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5Paisa Mobile Trading App is the mobile trading platform offered by the firm for clients for their seamless trading experience.

At present times, it is very hard to do without a mobile trading app as mobile has kind of become an extension of our lives and especially our hands!

So, in this article, you will read all the details about the 5 Paisa Mobile Trading App, its salient features, advantages, and most importantly, how you can own the app and set it up for using it for your trading needs.

This will be a complete review of the 5 Paisa Mobile Trading App, which will help you better understand the 5Paisa Trading App and use it for your benefit.

5Paisa Offers

5Paisa Mobile Trading App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

5Paisa Mobile Trading App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.7/10
Usability 7.7/10
Features 7.8/10
Speed 7.9/10
Performance 7.8/10
Overall Ratings 7.8/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About 5Paisa Mobile Trading App

5Paisa App has been the best discount broker in the country, and their notion of doing business goes by the vision that they need to provide the best for the clients.

With this vision, they introduced their 5Paisa Mobile Trading App, one of the most advanced mobile trading platforms you will find in the market.

5Paisa is a low-cost brokerage service called the discount broker; they offer technologies at their best. Yes, discount brokers are the brokers who always bring the best trading platforms in the market, and so does 5Paisa.

5Paisa Mobile Trading App has been a successful trading platform used by many clients of the firm, and its advanced features make it one of the Top 10 Trading Apps in India.

It requires a good internet connection for smooth working, and the app offers all kinds of trading orders, charts, and many other features, which will be discussed in the next segment.

Go to our 5Paisa Review section and gain insights about all that 5paisa has to offer you.

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    Top Features of the 5Paisa App

    5Paisa App for mobiles has plenty of features that can make your trading experience smooth and profitable at the same time:

    Basic Dashboard

    The mobile app has a dashboard feature that is the opening page of the application. You will find the different indices, top gainers and losers of the day’s most active stock, and other information.

    There are other options too, which you have to click to go to the specific section.

    Search Option

    You do not have to write the full name of the share/stock or the Company, and once you start typing the stock name, with just the initial few letters, you will get the list of stock starting with the same, then you can select the one you want to track from there.


    All the information, starting from the 52 weeks highs and lows, last closing and recent opening prices, and the current market prices, are shown when you check an individual stock.

    There are company details as well, and if there are any updates and reports, those are also shown. This feature will also give you charting options with the historical prices up to the current price prevailing in the market.

    Mutual Funds

    With 5Paisa Mobile Trading App, you can also check the firm’s various mutual funds, and you can invest in the SIP investment vehicles using this platform.

    5Paisa Auto Investor

    This is one of the most advanced features that this app has, which suggests stocks and mutual funds based on your information.

    It takes information related to your risk appetite, demographic info, income, and other information to select the stocks and mutual funds relevant to the information provided.

    Watch lists

    The application can accommodate up to three watch lists, and you can add 50 scrips to each of the watch lists as per your preferences.

    Technical Tools

    Mobile trading applications by 5Paisa have various technical charts, indicators, heat maps, and other features to assist in analysis and trading.

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    Additional Features of the 5Paisa App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the 5Paisa App:

    Currency trading 

    Currency trading is also commonly known as forex trading or Speculative forex trading. In this type of trading, you exchange one type of currency to buy another currency to earn from the speculation in the market.

    In present times, the currency market is one of the world’s largest markets, and it proffers quick growth projections.

    5paisa illustrates some of the top currencies being traded on the website and shows the changes in Rupees and percentages.

    It allows investment in this highly liquid security and earning in the foreign exchange market. Some of the top currencies on 5paisa are – Euro, Yen, Pound, and Dollar, amongst others.

    Systematic investment plan (SIP) 

    SIP is a disciplined investment alternative. It is an investment plan where you invest a predetermined amount in regular intervals with the entity offering SIP. It is a good investment tool.

    You can determine the period and the amount you want to invest. You can also cancel or stop your Systematic Investment Plan at any time you want.

    It is a relatable choice for investors who like to invest in small amounts rather than a lump sum. It can gain good wealth for you over a period of time.

    You can invest in SIP and calculate your earnings on the SIP with SIP Calculator with 5paisa.

    Robo Advisory 

    Robo Advisory is an automated system where your queries are answered with algorithm-driven technology involving very little or no human interaction.

    It is a digital financial advisory service where you can put your queries, and they will be answered automatically.

    5paisa Robo-advisory will quench your queries instantly and help you with your investments. Robo-advisory provides an instant solution without going through long call waiting and misinterpretations.

    Manage Demat Account 

    Manage your Demat Account simply with the 5paisa mobile app. It allows investment in equity shares, futures & Options, Mutual Funds, Commodity trading, and IPOs. Its Robust App and Developer API offer great new-gen trading to the users.

    Track and maintain all your securities from one single place and conveniently place your trade orders. You can avail yourself of services like online portfolios and order books.

    Manage Portfolio 

    A portfolio is a collection of multiple securities. A portfolio helps you diversify your money in various financial investments and earn wealth.

    Portfolio also helps divide risk into various sections and improve your overall profitability. You can create an investment portfolio with 5paisa and manage it with the 5paisa app.

    Real-time streaming quotes 

    You can search for any stock on the 5paisa app and get real-time quotes. You can add stocks and other securities to your watchlist and watch their price fluctuations whenever you want.

    Real-time streaming quotes help you decide the right time to buy or sell a security with the app. You can search for quotes from the website or the app.

    Advanced charting tools 

    5paisa trading app provides advanced charting tools where you can view and understand the changes and growth of various stocks. You can analyze ongoing stock market trends and make trades.

    Charts are graphical representations that showcase data in data visualization form. Here, the data is translated into symbols like a bar or pie. The data is usually more convenient to understand and interpret.

    UPI fund transfer 

    UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a payment system, and it powers keeping multiple bank accounts with one mobile application. The National Payments Corporation of India developed the system.

    It facilitates inter-bank transactions between person-to-person and person-to-merchant. You can transfer your funds from a bank account to a trading account using UPI with 5paisa and trade in securities and currencies.

    How to set up 5Paisa Mobile Trading App?

    To set 5 Paisa Mobile Trading App, you have to:

    • You have an open account with 5Paisa, and that link is here; you have to click and make the application; once you have your account, you will receive the login ID and download options for 5Paisa App.
    • You have to download the 5Paisa Mobile Trading App on your mobile using the App store if you are an iOS user or the Google Play Store for Android users. Then log in to your account.
    • On the dashboard, you will find the options as written above, and then you can create the market watch list. Add scripts to the list, and then you can track those stocks.
    • Adding or removing the script is too easy; all you have to do is type the name of the Company or the script you want to add; once the script comes up, click on the add, and similarly, you can remove the same.
    • You can buy or sell the stocks just by clicking on the stocks. You will get to buy or sell option-click whichever you need to.
    • There is a portfolio section where you can add all your holdings and track themLS����
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