My Value Trade is a highly commendable full service broker. The company hails from New Delhi and was incorporated in the year 1985. Its mere existence is solely a result of determined efforts of Deepak Agarwal who built a great My Value Trade Intraday Trading structure.

Value Trade

The founder led the company into an age of supremacy with his ideals. The company has successfully completed 34 years in serving the customers across India. And, it has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

It has even established 280 branches across the nation. And, this makes it one of best physically connected service brokers in our country. The specific service they grant, i.e. the My Value Trade Intraday is all this article is about.

My Value Trade Intraday Trading & Benefits

My Value Trade Intraday trading offers many benefits to its clients. And, we’re not merely referring in terms of monetary spikes. In fact, the company has a lot more to offer. And, here’s the list that’ll tell you about them all in detail:

  • The company is well connected to all its customers. In fact, with over 380 branches located in all the major cities of the country, they tend to take offline advisory to the next level.
  • The online advisory services are great as well, as they provide their customers with all kind of My Value Trade Intraday tips.
  • Unlike most of their competitors, they don’t force their clients to have a high Margin Balance. In fact, they only require a balance of Rs.1,000 in terms of Margin Money. This basically encourages their clients to use the trade related services granted by the company.
  • The company offers free trading accounts to the clients. This enables even the newcomers to join the company and initiate their Intraday Trading journey without the fear of losing out unnecessary money. They even do not seek any sort of AMC for the Trading Accounts. This means, that their clients can use all the services linked with My Trade Value Trading Accounts for free throughout their life.
  • They have garnered to over a million clients in all these years. And, this has led them to develop a great understanding of the clients’ needs. Thus, they use this experience to serve even better.
  • They have DP registrations with both NSDL and CDSL. This enables the transaction of relevant funds easier for their clients.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in My Value Trade?

    A lot more stakes are involved in Intraday Trading than in regular trades. However, even the perks associated with these kinds of trades are a lot higher. And, this compels the brokerage houses to grant drool worth offers to the clients.

    Anyway, now that you already know about these offers, it’s time to move forward. We’re referring to the part where you commence Intraday Trading in My Value Trade. And, that’s why we’ve designed this section to help you out.

    So, just follow and implement each of the steps mentioned below:

    1. For the first step, you must get yourself a Trading Account. And, mind us; we’re only referring to My Trade Value Trading Accounts. It is very much possible that you still do not own such an account yet. However, you must not regret it for we have a solution. You can refer to some of our other articles to get the info on how to register for one of My Trade Value Trading Accounts.
    2. For the ones who lack a Trading Account, follow step one. However, for the ones with a Trading Account, it’s time to move ahead. You need to log into your account. And, this can be done through any of the company provided trading platforms. Nonetheless, there are certain things you must take care of. We’re referring to the security of your account. You can always change the default password after your first login for starters.
    3. Anyway, the third step is to finalize the shares you want to trade in. For this, you must create a watchlist. And, you can use this watchlist to segregate your favorite shares for the day. You must keep an eye for any sort of fluctuations in their unit price before deciding to trade in or out.
    4. The fourth and the final step is to trade the shares. For this, go to the ‘Buy / Sell’ segment within your Trading Account. Select the shares to trade in and press the ‘Buy / Sell’ button. However, you must always ensure that you have the option ‘Intraday / Day Trading ‘ checked before trading.

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    My Value Trade Intraday Charges

    My Value Trade Intraday brokerage does not merely represent the company’s commission. In fact, it is charged cumulative of a lot of other taxes. And, My Trade Value Intraday charges can be further divided into:

    • 01% – 0.02% worth brokerage value. This is charged on the total turnover.
    • 00290% worth transaction charge. This is charged on the total turnover as well.
    • 00126% worth of STT. It’s even known as Securities Transaction Tax. And, it’s charged over the cumulative transaction value.
    • 0002% worth of SEBI Turnover Fee. It’s again charged on the cumulative turnover.
    • 18% worth of GST over the sum of brokerage as well as transaction charge.
    • And, a minute amount in terms of Stamp Duty. This is charged as per the state boundaries and regulations. In short, it depends on the state where the trade takes place.
    My Value Trade Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.01% – 0.02%
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorMy Value Trade Brokerage Calculator

    Let’s try to simply the entire process even further. And, for this we need to consider a hypothetical situation. So, you want to trade in the shares of a particular company. The trade takes place from West Bengal. And, the company you choose to trade in is valued at Rs.50 per share during purchase.

    So, you basically make an investment worth Rs.1,00,000. This means that you buy a total of 2,000 shares of the company. Now, after waiting patiently for some time, you realize a hike in unit share price.

    So, you get Rs.1,30,000 post selling the shares. This means that you get Rs.65 per share as your selling price. However, there are certain taxes and brokerage to pay off. So, you gain Rs.29,930.00 after paying off Rs.70.001 as your brokerage.

    My Value Trade Intraday Margin

    My Trade Value Intraday margin is provided to all the clients. It enables them to fetch more shares with the help of a loan amount from the company. This loaned amount is to be paid back with proper interest and within a certain period.

    My Value Trade Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5X
    Intraday Margin CalculatorMy Value Trade Margin Calculator

    Anyway, you basically get 5x trade margin with My Trade Value Intraday limit. In short, if your account balance is Rs.100, then you can fetch additional shares worth Rs.500 with this facility.

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    My Value Trade Trading – Types

    My Trade Value Trading provides two types of trading facilities. We’re referring to My Trade Value Online Trading and Offline Trading facilities.

    The company is well established in terms of physical branches. And, it even provides trading platforms across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android based devices.

    My Value Trade Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    We’ve already mentioned everything there is about My Value Trade Intraday Trading. They are one of the best brokerage houses in the nation. My Value Trade provides a choice of brokerage plans to the clients.

    They grant commendable offline advisory. And, they even have a strong online advisory set up. So, what are you looking up to?

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