Sharekhan Mini App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Sharekhan Mini is a mobile trading platform provided by Sharekhan. The Sharekhan Mini Application is a lite version of the Sharekhan Mobile Trading App.

It supports low end phones with less amount of RAM and Storage. In this article, we are going to review this trading platform and discuss its features and for whom it is more beneficial.

Sharekhan Offers & Complaints

Sharekhan Mini App Review & Ratings

Sharekhan Mini App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.8/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Sharekhan Mini App

Sharekhan is one of the most prestigious brokerage firms in India. Sharekhan has been in operation since 2000 and has served its customers well over the past 18 years.

There is no doubt that it is a well-established firm and the resources it provides are excellent. Since it is a full-service broker it has quite a good customer base but not like the banks which offer such facilities.

This MINI application is the lighter version of the previously launched Sharekhan APP. This platform runs smoothly on all sorts of platforms like Windows, iOS, Android and the significant change here is in the field of accessibility.

This platform has been developed to perform at lower bandwidth. The trades can be using low speed internet like 2G internet. The app is a lightweight version of the full-fledged Sharekhan Mobile Trading App which is available for both Android and iOS. The Sharekhan Mini app is small in size and requires fewer resources to run.

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    Top Features of Sharekhan Mini

    The Sharekhan Mini App comes with plenty of features. This platform was primarily developed to run on lower bandwidth like 2G. The following are the prominent features of Mini platform:

    Track, Trade & Invest

    Traders and Investors can track the performance of their current holdings, trade on NSECURR, MCXCURR & MCX. Users can easily invest in Mutual Funds while keeping track of their portfolio.

    Streaming Watchlist

    It is mandatory for a trader to keep an eye on his favorite stock’s performance. The users can track their shares on a multi-exchange watchlist. Hence every movement will be easily recognizable.

    Live Reports

    Being a part of a full-service broker pays off eventually. In this case the users will have full access to the reports and latest market events which will be updated on all the platforms. Using these live reports, the users can make informed trading decisions regarding their preferred stocks.

    Single Touch

    All the charts of various scripts can be easily accessed through this platform with just a unique touch. Users won’t be able to customize the charts too much, but primitive tools will be available to use.

    Tools & Calculators

    Users can access all the Futures and Options contract in this section. There are different tools using which you can make trading decisions and do budgetary calculations. The set of tools are not as extensive as you would find on desktop trading software but it does include the necessary tools and calculators.

    Secured Fund Transfer

    Even though it is a lighter version, the fund transfer will be comfortable and safe. Funds can be transferred from bank account to trading account and vice versa. The app features latest encryption standards which keep your trades private and secure.

    Low Energy Consumption

    There are two themes available classic dark and light, and hence the page loading time will be reduced significantly. The app also consumes lesser battery life so it can be used for a longer time period in phones with lower battery life.

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    How to Set-up Sharekhan Broking Mini App?

    To use the application, you have to download the Sharekhan Mini app from the app store on their phone and register yourself to use it.

    To set up the platform, you need to follow these simple steps:

    1. Launch the app by selecting the app icon.
    2. Log in as a trader to use the app and avail all its features.
    3. Then you will be required to provide your login details. The login details they ask for are the username and password that you had set up while making your Sharekhan online account. If you do not have a Sharekhan online account, refer to the next section.
    4. Once the details have been fed in, you need to fill in the details such as name, pic and other stuff.

    After following these steps, you can start using the Sharekhan Mini Android App or iOS App to make trades on the go.

    How to Own the Sharekhan Broking Mini App?

    To get a functional app one needs to have an account with Sharekhan, i.e., a Demat account. Once this account gets active then all the platforms become accessible for trading.

    To create a Sharekhan Demat account, follow the following steps:-

    1. Click on the “Open Demat Account” button below
    2. Fill up the pop-up form & submit the same
    3. You will receive a call from sharekhan executive
    4. He/She will guide you to open online demat account
    5. Keep your aadhaar card, pan card & 1 cancelled cheque handy
    6. After account opening you will receive a client id & password

    Use the client ID & password to login to Sharekhan Mini App

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    Sharekhan Mini – Conclusion

    Sharekhan is a highly reputed firm in India and has had a practice of over 18 years in dealing with customers and queries. This reflects in all their portals as well. The Sharekhan Broking Mini mobile app is made well with a hassle-free user interface.

    It has useful navigation which takes you to most used places with a single touch. It gives you options to trade stocks, options, place orders, etc. Along with making trades, you can also keep tabs on your portfolio to see how your stocks are performing.

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