebulls Touch App grants you this access.

    You don’t need to use an asset with a higher investment risk. You are exposed to diverse market segments that allow you to learn and earn through trading at the same time.

    Real-time streaming quotes

    Real-time streaming quotes could be the best feature your mobile application could ever have. Simply put, the feature brings you pop-ups on the market latest.

    For example, these quotes could be available in ticker tapes or as a widget that displays the actual price of the desired asset live. Tradebulls Touch App provides this feature.

    Users can track the changes in the market pricing on this single interface. And that’s also for multiple assets. You can better focus on which assets are doing a great job based on the live price actions.

    Live streaming quotes even comprise more than price information, which is a great thing.

    Research Advisory

    Research advisory can bring a difference in your trading style. The feature encourages traders to make a well-informed decision for the respective trade.

    Many mobile applications have started providing this feature in their trading app, which gives users more than just mere satisfaction in a trade.

    Based on these research-intensive insights, traders can reach the best BUY and SELL decision. Such as, the Tradebulls Touch App provides equity research advisory to traders so that traders not solely rely on technical insights but feel more determined with fundamentals too.

    Active price alerts

    Traders always want to hear from active price alerts. Mainly when they already have an active position, the feature becomes more helpful.

    Unlike other signals, these alerts are about an exponential jump or drop in the share price and not about what happened in the past.

    Tradebulls Touch App also provides active price alerts, as it allows one to take speedy action and enter or exit instantly for the respective trade.

    However, active price alerts aren’t necessarily to be the status of your positions. In other scenarios, these alerts may quote the prices of the assets you have included in the watch list.

    Consolidated tracking

    Consolidated tracking refers to monitoring a market segment with a well-defined trading level. Market consolidation reflects indecisiveness that ends when a price breaks the well-defined trading pattern.

    Many traders discover risk-free investment opportunities in consolidated patterns. Thus they want their broker to offer them smooth features and helpful tools, ensuring consolidated tracking turns out easier.

    Being equipped with all the great tools that trader seeks, Tradebulls Touch App has become a favourite pick. The broker encourages smooth consolidated tracking with its easy-to-use features and interactive user interface.

    You can understand the market better and make a prediction with more perfection.

    Message Hub

    Every broker keeps a special messaging inbox in their trading platform, ensuring users can learn and retain a particular message shared with them.

    Such as Tradebulls Touch App provides a message hub feature where you can access updates about the market, your portfolio, rewards or any other scheme run by the broker.

    The message hub keeps things sorted for its traders as much as possible because all needed answers that traders want to get can be found here. You no longer need to wait; simply go to the message hub and get the newest update.

    How to Set up Tradebulls Touch Mobile App?

    Setting up Tradebulls Securities Mobile App is the easiest procedure. Android users can hassle-free install the app on their android phone within a few minutes. Following is the procedure to set up Tradebulls Touch Trading App.

    • The users using android phones will have to install Tradebulls Mobile App on their mobile from the play store option and iOS users can install the app on their mobile from their app store already uploaded on their mobile
    • After installing the app, they will be asked to enter their login id and password.
    • Users have to enter their login id, which they got from the broking company while opening their Demat account with them.
    • Clients are requested to create and update the 2FA password
    • Users can even reset their passwords in the future whenever needed.
    • After entering the login id and password, they can freely explore the mobile app and immediately start their trading.

    NOTE- Users are requested to save their password as this will be required whenever they wish to trade through their mobile phones.

    How to own Tradebulls Mobile Trading App?

    Traders can effortlessly own Tradebulls Trading App by opening a Demat account with the Tradebulls securities.

    To open the Demat account, traders or investors can either visit the branch or even open the Demat account online by visiting the company website.

    Below mentioned documents will be needed while opening the Demat account with Tradebulls securities.

    • 2 Passport size photograph
    • Aadhar card
    • Pan card
    • Bank Statement

    Method to Open Tradebulls Securities Demat Account

    • Click on the link given below for opening the Demat account form
    • After the Demat account form open, mention the details asked in the Demat account form
    • All the entered details in the Demat account form will be verified by the company authorities.
    • After the verification process completes, you will be obliged to submit the documents detailed above
    • The executives of the broking company will also verify the verification details for your documents given
    • Post successful verification, You will be given your login and password within a few days
    • You can freely start your trading after entering your Demat account login details.

    Advantages of Tradebulls Mobile App

    Advantages of Tradebulls Securities Mobile Trading App:-

    • Traders will constantly receive price alerts that enable them to constantly stay updated about the price of the stock they are interested in.
    • They can easily place bracket and over orders with the Tradebulls Mobile App
    • Clients will also be facilitated with instant notifications about their stock and other trading activities.
    • They can able to trade from anywhere and anytime
    • The availability of multiple features of technical analysis enables them to make an optimum trading decision
    • Traders can even contact their brokerage and exchange messages with the help of this app.
    • Traders can even examine their ledger accounts and their holdings.

    Tradebulls Touch App – Conclusion

    Tradebulls Touch App is easily accessible, speedy, and retains comprehensive technical analysis features. It permits traders to trade in equities, derivatives, currency, commodities etc.

    This app offers real-time data and market news to the user. Through this app., traders can place orders from anywhere and anytime.

    This app enables users to examine their share price, real-time data, the latest market news, etc. These features help traders make profitable and optimum decisions.

    At last, by seeing all the advantages and features, we can say this is a useful and optimum mobile app offered through Tradebulls securities.

    Tradebulls Securities App FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Tradebulls Touch App:

    What is the Tradebulls Securities mobile app called?

    The app, as offered by Tradebulls Securities, is named Tradebulls Touch. It provides the feasibility of actively trading, placing an order, and thoroughly researching the particular app of concern. You can take full control of your portfolio here.

    Does Tradebulls Securities provide an iOS App?

    Yes, an application is provided for iOS users and the company’s clients. So, any iOS user who wishes to use the app for any related purpose can refer to their app store and quickly download the app and get started accordingly.

    Is Tradebulls Securities App Free to use?

    Yes, this app is in no way paid and is offered to all users for free. It is as simple as searching for the app and directly downloading it without the need of incurring a fee of any kind. The payment process is exempted for you relating to app usage.

    How to download Tradebulls Securities App?

    This is pretty simple, especially if you have downloaded any other app previously. Refer to the app store which is present on your mobile phone, and then search for the app; when you see it, open the same and click on the install or download button and way for the process to complete.

    What features does Tradebulls Securities App have?

    Suppose you want to check for the features. In that case, they are, anytime anywhere order placement, access market watch in streaming, track your order book, security and contract information on the go, access to broker and exchange messages, access to financial details, portfolio, funds transfer, and more.

    Can I trade in Shares via Tradebulls Securities App?

    Yes, trading shares is possible using the app in any way possible, and you get to invest in the share you want to based on intraday, i.e., day trade or take delivery of the same with the motive of term investment.

    Is Tradebulls Securities Android App good?

    The app partially stands up to the investors’ needs in many ways, as far as placing active trade orders is of concern, but we would rather say there are a lot of improvements required, as the app has only managed to fetch 3-star ratings.

    Does Tradebulls Securities App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, the EKYC feature is provided in the app so investors can easily get their account verified or instantly provide any proof as and when asked. The app provides the feasibility of uploading scanned images of the documents, which fulfils the KYC norm.

    Does Tradebulls Securities App provide Tips?

    Yes, providing tips is one of the many features that come with the app, which are provided for the ease of clients. These tips can be used according to the traders’ need to make profitable deals and make great returns.

    How to Buy Shares via Tradebulls Securities App?

    Buying shares via the app is possible through the order placement section. You need to click on the options precisely and then provide the details, i.e., the scrip, price of the scrip, the number of shares you wish to purchase, and more, and then click on the buy button.

    How do I log into my Tradebulls account?

    Tradebulls Touch App provides one-touch log-in access to users. But it depends on your registration. If you aren’t a registered user, you will have to create a registered address first.

    How do I transfer shares on Tradebulls?

    Users can transfer shares on Tradebulls via the CDSL website. Simply download the DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) and submit it to the current broker. The broker then transfers this slip to the depository; thereby, your shares will be transferred to Tradebulls.

    Who is the owner of Tradebulls?

    Dinesh Thakkar is the owner of India’s one of the most reputed financial companies, Tradebulls.

    How do I close my Tradebulls account?

    Users can close their Tradebulls account via Tradebulls Touch App or desktop platform. If you also want to close your account, contact the support team of the broker and request them to close your Tradebulls account.

    How do you buy and sell stocks online?

    Users can buy and sell stocks online via an online booking website. Tradebulls is also one of the broking firms allowing you to trade stocks online in no time.

    How do I get a capital gain statement from Tradebulls?

    Users can get a capital gain statement from Tradebulls by emailing the address online@tradebulls.in. Send the request from your registered email address and get the capital gain statement right on your device.

    How can I buy and sell stocks online in India?

    People can buy and sell stocks online in India via an online trading platform like Tradebulls Touch App. The facility is even available through websites.

    What happens if the trading or Demat account does not close?

    If the trading or Demat account does not close, your account will stay active and will invite annual Account Maintenance Charges, but it also depends more on the broker’s terms and conditions.

    What happens if a broker does not close the Demat account?

    You must alert the broker if, despite putting in the request, the broker hasn’t closed your Demat account yet. Typically, accounts close within a week.

    Which app is real for trading?

    Tradebulls Touch App is one of the best apps for trading. Mainly because the company that backs this mobile trading platform  SEBI registers, making it one of the most reliable facilities.

    How can I withdraw money from shares?

    You can sell your shares and withdraw the money simply from your Demat account.

    Which app is best for trading in India?

    Tradebulls Touch App is one of the best trading apps in India. However, you also give other applications a quick shot to obtain a better vision.

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