Kotak Stock Trader App Review – Mobile App based Trading Platform

Here is a detailed review of Kotak Stock Trader App.

Kotak Securities Limited is a trading and investment platform that has existed in the market ever since 1994. Just by its name, it can be understood that it is a part of the Kotak Mahindra Group.

The company has successfully made their presence known in all of India. They have used technology and other services to make it easier for their customers. They have already introduced trading software in the market.

A smartphone application called Kotak Stock Trader App has been unveiled by Kotak Securities. It does have several qualities that entice people to use it. In this article, the app will be discussed comprehensively.

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Kotak Securities Mobile App Features

Kotak Stock Trader App   Kotak Securities App Quote

People will be eager to know about the instructions to use this app most simply. So, here is what they have to do. They will need to visit the respective app stores of their smartphone.

Kotak Stock Trader has been made available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and even Java Operating System. Searching ‘Kotak Stock Trader’ will give them the app. The full version is made available to existing online trading customers of Kotak Securities.

They can log in to their website to see the app in its entirety. Offline Customers and non-customers can utilize the application’s free version just as well.

People do prefer to use an online trading app only when it meets their expectations. So, these features portray the qualities that the app by Kotak Securities has.

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Kotak Stock Trader App – Online Trading Feature 

Utilising the app one gets to have online trading very close to them. They can check on the market every time and then get their trading done. Also, the interface has been made very simple to aid in online trading. The stop loss and trigger price options are also available in the app.

Kotak Stock Trader App – Portfolio Tracking Feature

The portfolio is updated every time anyone uses the app. This means they can access the changes in real time.

Kotak Stock Trader Portfolio Tracking  Kotak Securities App Research

Kotak Securities App – Live Stock Market Data Feature

Often apps and websites present data that may be old by an hour. But the Kotak Trading App live streams market data all the time. Also, the market movement can be seen as charts at the end of the day.

Kotak Stock Trader App – Funds Transfer Feature

Funds can be transferred very easily between a bank account and the online trading account when someone has the app. One is also able to transfer funds from bank account to their mutual fund account.

Kotak Securities App – Margin Checking Feature

The margin can be accessed very easily with the app. One can do this by clicking the ‘Available Funds’ button. A comprehensive view of the limits of one’s account is also given in this section.

Kotak Stock Trader – Security

The app has several layers of security, and it is perfectly okay for anyone to use the app. Customer authentication of 2 passwords is a must for every customer. Also, no data is stored by the data for the stock trading.

A session automatically expires after 30 minutes to make it safer for the customer.  128-bit encryption is also utilized in the app.

Kotak Securities App – Notifications

The latest version also allows instant notification to be sent to the customers.

Other Important Features of the Kotak Stock Trader App

  • Advanced Chartings
  • Live TV
  • Research Widgets
  • Advanced Orders & more

Kotak Stock Trader Charts

Benefits of the Kotak Stock Trader App:

  • The security is the best to make the customers feel safe.
  • The app makes every feature of online trading available for the customers.
  • The real-time stock market updates and easy online trading makes buying and selling instantaneous.
  • The information on one’s account is updated according to their activity. It is reflected both in the app and website.

Kotak Stock Trader App – Conclusion

So, here is a comprehensive view of the Kotak Stock Trader App. They have made enough progress in the app and made it simple enough for anyone to handle it. The best thing about the app is that it is available on several platforms.

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