Paytm Trading / Online Trading – Review, Process, Benefits, Charges & more

We have drafted to help you understand a specific part of Paytm Money, i.e. the Paytm Trading Services. So, we’ll elaborate the charges into two different parts. The first one is the brokerage and the second are certain taxes they levy.

Moreover, we’ll review all of Paytm Online Trading facilities. At last we’ll help you grasp the steps in which you may commence trade with the help of their services.

Paytm introduced new technological advancements in financial transactions. Anyway, Paytm money represents the forefront of financial advisory and brokerage for the company. It was brought into light in the year 2017.

That makes it merely a year old. However, with a strong financial background and a superior technological team, it’s already doing great. There are enormous things that can be said about the firm.

Paytm Money Offers

Paytm Trading and Benefits

Paytm Trading services are just as good as the company itself. They come integrated with loads of unique benefits. We’ve tried to enlist the best ones out of them. So, just have a look at the list below:

  • Paytm Money acts as authorized DP of both CDSL and NSDL. This means that the traders and investors get a wide variety of inter-bank transaction options. This even means ease of financial transaction for the traders. To further ease the transactions, Paytm Money works in collaboration with 190+ banks.
  • Paytm Money does not discriminate in its clients. The biggest proof of it is the uniform brokerage they levy for all services.
  • They even provide free trading account and huge discount on brokerage. This helps their clients to save a lot on their investment capital.

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Paytm Money Trading Charges

Paytm Money Charges
Transaction Charges0.0031% of Total Turnover
STT Charges0.0121% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp Duty ChargesDepends on State (very minimal)
GST Charges18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

Paytm Trading charges are a mixture of two independent charges. We’re referring to brokerage and certain other taxes.

However, the company follows in the industry trend. They impose these charges cumulatively upon the end of each transaction. Anyway, here’s a list of all the taxes Paytm Money levies on the clients:

  • To begin with, we have an imposition of 0.0031% of Transaction Charge. This is imposed on the total turnover.
  • Second in line is the tax called STT or Securities Transaction Tax. This is imposed at a rate of 0.0121% on total turnover.
  • Next comes the tax in terms of SEBI Turnover Charge. This is imposed at a rate of 0.0002% over total turnover.
  • The clients must even pay GST for each trade they commence. Paytm Money levies GST at 18% rate over the sum of brokerage and total transaction value.
  • And, at last comes the Stamp Duty. Now, this is a really complex charge to be imposed by any company. It is a variable tax. And, the amount at which it’s charged depends on the state of occurring business.

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Paytm Money Delivery Trading

Paytm Money Delivery Charges
Equity DeliveryFree

Paytm Money Delivery Trading resembles to the most familiar form of trading in India. It concerns with trading across proper stock shares of companies. Mostly these shares are in the form of equities. So, the traders and investors basically buy these shares, hold them for some time and then sell them off.

The entire process is carried out with the help of a Demat and a Trading Account. In fact, a lot of research and analysis is also carried out for this process. This sort of research and analysis helps in determining the share values across various exchanges and indices.

As a trader, you may avail all services related to Paytm Money trading with ease. In fact, you need not to pay the company a commission.

Paytm Money Intraday Trading

Paytm Money Intraday Charges
Equity IntradayRs.10 per Trade

Intraday trading popularly goes by the name of Day Trading. It is the second most favored service in Paytm Money. This service deals in many similar forms as that of Delivery Trading. The traded instruments are all the same, i.e. the company equities.

They require the same amount of research. However, one certain difference distinguishes Delivery and Intraday Trading. This difference is caused by a time constraint. This means that all traders commencing Intraday Trading must sell off the shares they buy and hold within one day.

That gives them only a couple of hours to make all research. In fact, the decisions are based on minute details that can be analysed through rather targeted research, which makes the whole process complex.

That’s exactly where Paytm Money Intraday Trading services come into action. These services help the traders make informed decision with readily available proactive research reports. These services cost merely Rs.10 per trade.

Paytm Money Option Trading

Paytm Money Option Charges
Equity OptionsRs.20 per Trade

Paytm Money options Trading is available at merely Rs.20 per trade. These services deal in trading through certain legal contracts. These contracts may be used for buying or selling shares at predetermined prices.

Paytm Money Futures Trading

Paytm Money Futures Charges
Equity FuturesRs.20 per Trade

Paytm Money Futures Trading is a lot similar to the Options Trading services. These services enable the traders to deal in forward legal contracts. The contracts can be traded for a predetermined unit price.

Even the date of trade is predetermined in these trades. Anyway, Paytm Money Futures Trading services are available at Rs.20 per trade.

Paytm Money Currency Trading

Paytm Money Currency Charges
Currency OptionRs.20 per Trade
Currency FuturesRs.20 per Trade

Paytm Money Currency Trading is deemed as one of the best in India in this field. It allows the traders and investors to explore the Forex trade world. It enables trade across various currencies of the world.

However, each of these must be globally acknowledged for trade purposes. The currencies may be bought, held, sold and even exchanged in this type of trade. All of Paytm Money Currency Trading Services are available at Rs.20 per trade.

Paytm Money Commodity Trading

Paytm Money Commodity Charges
Commodity TradingRs.20 per Trade

Paytm Money Commodity Trading refers to a specific type of trade. It occurs when traders deal in a certain type of metals or agricultural goods. Even these services are available at Rs.20 per trade.

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Paytm Online Trading Process

This part will talk about Paytm Online Trading process. We acknowledge that the entire trading process may seem a bit troublesome to the new traders. However, there’s nothing to worry about in case you’re one of them.

That’s because we’ve created a step wise format to initiate the process. All you need to do is just read and then follow the steps in a chronological format:

  1. At the very beginning, you must just do one simple thing. We want you to click on the button with ‘Open Demat Account’ inscription on it. You may find this button easily at the end of this section. This is the very first step in this entire process.
  2. The second process begins when a new page loads into your computer screen. This page even consists of a particular form. You must fill this form up providing all the relevant details. You must provide proper validation for all the information. For this part you need to upload a handful of documents.
  3. The next step in this step is to wait for a call from the company itself. This step will get you to the access codes to your new Demat Account. You may use them to login for the first time. However, it is always recommended that you change the password for safety issues.
  4. The last step is to make your first trade. For this you need to get into the ‘Buy / Sell’ segment of the profile. You may either create some watchlists for better info on your favored stocks, or you may directly make the trade.

Paytm Online Trading Platforms

Paytm Online Trading Platforms is virtually the reasons for their thriving business. These platforms are developed with amazing technologies. Just take a look at them for yourself:

  • Paytm Money Trader: This is a desktop or terminal based platform. It comes loaded with many features. For starters, it allows a sneak peek into the best 5 bids for any particular scrip. It even showcases live market data and streaming quotes for full monitoring of the market. It comes with a 2-step verification status. This lets you trade using this platform with complete safety.
  • Paytm Money Mobile App: As the name suggests, this is a mobile based trading platform. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It allows trades across equity, derivatives, commodity and currency related domains. This app even allows the creation of several watchlists. We’re talking about 5 watchlists with 20 different scrips each. This basically enables you to monitor all of your favorite stocks with ease. Moreover, it even comes loaded with several Mutual Funds Investment features. It even provides up to 1% higher returns with the help of Mutual Funds Schemes Direct Plans.

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Paytm Money Trading – Conclusion

Paytm Money trading services are gaining popularity in the nation. There’s more than one reason for that. They have some of the best in-house developed Paytm Money Online trading platforms to offer.

They have established a uniform brokerage system. Paytm Money even allows investments across several exchanges, indices and instruments with just one of their trading platforms. There isn’t typically anything else a trader or an investor can ask for.

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