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Here is a detailed review of the Kotak Stock Trader App.

Kotak Securities Limited is a trading and investment platform that has existed in the market ever since 1994. Just by its name, it can be understood that it is a part of the Kotak Mahindra Group.

Kotak Securities have unveiled a smartphone application called Kotak Securities App. It does have several qualities that entice people to use it. In this article, the app will be discussed comprehensively.Kotak Securities Offers

Kotak Stock Trader App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Kotak Stock Trader App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 8.2/10
Usability 7.9/10
Features 7.8/10
Speed 7.9/10
Performance 8.1/10
Overall Ratings 8.0/10
Star Ratings ★★★


About Kotak Stock Trader App or Kotak Securities App

Kotak Stock Trader App is one of the which was designed with a vision to let the stock market be your all-time companion.

That means the Kotak Securities Mobile App curators were clear that you could access the market anytime and from anywhere.

After rigorous brainstorming, the makers are on the dais with the newly sorted version of the Kotak Securities App designed to work flawlessly on I pads, Apple IOS, Tablets, Google Android, Android tablets, etc.

The Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App is a user-friendly trader’s app in a true sense as it allows the trader to continue trading in domains like equities, currency derivatives, and derivatives.

The ease and proficiency offered by Kotak Securities Trading App make it the Best App for Trading.

It leverages the trader with a couple of interesting attributes like allowing tracking of the portfolio, offering varied securities and a wonderful trading experience. In addition, get real updates from the market through live streaming.

Kotak Securities is one of the prominent entities dealing in stockbroking facilities, no more about it from the Kotak Securities Review section.

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    Kotak Stock Trade App – Top Features

    The underlined features of the Kotak Stock Trader App are useful, so go through them at once to understand:

    People will be eager to know about the instructions to use this app. So, here is what they have to do. They will need to visit the respective app stores of their smartphone.

    They can log in to their website to see the app in its entirety. Offline Customers and non-customers can utilize the application’s free version.

    Kotak Stock Trader App   Kotak Securities App Quote

    Online Trading Feature 

    Utilizing the app, one gets to have online trading very close to them. They can check the market every time and then get their trading done.

    Also, the interface has been made very simple to aid in online trading. The stop loss and trigger price options are also available in the app.

    Portfolio Tracking Feature

    The portfolio is updated every time anyone uses the app. This means they can access the changes in real-time.

    Kotak Stock Trader Portfolio Tracking  Kotak Securities App Research

    Live Stock Market Data

    Often apps and websites present data that may be old by an hour. But the Kotak Trading App live streams market data all the time.

    Also, the market movement can be seen on technical charts at the end of the day.

    Funds Transfer

    When someone has the app, funds can be transferred very easily between a bank account and the online trading account. One can also transfer funds from a bank account to a mutual fund account.

    Margin Checker

    The margin can be accessed very easily with the app. One can do this by clicking the ‘Available Funds’ button. A comprehensive view of the limits of one’s account is also given in this section.


    The app has several layers of security, and it is perfectly okay for anyone to use the app.

    Customer authentication of 2 passwords is a must for every customer. Also, no data is stored by the data for stock trading.

    A session automatically expires after 30 minutes to make it safer for the customer. 128-bit encryption is also utilized in the app.

    App Notifications

    The latest version also allows instant notifications to be sent to customers.

    Other Important Features of the Kotak Stock Trader App

    • Advanced Chartings
    • Live TV
    • Research Widgets
    • Advanced Orders & more

    Kotak Stock Trader Charts

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    Additional Features of the Kotak Securities App

    View Demat Account Holdings 

    Keep track of your investments with Kotak Securities App. The application offers a facility where you can see all your holdings in the Demat account held with Kotak securities.

    Kotak Securities is one of the most reliable and efficient stock broking entities offering various services under one umbrella, from account opening to dependable stock research.

    Kotak Securities charges Zero brokerage for Equity Delivery Trades, Intraday and Futures & Options Trades, IPOs, and Mutual Fund investments. So, with Kotak securities, you get smart investing opportunities at unbelievably low costs.

    Reports & Historic Actions 

    Having over 25+ years of experience in the sectors, a well-formed team, and leading technology, Kotak Securities Trading App is all you need for a blossoming trading journey.

    Kotak securities help you be well-informed about all your past and current trades. You can analyze your trades in detail with the Kotak Securities Mobile App reports.

    Apart from this, the application offers features like a Portfolio tracker, Super multiple, Pick of the week, Research reports, BNST, and more.

    The app provides biometric login in a fast and convenient way. You can place orders with a few clicks with the security of Kotak.

    Intraday Tick by Tick Charts 

    The Tick charts represent the price action. It is for intraday given in terms of the number of trades. These charts are triggered on a particular number of transactions.

    These charts help you better understand the intraday trades and assist in making decisions. Kotak Securities Mobile App provides technical analysis reports where you can study up-to-the-minute insights of a stock and the volumes traded.

    It also offers recommendations on stocks, stop loss rates, the right time to buy or sell a stock, and many more fascinating features. With Kotak Securities Mobile App, trade on the go with the utmost ease.

    How to Set up a Kotak Securities App?

    If you want to have the Kotak Securities App, then make sure that you follow the series of steps.

    • Firstly, you need to send an SMS that is ST to 5676788.
    • Once you are done with the SMS, a link will be forwarded to your mobile number.
    • Then you will be asked to click on the provided link.
    • And this link will let you download the application.
    • Else, you can go directly to the google play store or Apple app store to download the app on your mobile phone and start trading.

    How to own Kotak Stock Trader App?

    To start using the Kotak Securities Trading App, you need to open a Demat account with Kotak Securities:

    • To open an account, you need to click on the button below that says “Open Demat Account.”
    • Then you have to fill up the form that pops-up
    • After that, you will receive a call from a Kotak securities representative to open an account.
    • Then you will be provided with an online account opening link
    • You will follow the process of online account opening
    • Keep documents ready & your account will be opened in just 1 hour
    • Then within a few hours of account opening, you will receive an email along with your client id & password
    • This ID & password can be used to login into your Kotak Stock Trader App.

    This is how you can easily own Kotak Securities App.

    Benefits of the Kotak Stock Trader App

    Inclusive platform

    The Kotak Stock Trader App is a comprehensive platform that means you don’t need to rely on distinct segments for checking the stock market.

    In this regard, note that the Kotak app is so tailored to serve you as an inclusive online trading domain.

    Security assured: Kotak online trading app offers a high level of security when accessing the account and availing the trading data.

    It always ensures that the user goes through layers of verification before reaching their account. Therefore, traders can assume that their shares and stocks are in the right hands.

    Real-time stock information

    The Kotak trading app has drawn traders because of the real-time updates about the stocks. No doubt, it helps traders stay informed regarding the stock market as buying or selling also gets easier.

    Kotak Stock Trader App or Kotak Securities App – Conclusion

    Honestly, the online trading app is completely hassle-free because you don’t need to rely on the computer or have any paper statements. After all, a single touch will let you know every detail about the stock market.

    You can say that the Kotak Stock Trader App is completely hassle-free. It has an opportunity for traders to modify or edit their trades without entering the trading terminal. Therefore, it is a true customization online app with a high level of security assured.

    Henceforth eminent traders would like to trade with the prospective Kotak Trading App because of its prompt interactive ability and cutting-edge functionality.

    Kotak Securities App FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Kotak securities:

    What is the Kotak Securities mobile app called?

    If you wish to refer to mobile-based trading and push through the same, you have to download the Kotak Stock Trader App – BSE, NSE, Nifty & Sensex.

    According to the provision of the mobile app provided by the stockbroker, it is available for iOS and Android users.

    Does Kotak Securities provide an iOS App?

    Yes, the iOS app offers records in the set of trading platforms the stockbroker provides.

    So, iOS users can opt for this stockbroker house’s service and choose to trade through the mobile application without any hurdle.

    Is Kotak Securities App Free to Use?

    Yes, the app is provided to users free of charge.

    There are a lot of paid applications where the users need to pay the charge mentioned; however, the app provided by Kotak Securities is in no way paid or takes a fee for the usage.

    How to download Kotak Securities App?

    The first thing, visit the app store that your phone contains.

    Then you must refer to the search button and type in – Kotak Stock Trade or Kotak Securities; you will come across the same app. When you see the app, click on the install button.

    What features does Kotak Securities App have?

    We have provided information on some of the features from the huge list of features they offer. The app lets you manage your portfolio, place orders in a few taps, monitor BSE and NSE, live data, track live markets via charting tools, research, diversify your portfolio, etc.

    Can I trade in Shares via Kotak Securities App?

    Yes, trading in shares is mostly the intention behind downloading this app for a major fraction of users. It provides a clean and efficient manner of investing in stocks, where you can constantly monitor stocks of your interest and later on invest in them.

    Is Kotak Securities Android App good?

    Yes, of course. This application heads in the right way where it serves and satisfies many users. The app’s rating indicates the level of work; as it has a current rating of 3.5 stars, you can rely on the app.

    Does Kotak Securities App have EKYC Feature?

    You can successfully go through the verification process online via the EKYC feature. You can scan the documents as asked and then upload them to the portal, rather than visiting the branch with the said document.

    Does Kotak Securities App provide Tips?

    Yes, this stockbroker is into the provision of research and advisory, all of which are released in the application. The stockbroker provides all kinds of tips and information which helps the newbie and also experienced investors while placing trade orders.

    How to Buy Shares via Kotak Securities App?

    The process starts with locating the order placement button. When you see it, click on it and go to the buy section to purchase shares. You need to provide certain inputs, such as the scrips, number of shares, and share price. When done with filling in the data, click on the buy option to place the order.

    What is Kotak Stock Trader?

    Kotak Stock Trader is a mobile application propounded by Kotak Securities to provide customers with trading facilities from their mobile phones. Its light-weighted application enriches numerous interesting features that can turn your trading journey into a fun ride. You can trade in the stocks of Indian companies and international companies.

    How to use Kotak trade app?

    You can download the Kotak trade app from the Google Play Store. After the successful download, open the app and log in with your Kotak Securities Account ID and Password.

    Once you have logged in, it will take you to the application’s home page. Here, you can search for any stocks, add them to your watch list and start trading.

    How do I add money to my Kotak Stock Trader app?

    1. Open the Kotak Securities Stock Trader app and log in with your credentials.
    2. Go to the ‘Funds’ section.
    3. Now, go to ‘Money Transfer’ and click on ‘Transfer Funds.’
    4. Enter your bank account number and the amount you want to transfer.
    5. It will direct you to the payment gateway from where you can transfer the money.

    What is the KST app?

    KST is Kotak Stock Trading which is the mobile application of Kotak securities. You can open a Demat and Trading account from this application, and it caters to all your trading and investment requirements. It offers research and recommendation facilities.

    Is Kotak App good?

    Kotak Securities offers broking facilities where you can undertake trading and investment in marketable securities. Kotak Securities found in 1994 and provide the best scale trading services to its customers.

    How can I buy shares in the Kotak Demat account?

    You can buy shares from the Kotak Securities mobile app in a few easy steps.

    You can hold shares and other securities in digital form with a Demat account.

    How can I start trading in Kotak Securities?

    Open a Demat and Trading Account with Kotak Securities. You can apply for an account opening from the website or the mobile application. Fill out the form with all the necessary details. Submit your application.

    After the application is submitted, Kotak Securities will process your request.

    How can I sell IPO shares in Kotak Securities?

    The shares are credit to your Demat account when you buy shares using Kotak Securities app. So, when you want to sell them. Select them from your holding and click on sell.

    Enter the quantity and price. Place the sale order.

    How can I sell stock in Kotak Securities?

    1. Log in using your User Id and password.
    2. Select the stock you want to trade.
    3. Click on ‘Sale.’
    4. Enter the number of shares you want to sell.
    5. Place the order.
    6. Confirm and submit it.

    What are the brokerage charges of Kotak Securities?

    The minimum brokerage charged by Kotak Securities is Rs. 21 per executed order or 2.5% on both sides of the trade.

    Kotak Securities does not charge any brokerage on Intraday Trades and Future & Options Trades.

    What is Kotak wave app?

    Kotak Wave App, a mobile app designs for offline customers. It is for customers who trade on ODIN OMS/RMS. You can trade in equity, currency, commodity, and derivatives with the app. It offers a variety of features.

    What is the minimum margin retained in Kotak Securities?

    For derivative trading, the required Margin for Nifty would be 10%, and for stocks, it is 16.67%.

    What is margin money payment in Kotak Securities?

    Margin is the upfront sum that a customer must pay for the margin trades. Margin offers a leverage facility where you can place an order just by paying a certain portion of the trade value and pay the rest after.

    How can I check my brokerage in Kotak Securities?

    Kotak Securities charges brokerage on the basis of the trade value and the type of trade. The brokerage automatically calculates the executed orders.

    How can we stop loss in Kotak Securities?

    1. In the Kotak Securities app, go to Advanced Order.
    2. Click on ‘Stop Loss Order.’
    3. Select a Trigger price and a stop loss.

    Place your order and confirm it and click on ‘Submit.’

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