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Here, you will find all details about SAS Online Demat Account.

Incorporated in 1995, South Asian Stocks Ltd. also known as SAS Online brings significant trading opportunities online. They launched the discount brokerage services in 2013.

Statistics speak the loudest. In August 2019, SAS had over 30,000 clients scattered across 750 locations in India. Handling an average of 1 lakh orders each day, it is a daily turnover of about Rs. 10,000 crores. That tally represents over 1% of the total Indian market.

In this article, you will find all details about SAS Online Trading Account, its Demat Account, Account Opening Process, Charges, AMC & more.

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SAS Online Demat Account

Among the several choices of companies that offer online trading facilities, if you decide to open a SAS Online Demat Account, a whole new world of investment opportunities will arise.

Research and technology have transformed the financial market, and the wise investment options, as advised by the company experts, are numerous.

The super SAS ALPHA trading platform originated in Omnesys NEST, which is among the most powerful and secure Indian trading platforms. The ALPHA platform includes ALPHA Trader, ALPHA Web, and ALPHA Mobile.

ALPHA Web is a website that enables active trading, supported by a web browser. Through socket technology, gain access to real-time market feeds. Even during high volatility, buy and sell continues quickly.

ALPHA Mobile is meant for trading over smartphones, supported by Android, Apple, and Windows systems. Real-time facilities allow you to study quotes and analyze charts. You can place trading orders and trade stocks or verify market positions.

Among further benefits:

  • Access to monthly unlimited trading plans with NSE, BSE, and MCX.
  • Trading websites, mobile app, and installed trading terminal are all free.
  • SAS has no minimum brokerage.
  • Customers can refer friends and receive 20% of the brokerage the friends pay.

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    How to Open an SAS Online Demat Account?

    Comparing the different trading platforms, if you have decided to Open SAS Online Demat Account, follow a few simple steps:

    1. Click on the button below that says “Open Demat Account”, a Pop-up Form will appear, Fill up this Form.
    2. When you receive a call from the SAS official, you will be guided about the KYC process.
    3. Some of the important documents required are AADHAAR Card, PAN Card, and Bank details of your account to open the account with SAS.
    4. First, fill-up the form for opening the Demat account. Filling an online application will be convenient with AADHAAR details. After entering the AADHAAR details, it will become easy to open the account.
    5. You also need to fill in the bank account details to confirm your financial information. Bank name, account number, and the IFSC code will be required. The information will be secure in the company database.
    6. Upload the scanned copies of the documents like PAN, AADHAAR, canceled cheque, and photographs. After uploading the documents, a SAS official will call you and guide you regarding the rest of the process.
    7. After the verification process is completed, the account will be opened. You will be given the login credentials. Log in with the company credentials and commence trading activities.

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    SAS Online Demat Account Charges

    SAS Online Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Free
    Demat AMC Rs.300 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Zero Margin
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    CDSL and NSDL are the depository participants. Regarding SAS Online Account Opening Charges, it is free. No fee payment is required to open the account.

    The SAS Online Demat Account Charges are nil, and no payment is to be made by the trader.

    SAS Online AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The SAS Online AMC is free for trading, and no payment is required. However, the Demat Annual Maintenance Charges require payment of Rs. 300 per annum. Each year, the Demat AMC of Rs. 300 has to be paid. There are no other charges to be paid.

    The minimum margin required is zero, and no minimum margin amount of money needs to be maintained. Dematerialization facility is available with SAS.

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    SAS Online Trading Account

    • If you have opened an SAS Online Trading Account, you get to enjoy all the ALPHA superior advantages as a light, powerful, and fast trading platform, among the most reliable and customer-friendly in India.
    • Market scanning tools, trading from charts, quick order routing, integrated trading, and customized charting, very fast trade executions are some of the advantages.
    • From a single window, you can trade in NSE, BSE, and MCX.
    • Advanced charting connects you to over 100 technical indicators and ten kinds of charts.
    • Use real market data, market scanners, and advisors to explore the best trading opportunities.

    SAS Online Demat Account Conclusion

    Excellent trading opportunities based on market research and supported by a dynamic network and high technology, the SAS Online Demat Account brings many rich features. Choose one of the three options for trading via mobile app, web version, or trading terminal.

    Experience a world of financial well-being in comparative safety from risk factors. You will receive real-time market data of individual contracts and market indices. Advanced orders are of different kinds, like cover orders, bracket orders, and after-market orders.

    You will be notified about order executions and receive price alerts. Infinite opportunities arise for the sincere and dedicated trader with SAS.

    SAS Online Demat Account FAQs

    Ques – How can I open SAS Online Demat Account?

    Answer – You must click on the “Open Demat Account” button for the first thing, which will then take you on the process of account opening. You will immediately see the pop and when you fill the same and submit it, you will then receive a call from the stock broking house regarding remaining process.

    Ques – Is SAS Online Demat Free?

    Answer – Yes, if the account opening charge is taken into concern, then the demat account is provided free of cos. But, if we speak of the account maintenance charge as well, you have to pay the charge of Rs.300 per Annum, i.e. once every month.

    Ques – What is SAS Online Demat Charges?

    Answer – There is generally an account opening charge associated with the account, which is waived off. On the other note, there is another charge of AMC, i.e. account maintenance charge and it has been fixed at Rs.300 per Annum by this stock broking firm.

    Ques – Is AMC levied on SAS Online Demat?

    Answer – Yes, through the account opening charge has been waived off by the stock broking house, the account maintenance charge is not. The sum of Rs.300 per Annum has to be provided by the demat account holder for the said purpose of AMC.

    Ques – Is SAS Online’s Demat Account best?

    Answer – Investors in search of the discount brokers will find SAS Online demat account a great options as they provide all the financial solutions via their cheap demat account. Also, the brokerage charge in relation with the multiple segments is cheap as well.

    Ques – Does SAS Online provide Demat a/c?

    Answer – Yes, this stock broking house has the service of demat account extended to all the investors. One can avail for the demat account for free of cost, as they do not levy an account opening charge. The investors are only obligated to pay the AMC.

    Ques – What Documents required for SAS Online’s Demat?

    Answer – So, while going through the account opening process, you need to provide certain documents which are the proof of identity and also financial status. The documents as deemed necessary are Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photograph and cancelled cheque.

    Ques – Is Aadhaar Compulsory to Open SAS Online Demat?

    Answer – Yes, this document is very important where it lets you prove your identity, which is must on order to get a demat account. On the other hand, you also require the document to sign the demat account KYC form digitally, in order to successfully go through the verification process.

    Ques – Is PAN required for Opening SAS Online Account?

    Answer – Yes, PAN card is another major requirement which is needed for the purpose of joining the 3 different accounts, namely demat account, trading account and your savings bank account. The PAN card is required to link all the thereby mentioned accounts.

    Ques Do they Charge Demat Account opening Fee?

    Answer – No, which is a great news for the demat account aspirants who generally wish to begin their journey at lower investment amount. The account opening charge is Free and one can own the account without having to pay anything.

    Open SAS Online Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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