SBISmart App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

SBISmart App is the trading app offered by SBICap Securities for the people who love to trade and track their portfolio and the overall market even when they are on the move.

The SBISmart Money App is a unique application crafted out of various ideas for making the life of the traders easy while they are on the move.

SBI Smart App has a lot of features that make the trading much easier and most importantly profitable. The application is perfect for traders who are engaged in some full-time jobs and also loves to trade.

So, let us start with the brief intro of the platform and then we will take you through the intricate details of the features and other details of the platform.

Sbicap Securities Offers

SBISmart App Review & Ratings

SBISmart Money App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.4/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About SBISmart App

The SBICap Securities App or SBISmart Mobile App is one of the most trusted mobile trading application in the stock market amongst the traders.

It has a lot of safety and security options to secure the transactions of the traders and it is obvious with SBICap to do so, being a part of SBI which is known for its security of the customer’s account and transactions.

The SBISmart APP apart from being safe and secure has ample options and features for the traders to explore and trade easily without always worrying to open the laptop or the desktop.

With this application, one can just trade even when they are traveling somewhere. This helps in making the most out of the opportunities that come the way of the traders and the time and the place cannot be constraints here.

It is easy to track the live market with the real-time updates that the mobile app provides, then there are various charts and technical indicators accessible on this application only which you can use for your technical analysis of the stocks that you are invested your money into or you want to invest money.

You can check your stock positions, holdings, and the margin balance all with this application and that too with just one click.

So, basically, this application gives you the freedom to trade and track the market whenever and wherever you want and also gives you more or less all the options that you need for trading without even initiating the need for using the terminal platform.

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    SBI Smart App – Top Features

    Now, let us see the features which make this SBI Smart App so intriguing and how these features help in trading –

    Real-time Updates

    Away from the desktop and worrying about your stocks is not a present-day scenario as with the real-time updates provided by SBI Smart App, you can stay updated about the market all the time.

    You get all the real-time data and stock quotes and also messages if you are not even kept this application open if there are changes in the prices and the price is around your target price. So, this application helps you reap all the opportunities in short.

    Order placing

    Do you need to place an order to reap higher profit now? But wondering how as you are not in front of the desktop or laptop?

    With this SBISmart Money APP, you do not need to worry as you can place buy and sell orders, square off, modify your pending orders and also cancel them using this SBI Smart Application only.

    This application has all kind of orders which you can place for making the most out of the market even when you are not in front of your trading terminal.

    Market Watch-list

    It is easy to create the market watch-list on this application and you can modify it anytime with the stocks you want to track and the ones you want to drop from the list.

    Adding the scrips to the market-list is simple, all you need to do is to click on the scrips and select the add option from the market watch-list settings.

    You can create different market watch-list as well for different asset segments, say, for example, one market watch-list for the equities and another for the commodities so that you can track them without any confusion.

    Data and Information

    The application shows you the order status and the stock positions you have in the market. The application lets you access this information with a simple few clicks only.

    SBIcap Securities App also has information on the market, stocks and the companies and you can also access the information about the company’s recent news on this application.

    Research Calls

    SBICap being one of the major stockbrokers in the country has its own research division and via this SBI Smart Money App, you can get their research calls as well.

    There is an option for the research calls you need to select and the research executives will call you to guide about your investment-related query and also assist you and give you suggestions for your investments.

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    How to Set-up Sbi Smart Money App?

    The process to set up the SBI Smart Mobile App is simple and you need to have a smartphone with –

    • More than 3.1 MB of space available on it
    • The Android – operating system of the mobile must be over and above 4.4 version
    • The current version of the application is 0.14

    Now to set the application you need to down the application from the site –

    1. Use this link for SBI Smart App Download  –
    2. Once you have downloaded the application, install it on the mobile device
    3. And once it gets installed, launch it by clicking on the application icon on your mobile.
    4. Once it is open, log in with your SBICAP Securities login and passwords
    5. Then you can see the application homepage and from there you can create the market-watch list.
    6. There are NIFTY and SENSEX data available which you can see without doing anything
    7. There are live quotes of the stocks that you want to see, so set the market-watch accordingly.

    How to Own SBISmart Money App?

    The SBISmart Money App can be downloaded and owned once you open the Demat account with SBICAP Securities. For doing so you need to –

    1. Click on this button here on this page. You will see a pop-up form opens on your screen.
    2. Fill that form with the details asked in it
    3. Once you submit the form, you will receive a call from the SBICAP executives and they will guide about the remaining procedure
    4. You need to upload the documents as well for the verification purpose
    5. Once all the verification process is over, you will get your account opened and then you can use the login details to log in to the SBI Smart Trading App and use it.

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    Advantages Of SBI Smart Money App

    There are some really great benefits you will have by trading using the SBI Smart App –

    • You can place different orders, modify them and square-off your position at the end of the day using this application, no need to run for the terminal platform
    • You can see all your account details – stock holdings, pending orders, margin money balance, and others on this application
    • Creating market watch-list is easy and simple and you can customize it as per your requirements
    • There are not much system requirements for using and installing this application
    • It is one of the safest mobile trading application that is offered in the market

    SBISmart App – Conclusion

    SBI Smart App is the need of the hour especially for the traders who are juggling between their daily jobs and trading. The application has a user-friendly interface and helps the traders to trade while on the go.

    There are ample of features which helps the traders to secure their positions and trade whenever possible and required.

    It is one of the most popular trading applications for the mobile users who trade from their mobile and that is evident from the 5 lakh and above downloads of this application.

    SBI Smart App FAQs

    Ques – What is SBI Smart mobile app called?

    Answer – The stock broker provides a mobile application for the easy of trading, alongside other online trading platforms. The app goes by the name SBI Smart Money and is available for the Android as well as the iOS users for easy trading.

    Ques – Does SBI Smart provide an iOS App?

    Answer – Yes, this stock broking house does provide an app for the iOS users. Trading activities, products and services are equally provided to all the investors, irrespective of the operating system on which their smartphones run.

    Ques – Is SBI Smart App Free to use?

    Answer – Yes, the app, as provided by the stock broking house SBI is free to use. When you try to download the app, you will straight away be taken to the install page and you will not be required to go through the payment system in any case.

    Ques – How to download SBI Smart App?

    Answer – You need to access the playstore or the app store, the one which your phone contains. You must then search for the app, by entering its name in the search button. Click on the download option and wait for the download to complete.

    Ques – What features does SBI Smart App has?

    Answer – We have the list of features which will be best put to use. Dashboard of the app is as per trading levels, research recommendations are provided, watchlist and advanced charting features are part of the app. You also have the provision of model portfolio and thematic investment, scanners and more.

    Ques – Can I trade in Shares via SBI Smart App?

    Answer – Yes, share are the first and the most popular segment of investment and the stock broking house tends to highly focus on it. It provides the feasibility of monitoring the performance of a group of shares you have interest it and then invest in the ones you feel are profitable.

    Ques – Is SBI Smart Android App good?

    Answer – Yes, the app is a good alternative you would want to avail for, especially if you are on the go. However, the app is on the process of improvement, and you can presently not expect much from it anyway. It is because the app holds 2.1 star rating as of now.

    Ques – Does SBI Smart App have EKYC Feature?

    Answer – Yes, the EKYC process provided in the app is a perk, since KYC is a mandatory norm as of now. So, in case you have to go through it, you can simple fetch the documents asked, scan them clearly and then upload their images to the application.

    Ques – Does SBI Smart App provide Tips?

    Answer – Yes, this stock broking house is a full service stock broker and it has a team of experts who look out for the investors in general. They release stock tips and research analysis in the app and you can refer to any or all of them accordingly.

    Ques – How to Buy Shares via SBI Smart App?

    Answer – The process is common for all kind of trading app, where the buy or sell option is provided in the order placement section. Visit the order placement you wish to undertake, enter the number of shares you wish to buy, at which prices, the stock scrip and then click on buy or sell option.

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