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This article will have a detailed review of the Axis Direct Mobile App. We will get to know about its Features, Setup process, advantages & more.

Let’s have a detailed analysis of the Axis Direct Mobile Trading App Now!

Axis Direct Offers

Axis Direct Mobile App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Axis Direct Mobile App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.7/10
Usability 6.7/10
Features 6.8/10
Speed 6.9/10
Performance 6.8/10
Overall Ratings 6.8/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Axis Direct Mobile App

Axis Direct App is a prominent stock broker in India. It is derived from the Axis Bank Group and offers 3-in-1 accounts. However, this platform surely needs to be improved in its performance, maturity, and user experience.

One of the most prominent features offered by the Axis Direct Mobile App is that this App can be managed using commands based on voice.

This mobile App is free for Android and iOS users. You can open the play store, access the mobile app, and download and install it on your mobile within minutes.

Once this is done, you can get access to the login-based guest features by default, and if you are a client of some broker, access would be easily granted to you for all the features provided by this Top Trading App.

The different aspects of Axis Direct like its advantages and disadvantages and top features and configuration, are discussed further to help you decide why you should use this platform for trading.

To access all other features of Axis Direct, check out our Axis Direct Review section.
Axis Direct Mobile App

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    Top Features of Axis Direct Mobile App

    This platform provides you with very distinctive features to provide you with why you should opt for this platform for online trading. Let us look at the same below:

    • You can access domestic and international markets like equity, commodity and currency.
    • besides Marketwatch, charting, and much more.
    • You can track your portfolio by using this App.
    • You can also stay updated on all your investments.
    • Also, you can get access to real-time streaming quotes while trading on your screen.
    • Also, you can create multiple customized streaming watchlists.
    •  Intraday charts can be accessed to track the market’s movements by the minute.
    • With just a click, you can access your holdings in Demat.
    • Market orders can be placed even after the closed market.
    • The available limits and total margin can be checked out.Axis Direct Mobile App Login

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    Additional Features of the Axis Direct App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the Axis Direct App:

    Easy Market Watch

    A trading app is regarded as the best app that allows you to do equity research on the go. Putting the chaos and unnecessary stuff aside, let you focus solely on what matters and is relevant to your business.

    The app must provide a seamless user experience, and if you are an Axis Direct user, you will be happy to know that Axis Direct Mobile App meets the criteria of becoming the best app.

    You can readily track the market ups and downs, and price movements and place off-market orders seamlessly. The app provides real-time market insights ensuring no information delay.

    Real-time updates on investments

    Real-time updates on investment are essential.

    A minor delay can worsen your trading experience with a broker. Mainly because if users want to buy a share at a specific price range and they don’t receive any updates but receive posts, it can lead to an annoying experience.

    People don’t share any such bad experiences with Axis Direct Mobile App. The app works pretty well and provides real-time updates on investments.

    How much your investment has generated so far, and whether or not it is the right time to book a profit is updated by the app itself.

    Live market watch and news

    It’s interesting to see what’s happening on LIVE, but it’s even more interesting to see what is impacting the market prices most. That’s the combination that Axis Direct Mobile App serves traders.

    You can understand the live market with more transparency using some special tools and an interactive interface. Apart from that, market news is also a game-changing feature offered by the app.

    How to set up the Axis Direct Mobile app platform?

    To set up a trading account and start trading the Axis Direct Mobile app platform, the following configuration should be assured with you:

    • Once you open the Account with Axis Direct, you will receive a client id & Password.
    • If you are an Android user, please go to Google Play Store & if you are an Apple IOS user, please go to Apple App Store.
    • Search for Axis Direct Mobile App in the respective App Store
    • Download the App on your Mobile
    • Launch the app by double-tapping on the App icon
    • Then login with the client ID & Password
    • During 1st login, you will get a Password Reset prompt; please reset the Password
    • Please check the App usage guide or instructions or call your RM for a better understanding of the App

    This is the entire Axis Direct Mobile App Set-up Process.

    How To Own Axis Direct Mobile app platform?

    To start trading with the Axis Direct Mobile app platform, you 1st need to open a Demat account with Axis Direct. The Following process is required to own an Axis Direct Trading App:

    1st Step – Open either an Online Account or Offline Account with Axis Direct by clicking on the Open Demat Account Button Below

    2nd Step – Fill up your Name, Mobile No. & City 7 Submit the Information.

    3rd Step – You will get a call from Axis Direct, which will help you to Open a Demat Account

    4th Step – Post Account Opening, you will receive a Client Code & Password

    5th Step – Download the App & Sign-in with your credentials

    Axis Direct Mobile App Features

    Get Started with Axis Direct Account Opening Process by clicking on the “Open Demat Account” green button & you will also get some amazing offers if you sign-up right away.

    Advantages of Axis Direct Mobile App

    All the benefits can be availed of fully-fledged trading software in a very fast and light applet.

    • You can invest and trade across different segments with the help of this App, including currency, equity, derivatives, mutual funds and so on.
    • By using this App, you can add multiple market watch lists.
    • You can log in as a guest with minimal basic features without even opening an account with Axis Direct.
    • You will be provided with different tips, recommendations, and research reports by this mobile App to provide you with technical and fundamental analysis since Axis Direct is a full-service stockbroker.

    Disadvantages of AxisDirect Mobile App

    While on the one hand, it has certain advantages, it might have some disadvantages as well. They are as follows:

    • The news data feed delays sometimes.
    • By using Axis Direct mobile app, you cannot invest in commodity segments or IPOs.
    • On a timely basis, a few login-related concerns observe.
    • Windows and Blackberry platforms do not support the Axis Direct Mobile trading app.
    • This App has limited charting functionality with a very low usage for analysis.

    Conclusion of Axis Direct Mobile App

    Axis bank is known to be a very trustable brand in the financial industry of our country. The banking services have been around for a while, and they create a stockbroking space for themselves.

    For new users who find it difficult to trust the stockbrokers, Axis securities are the name to trust. They are known for providing proper research and trading platforms.

    The registered clients can also use Axis Direct Mobile App with AxisDirect. This App is slow in updating in real-time automatically and needs to refresh manually every time. Connectivity error is also shown by it many times.

    So, before choosing this platform for trading, one should go for a thorough analysis and the pros and cons of this platform and then decide whether to trade with it.

    Axis Direct App FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Axis Direct App:

    What is the Axis Direct mobile app called?

    The client of Axis Direct can choose to go for trading via a mobile App. You must download the App offered by the stockbroker known by the name Axis Direct Basic. It is not only available for android users but also for iOS users.

    Does Axis Direct provide an iOS App?

    Yes, an iOS app offer from the stockbroking house end to invest in their clients who have iOS-embedded smartphones easily. The stockbroker wishes to serve all their customers equally and provide an App for android and iOS users.

    Is Axis Direct App Free to use?

    Yes, the Axis Direct app is free to use. There are no hidden charges whatsoever relating to using the App or downloading the App. The App is not paid; it is rather free and can be downloaded with a click.

    How to download Axis Direct App?

    It would help if you referred to the app stores your phone contains. Then go to the search bar and type the name Axis Direct to locate the company’s mobile App. When you see it, click on the install button provided on the adjacent side of the app name.

    What features does Axis Direct App have?

    Collectively, there are a lot of perks you can avail of, and we have mentioned some of them here. It includes tracking market movement and portfolio, real-time quotes screening, customized watchlists, intraday charts, off-market order placement, limit and margin checks, etc.

    Can I trade in Shares via Axis Direct App?

    Yes, you can seamlessly invest in the company shares through this App. This is the best part about the mobile App, and investing in shares is the reason why major of users download and use the App. You can place your trade orders easily.

    Is Axis Direct Android App good?

    Yes, the App has a pretty good rating in the play store, indicating that the company has a lot to offer. The rating speaks of customer satisfaction, and the rating of 3 stars shows the investors are proportionately satisfied with the App.

    Does Axis Direct App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, this feature is embeds into the App and the broker provides it. So, in contrary to submitting your documents in branches, you can easily choose to scan them and upload their pictures, as directed in the EKYC process.

    Does Axis Direct App provide Tips?

    Yes, Axis Direct provides high support in terms of research and analysis. According to that, the investors can refer to the stockbroking company’s research reports and make effective investment plans as per their features.

    How to Buy Shares via Axis Direct App?

    The process by which you can buy shares is easy and simple. You need to refer to the order placement section and click on the buy option accordingly. So, you must now enter the script details, several shares details, price details, and any other information as asked, and click on buy.

    Which is the app for the Axis Demat account?

    Mobile users can download Axis Direct Mobile App to benefit from the application features that web trading platforms sometimes lack. You can open a Demat account and manage it on this app.

    What is Axis ring mobile?

    If you are an iPhone user who wants to access the benefits of the Axis Direct Mobile App, you can find the app by the name of Axis Direct RING available on the Apple app store.

    How can I activate my Axis Direct account?

    Users can activate their Axis Direct Account by giving the broker log-in details and submitting what else has been asked by the broker to comply with KYC.

    What is the AxisDirect account?

    Axis Direct Account grants users the freedom to choose the best asset from a myriad of investment options under one roof. The account lets you invest in equities, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs and other instruments, ensuring you could well diversify your portfolio.

    How do I sell stocks on AxisDirect App?

    If you have Axis Direct Mobile App downloaded on your smartphone, you can sell the stock with a single click. Simply go to the Order section, tap on the purchased asset and then click on the SELL button to sell out your assets on the go.

    Is Axis Demat good?

    Axis Demat offers a broad-ranging feature enabling a trader to do a good amount of market research before making an investment decision. You can execute a strategic investment through this account.

    How can I withdraw money from AxisDirect?

    Axis Direct lets its users withdraw money from their accounts in a few easy steps. Simply go to the payment section, enter the amount you want to withdraw and proceed.

    What are the brokerage charges of AxisDirect?

    Axis Direct brokerage charges can vary significantly. Simply put, the broker may charge 0.50% brokerage for equity delivery. But the same may vary for futures and intraday trading.

    How can I transfer shares in AxisDirect?

    Download the DP form from the CDSL Indi website, and fill in the information covering your personal details and shares id and the broker name to whom you want to transfer your shares. Now submit the form to your existing broker and wait for the approval.

    How do I get Banknifty on Axis Direct?

    Go to the asset section, or type BankNifty in the search box to get Bank nifty for trading on Axis Direct.

    What is the trigger price in Axis Direct?

    Trigger price in Axis Direct refers to a particular price at which you want your automated Demat account to sell/buy a position. The user decides the trigger price.

    What is the trading ring?

    Trading carry out on the floor of a stock exchange which refers to as a trading ring.

    How do I get Axis Direct ring IPO?

    Log in to Axis Direct Mobile App, go to Trading option>> select IPO>> and start investing.

    How can I place an Amo order in Axis Direct?

    Users can invest After Market Orders once the trading day ends; simply put, right after 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM, one can place an AMO order in Axis Direct.

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