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ICICI Direct Mobile App is one of the best Trading App available in India. In this article, we will have a detailed review of ICICI Direct Trading App, its top features, set-up process & more.

Find detailed review of ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App now!

ICICI Direct Review

ICICI Direct Mobile App Review & Ratings

ICICI Direct Mobile App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.4/10
Star Ratings★★★

About ICICI Direct Mobile App

As more and more businesses are being connected to the internet, the need for the online trading platform has become very severe these days.  In the Indian financial industry, ICICI is a big name.

ICICI Direct Mobile AppICICI Direct Mobile App is replacing all other trading platforms of ICICI like trade racer terminal & web application. Since, mobile trading is very convenient for any user, ICICI direct mobile app getting popular day by day.

The ICICI Direct Mobile App comes with multiple features which we will discuss in detail in this article. It also have many unique features which other trading platforms don’t provide. The App is quite user friendly & usability is very decent.

To know in detail about ICICI Direct Trading App, keep on reading this article, where you will come across its features & entire set-up process, advantages & more.

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    Top features of ICICI Direct Mobile App

    This app needs to work upon its features with respect to the number of features, current features and in terms of its usage.

    ICICI Direct Trading App

    Before you conclude anything, let us have a look at the features provided by it. They are mentioned below:



    Market Watch

    As soon as you log in, you will get the data feed on your home screen which includes Sensex and Nifty along with a summary of gainers and losers in the MarketWatch.

    Top Gainers & Loosers

    You can use the gainers and losers tab and quickly go through top gainers and losers of the day and also of the week in detail. For traders looking for short-term quick and intraday profits, this feature is very useful.


    It also allows you to have multiple watchlists but you can only add up to 50 scrips in a watchlist.

    Charting & Reporting

    For users who wish to perform technical and fundamental analysis, charting functionality is available within the app.

    Grid View

    This app offers its users to view all the scrips in a grid view and at the same time shuffle across multiple segments. Users can view top stocks of Auto, retail or cement for that matter with just a click.

    Sensex 30 and Nifty 50 can also be seen through it. All the features available within the app can be seen in a grid format and the users can directly select from there. This app gives decent navigation to its users.


    ICICI Direct also gives Heatmap feature i.e. green color signifies high and red signifies low in the value of a certain stock. These colors can also be customized according to users preferences.

    Mutual Fund Investment

    Users can buy mutual funds through the app itself.

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    How to set up ICICI Direct Trading App?

    ICICI Direct Trading App is one of the most used Trading App in India. The broking house has made this app extremely advanced & easy to use. The set-up process of ICICI Direct App is very simple.

    Follow the steps below to  Set-up the app:

    1st Step – For an Android user, click on Google Play store App & for a iOS user, please click on App store

    2nd Step – Search for ICICI Direct Mobile App in the respective App store

    3rd Step – Click on the Install button & start downloading & installing the App

    4th Step – Once the App is installed, please click on the App icon to start the App

    5th Step – Once the App is launched, please input your login id & password to login

    6th Step – Post Login, explore all the features of App & start investing in Stock market

    These are the simple steps to set-up an ICICI Direct Trading App.

    How to Own ICICI Direct App?

    To start trading with ICICI Direct Mobile App, you 1st need to own this app. Follow the steps below to own an ICICI Direct Trading App:

    1st Step – Open a Demat Account with ICICI Direct, Just fill up the form by clicking on green button

    2nd Step – You will receive a call from ICICI Direct representative within 24 hours

    3rd Step – Share the required documents so that your gets opened in net 3 to 5 days

    4th Step – Once the account is opened, you will receive a thank you email with Client ID & password

    5th Step – Download free the ICICI Direct App

    6th Step – Login using Client ID & password

    This is very easy process of owning ICICI Direct Mobile App.

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    Advantages of ICICI Direct Mobile App

    There are many advantages for which one may opt for this app

    • Users may buy mutual funds along with stock market trading.
    • When it comes to the features of this mobile app, it is pretty exhaustive.
    • With the help of this app, you can even invest in IPOs
    • Within this mobile app, recommendations, tips, and research are available.
    • This app is available on Windows, Android and iOs operating systems.

    Disadvantages of ICICI Direct Mobile App

    You might be facing certain concerns while operating this terminal, they are listed below:

    • The performance of this mobile app is not very satisfactory, users may find it hanging or freezing sometimes.
    • The charts provided by it are not interactive enough as compared to apps like Zerodha Kite Mobile, IIFL etc.
    • While certain apps get updated within 2-3 weeks, this app is updated very rarely.e. more than 6-7 months.
    • Comparatively, this app is very slow and it gives average performance overall.
    • There are many issues that exist while logging in the app.
    • For the beginners, it is difficult to understand the working of this app because it is having an overall bland design.

    Conclusion of ICICI Direct Mobile App

    Before start trading with ICICI Direct Mobile App, you must critically analyze the pros and cons of this app. Till now, the verdict provided by the users is that this app does not match with the name ICICI Direct in the investment space.

    In the beginning, the users might like this app but afterward, they come to know about the shortcomings may it be related to user experience, technical and fundamental analysis and so on.

    ICICI Direct App FAQs

    Ques – What is ICICI Direct mobile app called?

    Answer – There is an app trading platform provided by the stock broker which is well organized as per the needs of the individual investors. The app is known as ICICI direct mobile, which is easily locatable in the respective app stores. The clients can enjoy a full fledged trading experience.

    Ques – Does ICICI Direct provide an iOS App?

    Answer – Yes, ICICI Direct looks out for the need of its investors and accordingly to which it is ensure that iOS users are as well provided with the opportunity to trade on the go. The iOS users can avail for the app accordingly, upon availing for the demat account.

    Ques – Is ICICI Direct App Free to use?

    Answer – Yes, the app provided to the clients of ICICI Direct does not require a charge whatsoever. You can simply download the app, use the provided credentials and then get started with your trading procedure, and place active orders.

    Ques – How to download ICICI Direct App?

    Answer – The process to download the app is same for all the users, irrespective of the operation system they hold. The basic process is to open the relevant app store, and search for the app, i.e. ICICI Direct app. When you see the search results and the app specifically, you can click on the install button.

    Ques – What features does ICICI Direct App have?

    Answer – The best feature of this stock broker is 3 in 1 account. The major features that this app covers are trading activities; viewing latest quotes, tracking of portfolio, keep a check of market movement, live research calls and tips. You can place quick order, create customized market watchlist and more.

    Ques – Can I trade in Shares via ICICI Direct App?

    Answer – Yes, all kind of facilitation is provided via the ICICI Direct app and the trading in shares is the prime facilitation. You can seamless trade in equity, as per the segment you choose. This means, you can take share deliveries and also choose to day trade, i.e. buy and sell the same day.

    Ques – Is ICICI Direct Android App good?

    Answer – Yes, the company has does quite a good job in providing a quality app as per the present market standards. However, we still feel that the app lacks a major upgrade, since a lot of users have complaints regarding the app. Also, the app presently holds 2.8 stars in play store.

    Ques – Does ICICI Direct App have EKYC Feature?

    Answer – Yes, EKYC is a mandatory norm in present market, as all the stock brokers provide the assistance of opening demat accounts online. In order to go through the EYC process, you need to keep the scanned copies of important documents handy.

    Ques – Does ICICI Direct App provide Tips?

    Answer – Yes, the broker is into provision of end to end financial solutions, which also includes Tips and live research calls. The company has a team working for the research domain, who are industry experts and provide research tips for investors and traders.

    Ques – How to Buy Shares via ICICI Direct App?

    Answer – Buying shares via ICICI Direct can be done through the order placement section it provides. You can place both the buy as well as sell order in the same section. You have to provide all the inputs it requires, i.e. the kind of order, stock scrip and other details to execute the order.

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