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Swastika Investments is an India based company with super enhanced Swastika Investmart intraday trading. They give complete financial services. They have hands-on financial services like stock, currency, commodity trading, depository services, portfolio management, and investment advisory.

Swastika Investmart Offers

The company has grown consistently and is considered as one of the premier broking houses. They support investors, clients, associates, and employees.

Through the Swastika Investmart Intraday service, they give personalized service and are committed to high standards of corporate governance. Being a corporate member of all premier commodity and stock exchanges, they also have transparency, accountability, and integrity in all the financial activities.

Swastika Investmart Intraday Trading & Benefits

Day trading is really a challenge as it posses huge risk. But, with huge risk comes huge benefits. Swastika Investmart intraday trading comes with ample of benefits, in fact added benefits as company to normal trading, to boost up the volume of day traders.

Get associated with the benefits and try your hand at intraday trading.

  • Platforms provided by the company for online trading is fast-paced and volatile. You will find a platform for every other device you use to trade, easily.
  • Margin benefits provided with the intraday trading really boosts up your chances of earning huge returns. As, trades can be done even without sufficient balance in account.
  • Swastika Investmart intraday tips are most probably on point, which help the user understand the way intraday trading is to be done, and the shares which are likely to beat the greatest of returns.
  • Getting an account to commence intraday seems so seamless, and it can be entirely done online.
  • Charges demanded by the brokerage house are competitive, in a way you will enjoy mostof the profit you earned.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Swastika Investmart?

    For trading, a Demat account is required. This account can be opened online or getting into one of the branch offices. Intraday trading in Swastika Investmart is as seamless as it can get. Follow up with the step on step process and keep up with us to enjoy day trading.

    1. The heads up for intraday trading is a trading and demat account. You will more likely get a 2 in 1 account with this house easily. Click on the green button at the bottom of the screen which reads “Open Demat Account”.
    2. When you fill up the form which pops out and submit it, you will immediately get in touch with a representative of the company. He/she shall be responsible for the further follow up and guidance. If you still need our support, we suggest you look out for other articles we featured, which comprise of the detailed steps.
    3. If you are cool with the process and got it done, you will have access to your account’s credentials in no time and it would be time to get, set, intraday trading.
    4. Open the account, and change the company’s provided password with your own, as prompted, and keep it confidential.
    5. When you have access to all the shares, we suggest you create a watchlist of the share you particularly wish to trade in. this way you will be able to study the price fluctuations even time you open the medium.
    6. Time to place the order of the day. Select the buy/sell options from the dashboard, and select the share you wish to trade in. While placing the order, select the option intraday trading. That’s all you need to do.

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    Swastika Investmart Intraday Charges

    Typically the intraday trading charges are lesser than the standard trading charge. The brokerage in Swastika Investmart intraday charges is about 0.10%. Their investment is quite popular, and they give the opportunity for clients to trade online in all market segments.

    Swastika Investmart Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.10%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Swastika Investmart Brokerage Calculator

    It is better to take a review of all the charges before starting to trade. Every charge changes for intraday trading. For example, if you are selling from Karnataka:

    If the buy price is Rs.150, the number of shares purchased is 300. The selling price is Rs.200 then the remaining Swastika Investmart intraday brokerage is as below:

    • Total Turnover: Rs.105000.00
    • Brokerage: Rs.21,000
    • STT: Rs.13,230
    • SEBI turnover fees: Rs.0.210
    • Stamp Duty:Rs.3,150
    • Transaction Charges: Rs.3,413
    • GST:Rs.4,394
    • Total Brokerage And Tax: Rs.45,397
    • Total Profit Or Loss: Rs.14954.603

    Swastika Investmart Intraday Margin

    Intraday trading is the most rewarding and also simple. The traders have to be quick and fast as the trade will finish within minutes. They can buy and sell as many shares as possible with the Swastika Investmart intraday margin, which is 5 times the amount of account.

    Swastika Investmart Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Swastika Investmart Margin Calculator

    For a clearer view of the Swastika Investmart intraday limits benefits, take up this example for instance. If the available margin is Rs.1000 and the share price is 100, then the number of purchases would be 10. As they offer 5x leverage, the values are as following:

    • Exposure Margin is Rs.5000
    • Shares purchasing power would go up to 50

    The extra money taken up by the traders is to be returned to the company as per the norms and along with an agreed interest.

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    Swastika Investmart Trading – Types

    Trading with a reputed firm has its own set of perks and here are the multiple types of Swastika Broking trading you may try, as you please. Choose the one medium you feel comfortable the most.

    The types are – Swastika Investmart online trading, offline trading and on cal trade. The online methods are obviously the trading terminals Swastika Investmart offers. The other two are, by going to a branch of the company or by staying in contact with a representative via phone.

    Swastika Investmart Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Swastika Investmart intraday trading helps the clients to get immediate returns. Their company gives a string of services at competitive rates. Apart from trading, the company provides training to the clients interested in selling.

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    Open Swastika Investmart Trading Account Now! – Fill up the Form

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