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Ventura Wealth App or Ventura Trading App is a new introduction from Ventura Securities. The App is very well built & also works very smoothly.

This article will dig deep into Ventura Mobile Trading App, its top features, set-up process, & more. Find a detailed review of the Venture Wealth App below:

Ventura Securities Offers

Ventura Wealth App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Ventura Wealth App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.2/10
Usability 6.1/10
Features 6.3/10
Speed 6.4/10
Performance 6.3/10
Overall Ratings 6.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Ventura Wealth App / Ventura App

Ventura Wealth App is a top mobile app for trading in NSE & BSE exchanges. This mobile app is free for Android and iOS users.

You can open the play store, access the mobile app, and download and install it on your mobile within minutes.

This App helps you trade across different segments like equity, mutual funds, IPOs, currency, etc. You can also trade with BSE and NSE with this App.

This mobile App has been listed under the paid apps, i.e., an upfront payment must be made for accessing this App. So, before opening an account with it, you should be checking with the broker’s executive for some hidden charges.

The different aspects of Ventura Trading App, like its advantages and disadvantages and top features, are discussed further to help you understand this Best Trading App in India and decide why you should use this platform for trading.

The Ventura Securities Review section will offer you more details about the emergence, products, services, facilities, trading platforms, charges and a lot more.

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    Top features – Ventura Wealth App / Ventura Trading App

    This platform provides you with certain mesmerizing features to provide you with why you should opt for this platform for online trading. Let us look at the same below:

    Ventura Wealth App

    • You can get access to domestic and international functionalities like equity, commodity, IPOs, mutual funds, and currency, besides providing a facility for fund transfer between trading and bank accounts.
    • You can also stay updated on all your investments.
    • Also, you can toggle quickly among different indices for easy analysis and market updates.
    • You can choose between a grid or tabular form as a part of the list according to your preferences, as a part of the very limited customization opportunities this App offers.
    • To view the basic details offered by this App with just a click on a specific script and view complete details regarding charting flow, and the latest market results besides an option to buy/sell stock. This can be viewed under the script homepage.
    • For details regarding earnings per share(EPS), return on capital employed(ROCE), and price-earnings ratio(PE), you can click on the valuations tab. This will give you a clear idea regarding stock to date.

    Some Advanced features of the Ventura Mobile App

    • This App also provides a charting facility, and the charts can be extended up to a-5 years. Different types of charts are available here, like line charts, candlesticks, and bar charts. Line charts, candlesticks, and so on. But, the functionality offered by this App is not very good, and the overall charting experience remains ordinary.
    • If you are looking for the past performance of a particular stock, you can tap the “latest results” block on the homepage.
    • You can set alerts for notifications according to your choice.
    • The settings can also be changed concerning text size, amount units, preferred index, etc.
    • You can also keep an eye on the current holdings and portfolio through the online portfolio tab, but issues have been reported regarding data consistency.
    • The details regarding the portfolio can be viewed with different asset classes and their corresponding worth.

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    Additional Features of the Ventura App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the Ventura Wealth App:

    Real-time Commodity Market Watch

    Regular changes, credit risk, market price fluctuations, and economic shifts, all these things can impact the commodity market. The impact could be positive or negative enough to wipe out your entire capital in no time.

    But bad things happen when you make a wrong selection when it comes to the trading platform. Your broker must be providing a brief insight into the commodity market. Real-time market activities must be clearly visible.

    However, if you use Ventura Wealth App for commodity investment, you are less likely to face any such issues. The app provides real-time commodity market insights that are accurate and reliable.

    Historical Charts and Graphs

    When you are a trader, you must know that the path to generating income from stock is built goes through its history. The historical performance of a stock speaks more than a few words.

    The up-n-down trend lines, when combined with intraday indicators, can yield some positive insights truly helpful in stock market prediction. But for that, the accuracy of the chart is essential.

    However, this accuracy is sometimes hard to achieve on mobile devices, not on Ventura Wealth App. The app offers fully interactive charts and graphs, enabling you to predict the future performance of the chart from historical patterns.

    Track Portfolio

    It gives you unique fun when you track your portfolio on your smartphone. The handy device makes the whole market convenient to access.

    No matter if you are lying on the couch, strolling through a park, or venturing around the city in your car. If you have the phone in hand, you can access the entire market, including your portfolio, with one click.

    Only it takes downloading the broker’s app you have opened your trading account with. Such as, you can download Ventura Wealth App if you are a Ventura user.

    The app serves a smooth user experience and meets the demands of mobile traders and investors.

    Precise Charting Tools

    You can never go wrong with technical analysis if you have charting tools available in your hands. You can better watch, analyze and predict the market.

    Pinpoint the plus and negatives of the stocks if you plan to invest in them. Precise charting tools allow you to find the best long-term and short-term opportunities built in the market.

    However, with desktop screens, the demand is easily fulfilled, but opinions are a bit different for mobile applications. But some good names like Ventura Wealth App are bursting this myth.

    With an interactive user interface, Ventura Wealth App builds smooth charting tools to bring precision to technical analysis.

    How to set up Ventura App or Ventura Trading App?

    The setup process of the Ventura Wealth App is very simple & straightforward:

    • Go to Play Store or App Store on the respective Android or iOS device.
    • Search for Ventura Wealth App
    • Download Ventura Securities App
    • Install the App on your phone
    • Login with the login id & password provided by Ventura securities
    • The set-up process is complete; now you are ready to explore the App & Trade

    How to own Ventura Wealth App?

    The process to own Ventura Wealth App or Ventura Pointer App is very simple. Check the below steps to know the detailed process:

    • Open a Demat Account with Ventura Securities. Just click the green button & fill up the form
    • You will receive a call from Ventura Securities representatives
    • Your Demat & Trading Account will be opened within 3-4 days
    • Post account opening, you will receive an email with your Client ID & password
    • Download the App & log in with your client ID & password
    • You can now take the benefit of the Ventura Trading App.

    Advantages of Ventura Wealth App

    All the benefits can be availed of a fully-fledged Ventura Trading App in a very fast and light applet.

    • You can invest and trade across different segments with the help of this App, including currency, equity, derivatives, mutual funds, and so on.
    • The charting functionality provides different types of chart flows and indicators.
    • It is easy to use for beginners.
    • As regards the industry standards, the speed or performance of this App is very good.

    Disadvantages of Ventura Trading App

    While, on the one hand, it has certain advantages, it might also have some disadvantages. They are as follows:

    • With a low-quality user interface, this app has a very basic design.
    • This App offers a limited number of features, so it is not suitable for medium and high-level traders.
    • In terms of overall usability, the look and feel of charting functionality can be improved.
    • This mobile app is a paid one, so you should be checking it for any extra charges before opening your account.

    Ventura Wealth App – Conclusion

    Ventura securities are known to be a very trustable brand in the financial industry of our country. For the new users who find it difficult to trust the stockbrokers, Ventura securities are the name to be trusted.

    They are known for providing different classes of securities across the trading platform. This App is under the purchase and does not offer a very high design or personalized features.

    So, before choosing this platform for trading, one should go for a thorough analysis and the pros and cons of this platform and then decide whether to trade with it.

    Ventura Securities App FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Ventura Securities App:

    What is the Ventura Securities mobile app called?

    The Ventura Securities mobile app is called the Ventura Wealth mobile app. It is a wonderful platform designed for Ventura clients to allow them to trade on the go. The features it offers are attractive and stand up to the users’ expectations.

    Does Ventura Securities provide an iOS App?

    Yes, Ventura Securities does provide an iOS app named Ventura Wealth that is available on the App Store for iOS users to download. Traders can refer to the App and enjoy the services provided by the brokers from anywhere and everywhere.

    Is Ventura Securities App Free to use?

    The Ventura Securities app is free to download and install and has no in-app purchases. But it is only available to those Ventura Securities clients who have a prepaid plan with the company of Rs. 9999 or more.

    How to download Ventura Securities App?

    Users can download the Android-compatible version of the Ventura Securities app from the Google Play Store and the iOS compatible version of the App from the App Store free of cost. Please search for the App using the credentials and then install the app right when you spot it.

    What features does Ventura Securities App have?

    Ventura Securities app allows users to stay updated on information, access domestic and international functionalities, and avail charting facilities, portfolios, etc. There are a host of features that would make your trading journey hassle-free.

    Can I trade in Shares via Ventura Securities App?

    Via the Ventura Securities app, users can conduct real-time trading on BSE/NSE, buy/sell equity, derivatives, mutual funds, IPO, etc. Users can now also lend shares using the Ventura Securities app, as it supports active trading.

    Is Ventura Securities Android App good?

    Yes, the Ventura Securities Android app is a well-developed app with over 500,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. It adapts well to the Android platform and has a user-friendly experience, which users need.

    Does Ventura Securities App have EKYC Feature?

    To access the Ventura Securities app, users must have an account with the broking house. If they don’t, they can create a Demat account by filling in their details and filling in their KYC by uploading the necessary documents.

    Does Ventura Securities App provide Tips?

    Ventura Securities allows users to view the past performance of a particular stock. The charting functionality provides different types of chart flows and indicators. This can be used when making crucial investment decisions.

    How to Buy Shares via Ventura Securities App?

    Users can choose the market segment they wish to trade in, the quantity, price, etc., and click on the buy option to send their order into the exchange line. Search for the order placement options in particular or check the dashboard in the App.

    Which app is best for trading?

    Any best app that’s reliable, serves a good user experience, and provides accurate information is best for trading. You can use Ventura Wealth App as it has all desired features.

    How do I use Ventura’s wealth?

    You can use Ventura Wealth simply by creating login details with the broker. Mobile users can open the play store, download the app belonging to Ventura Wealth, install and create a login id to start.

    What are Ventura brokerage fees?

    Ventura Wealth App is easy to use, but the brokerage fee is even more satisfying as they are way less than any other broker in the market. Equity intraday and Equity Futures invite 0.03% brokerage; brokerage fees on other assets may vary.

    How do I log into the Ventura app?

    You can log in to the Ventura app using the login details that you might have created before on the Ventura Web Trading platform. But in case you are a mobile user, you can log in to Ventura App by creating new login details.

    Is Ventura SEBI registered?

    Ventura stockbroker is a SEBI registered. Thus you can use the Ventura Wealth App and its web trading platform with confidence. Your money will stay safe until or unless you lose a trade.

    How do I activate my Ventura mobile trading account?

    You can activate the Ventura Mobile Trading account by simply passing the login criteria and giving the broker some essential documents legally compulsory for any trader or broker to submit.

    How do I buy shares in Ventura?

    Registered users can buy shares in Ventura by selecting locating the asset section and then desired market and then asset for the investment.

    How do I get a profit/loss statement in Ventura?

    Getting a profit/loss statement in Ventura Wealth App is easy. Simply go to My Portfolio Section, then select Historical Performance and download the statement.

    Who is the owner of Ventura Securities?

    Ventura Securities Ltd. is one of the leading brokerage firms owned by Hemant Majethia. The company has been operational since 1994.

    What is the meaning of Ventura?

    It is a bit surprising to hear that most Ventura users still don’t know what exactly Ventura stands for. So let’s make it easier; Ventura Words come from the Proto-Indo-European language. Originally, the word “Ventura” is abbreviated as “good fortune.”

    How do I close my Ventura Demat account?

    You can open your Ventura Demand account from Ventura Wealth App. You are even allowed to do this from the broker’s official website. Simply download the request form from the broker’s website, print it, fill it and submit it again to Ventura.

    How do I change my Ventura password?

    You can change your Ventura Password in case you forget. Simply visit Ventura Settings >Change Password> enter old password > now set a new password.

    How do I download the Ventura pointer?

    New users can visit Ventura’s Official website to download Ventura Pointer. Mobile users can stay rely on Ventura Wealth App.

    What is the Ventura app?

    Ventura app is designed and owned by Ventura Securities Ltd., where you are allowed to trade BSE/NSE listed assets right on your mobile screen. You can even invest in IPO, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and holding securities for the long term.

    How do I delete my Watchlist on Ventura?

    It’s easy, simply go log into Ventura and go to Watchlist available in the folder area. Find the main menu and select “delete watch list.” In no time, the list delete.

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