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The Stock Note App or SAMCO Trading App is powered by Giga Trading Engine, Samco’s Proprietary trading engine. It includes AI and advanced analytical tools to make the trading experience of the traders rich and smooth.

The Stocknote App is the mobile trading application offered by SAMCO for the Indian stock market and the commodities segment.

The Stock Note App is full of high-end features that will be discussed in this article in the later sections and will also guide you through the process to download and set up the application and make it ready for use.

The application is one of the top mobile trading applications offered by this Stock Brokerage house, and it has great advanced trading features that will take you by awe for sure.Samco Securities Offers

Stock Note App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Stock Note App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.5/10
Usability 7.4/10
Features 7.6/10
Speed 7.7/10
Performance 7.5/10
Overall Ratings 7.5/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Stock Note App or SAMCO Trading App

The Stock Note App is the mobile version of the Stock Note software which Samco’s Giga Trading Engine has developed. The application is smooth and rich with various trading features.

The application makes your trading easier in the stock market as you can track your portfolio and the market at any point in time with this mobile application.

Giga Trading Engine is known for its advanced analytics and the Artificial Intelligence it uses, and it has powered the Stock Note App with all these features.

This Top Trading App offers AI and advanced analytics which helps to identify stock market opportunities based on your trading pattern, skills, and choices. That makes stock screening much easier, and you can grab the opportunities whenever it arises.

It is also easier to follow the trends and patterns in the market or for an individual stock with this application.

More about SAMCO Mobile Trading App

On this application, apart from being only available, every market data is available in the format of actionable opportunities that you can use to trade. All the data in real-time gives you the market scenario as it is then.

The SAMCO App also gives you a detailed market news section to find all the important news related to the market and your preferences.

There are various other fundamental analysis and technical analysis resources that you can also refer to. An economic calendar includes all the global market events affecting your trading views.

The SAMCO Mobile App is an all-in-one kind of mobile trading application equivalent to any trading terminal.

You can accomplish any work using this mobile trading application by Samco, and you won’t even feel the need for a trading terminal or a browser-based platform for trading.

SAMCO is a leading stockbroking company and you can know more about it from SAMCO Review.

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    SAMCO Trading App or Stocknote App – Top Features

    Let us now see the features which make this application so advanced and useful –

    Easy and Fast Onboarding

    With this application, beginners can also understand the market well and start trading. This application has tutorials that traders and newbies can use to understand the trading process and easily start investing their money.

    Trading with a Single Click

    The Stock Note App has a special feature with which you can trade the stock you are reading the information about with just one click on the mobile screen.

    There is a trade (buy/sell) option directly linked to the page where you find the information on the stock you are interested in.

    Alerts and notification

    You can set multiple alerts for various market movements, price changes, and market updates. This will help you reap profit from all the opportunities that come your way. You will never miss out on any opportunities with the alerts and notifications.

    News and updates

    With Stock Note App, you can get all the updates and market-related news on your mobile screen.

    There is all the market’s top news and updates on your Stock Note App, and you can use the information for your trading.

    You can also check the most followed notes and news articles by fellow traders and investors in the stock market communities.


    The Stock Note App can be fully personalized, and you can create multiple market watch lists as per your convenience and requirement.

    You can add various segments to those market watch lists and track the stocks and other market investment options you require.

    You can also customize the news feed and choose the type of news you want to see, create the portfolio you have and always track its performance.

    Also, you can completely make this Stock Note App yours by making all the settings as per your choice.

    Intuitive Order Placement

    If your order is declined, you do not need to worry as the Giga Trading Engine, which powers SAMCO App, will help you find the reason and show you the most probable reason and solution for the same.

    You can implement the solution and then place the order again. It helps in understanding your trades better.

    Tracking your Portfolio

    With SAMCO Mobile Trading App, you can track and monitor the performance of your portfolio anytime and every time. All you need to do is set up your portfolio on this mobile trading application, and then you can see your portfolio’s performance all day long.

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    Additional Features of the SAMCO App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the SAMCO App:

    Speedy order execution

    Speedy order execution on the mobile app is replacing the joy of trading on the desktop platform. Particularly, the app provides you exposure to single-click execution. Traders can execute a BUY or SELL order with one click.

    The feature eliminates delays and confusion associated with trading. As soon as the best price for a particular asset strikes, you will be able to execute an order.

    SAMCO Stock Note App provides a speedy order execution facility to mobile users. With faster response time and well-built features, the app serves the purpose exactly for what it has been built for.

    Option chain matrix

    Option Chain List, also referred to as the Option Chain matrix, plays an indispensable role in the decision-making of options traders. The chain helps options traders know whether the market is encouraging for a CALL or PUT.

    Also, by what percentage a particular asset has changed its figures, clearly described by the changing position of the CALL/PUT options. SAMCO Stock Note App provides you with a detailed view of the option chain matrix.

    With real-time price assessment, users can better predict whether buyers will be more dominating or sellers will win. Through a brief assessment, such insights are easy to derive.

    Real-time margin calculator

    A real-time margin calculator has always been one of the well-liked tools among traders. Using the tool, traders can figure out the exact figures on the margin they will receive against a trade.

    And if they are offered as per the real-time market pattern, it sounds even much better. The SAMCO Stock Note App has therefore been becoming a popular alternative among investors.

    Simply put, the mobile app provides a real-time margin calculator to investors with the use; traders can evaluate profits and losses against a trade.

    The calculation may even be influenced by live market actions, so make sure your decision must be faster.

    Streaming live quotes

    Live quotes streaming is one of the best ways to spot opportunities in the live market. With live quotes support, users can better track the market flow.

    And the best thing is, some apps even provide customized trading features with the support of it becomes inherently easier to enter the market at the right moment.

    You need not analyze every asset individually when you have this feature available. Trades can even get a glimpse of this highly helpful feature in the SAMCO Stock Note App.

    The app provides live quotes streaming on the interface. Simply watch what the live market has to showcase and make an investment decision.

    Guest User feature

    Beginners often hesitate to try a new trading platform. But this doesn’t happen at all times. Thanks to the Guest User feature that provides guest access to users on a trading platform.

    In simple words, without funding the account, users can understand the services and overall workflow on a trading platform. Folks often call Guests to interface a demo account.

    SAMCO Stock Note App has this feature; with the support, you can learn trading and understand broker’s services at the same time.

    Advanced and interactive Charting Tools

    Advanced and interactive charting tools bring swiftness to technical analysis. Users can better grasp market trends, overbought, oversold conditions, and moving averages and can derive all essential insights from the market.

    In short, you can access everything on a single screen. SAMCO Stock Note App makes these valuable features accessible to traders. Simultaneously that encourages them to take more well-informed decisions for a trade.

    Displays stock ratings

    SAMCO Stock Note App is also renowned for its unique feature – the stock ratings.

    Based on this feature, users can access a list of the best stocks that are generating amazing returns on investment over the past few weeks or months or years.

    These stocks may cover both large-cap and small-cap stocks. Moreover, a customization facility is also available. Similarly, that grants users exposure to more great assets.

    Bundled trigger alerts

    Bundled trigger alerts are more helpful on mobile platforms compared to desktop ones. And SAMCO Stock Note App is a real example.

    Watching the trigger alerts in bulk, users can take more clever action by automatically creating an entry or exit from the targeted trades.

    Moreover, traders can even save much of their time by simply assigning the job of the essential trigger to the system.

    How to Set up SAMCO Trading App?

    Setting up a Stock Note App is quite simple, and you do not need to go through any hassle for the same.

    • First, you need to open a Samco Demat account, and for that, the steps are given below in the next section.
    • Once you have the Samco Demat account and trading account login credentials, you can use them to log in to this SAMCO Trading Mobile App after downloading and installing this application.
    • Stock Note App Download is very simple; you have to visit the Google Play Store; you will find the application here. Download it.
    • Install the application on your mobile phone. For installation, you need to be sure that your mobile phone has an Android OS and a 4.4 version and above.
    • Once the application is installed, please open it and customize it as per your choice.
    • To create the market watch list, you have to select the option and then add the stock scrips you want to track.
    • Create your portfolio as well to track it at any time. For doing so, go to the Portfolio Options and add the stocks you own.
    • Once everything is set, it is easy for you to start trading. Click on the stocks, read about them, and trade them if you want and whenever you want.

    How to Own Stock Note App?

    The SAMCO Mobile App can be owned by downloading it, and for so, you need a Samco Demat account and Trading account.

    • For opening a Demat account with Samco, you need to click on this button. Once you click on this “Open Demat” account button, you will see a form.
    • The pop-up form needs to be filled with your details of yours and once it is done, click on the submit button.
    • Once you submit the form, you will get a call from the executives of Samco. They will verify your details and guide you through the remaining process.
    • The next step is to upload the user’s scanned documents to verify the application, and for that, you need to upload a scanned copy of AADHAAR, PAN, Cancelled Cheque, and a photograph.
    • After this, your account will be verified.
    • Then you will receive the login credentials in your registered email id, and then you can use the same to log in to Stock Note App after downloading the application and starting using it.

    Advantages of SAMCO Mobile Trading App

    The advantages of using the SAMCO Trading App – Stock Note App are

    • You can use this for increasing your knowledge about the trading process and the stock market
    • It is an intuitive application that makes your trading process easier
    • There are multiple market watchlist options
    • It is a highly responsive platform and has high-end analytical tools
    • There are various alerts and notifications options to keep you updated

    SAMCO Trading App or Stock Note App – Conclusion

    The Stock Note App is one of the most highly advanced mobile trading apps that any broking house in the market has ever offered.

    Its intuitive features are great for trading any kind of financial instrument, and it is simple to set it up as well.

    SAMCO App FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the SAMCO App:

    What is the SAMCO mobile app called?

    The app provided by the stockbroker SAMCO is referred to as Stock Note – Stock Market News, Analysis & Trading. You can find the app in your Google play store or even the App Store. It is easily locatable and pretty easy to use as well.

    Does SAMCO provide an iOS App?

    Yes, this stock broking house has looked out for the trading needs of all its clients and, as a result, provides Android and iOS apps. Which Operating system mobile phone you hold generally does not impact your possibility of investing via mobile app.

    Is SAMCO App Free to use?

    Yes, the trading app provided by the stockbroking house is free of any download or usage charge. The app is not paid but rather is offered free of cost to all its users. The install button would directly download the app onto your smartphone.

    How to download the SAMCO App?

    The SAMCO app must be downloaded from the app store, similar to downloading any other app. Hit the application store of your mobile phone and search for the SAMCO app. When you locate it, click on the install button.

    What features does SAMCO App have?

    The SAMCO app sports many features for investors, and it includes simple and quick onboarding. The features provided are on-touch trading, trends and top news, market alerts, customized dashboard and app, easy order placement, easy information sharing, easy portfolio management, etc.

    Can I trade in Shares via SAMCO App?

    Yes, this is the stockbroker’s first and most important feasibility. If you do not already, you can monitor all the stocks you like in one place and see their real-time price updates and place orders according to that.

    Is SAMCO Android App good?

    Yes, this app is a good medium for investing in the stock market. It is appreciated by a proportionate number of users, as it holds a 3.6-star rating in the play store. However, they provide a full-fledged investment process for their clients.

    Does SAMCO App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, this app supports the EKYC feature since it is now mandatory to go through the KYC process. Contrary to the physical submission of documents, you can choose to scan your documents and update them in the app.

    Does SAMCO App provide Tips?

    Research analysis, on the whole, is not provided by the stockbroking house via its app. However, you will get information regarding the trends. You can see the basic trends prevailing in the stock market and the top news.

    How to Buy Shares via SAMCO App?

    The process is pretty seamless and easy, where you can play a buy pr a sell order in a few steps. Click on the order placement option, and according to the buy or sell order that you wish to place, click on the option, provide the trade details, and click on buy or sell.

    How do you use the stock note app?

    SAMCO Stock Note App is easy to use. You enter the log-in details, meet the KYC requirements and soon as your account is approved, you are ready to use this mobile application.

    How do I log into my Samco stock note?

    Users can log in to Samco Stock note mobile application using their email address or phone number. The app can be accessed on both smartphone and desktop platforms.

    Can I trust Samco?

    SAMCO is a reliable stockbroker and has been serving the trading sector for a long time. Thus it builds a trusted image of the broker in the market.

    How do I get my Samco statement?

    Samco users can download statements by logging into the back office using the log-in credential provided by the broker.

    How do I sell IPO shares at Samco?

    Samco users can sell IPO shares at the broker itself. Simply go to your active IPO, modify orders and press the SELL button.

    How do I sell CNC shares in Samco?

    Samco users press the “sell order entry” to sell their cash-n-carry orders.

    How do I use the Samco app?

    SAMCO Stock Note App can be used by guest users and registered users. Guest users can access the demo account through a simple sign-up, whilst registered users can submit documents to pass the KYC requirements.

    How do I trade in options at Samco?

    Users can trade in options at Samco by visiting the asset section and selecting the OPTIONS for trading.

    How do I unblock a Samco trader?

    By requesting the Samco Customer Support team and meeting the eligibility requirements, users can unlock their accounts.

    What is a Username in Samco?

    A username is a user-generated unique name that is known and secured by the user itself when creating log-in details at SAMCO Stock Note App.

    How do I check my Samco ledger?

    Users can check their SAMCO ledger by visiting Samco Star Back Office-> Reports-> TradeBook.

    What is a statement of holdings?

    Statement of Holdings comprises a list or a summary of active trades held in the Demat account for a particular time frame.

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