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In this content, we will discuss all the essential factors of Integrated Enterprises Intraday Trading in detail.

Integrated Enterprises Private Limited, popularly known as Integrated Securities, is counted one amongst the biggest broker houses of the country. It has got an extensive list of financial services that are designed, keeping the convenience of the clients in mind.

The broker house was established in 2005 and is jointly headed by the five directors Balasubramanian Swaminathan, Vaidyanath Sriram, Krishnan Venkatraman, Narasimman Ramesh, and Asha Ramaswamy. Together they have helped the company reach stronger roots in a comparatively less time span.

Integrated Enterprises offers unparalleled service to all of its clients and makes sure that they make the highest amount of profit. This article will, however, focus on more important things than just bringing forth their merits.

Here, we shall discuss the charges involved in trading of Integrated Enterprises Intraday and the types of trading offered by the broker house. We shall also help readers understand the methods of initiating intraday trading with the company.

Integrated Enterprises OffersIntegrated Enterprises Offers

Integrated Enterprises Intraday Trading & Benefits

There is quite a huge difference between regular trading and intraday trading, and it is surely understandable to the clients. But there are added benefits of intraday trading that are offered by various broker houses, and we shall reflect on them in this section.

Integrated Enterprises has also got some fantastic benefits meant for the clients. We shall provide comprehensive knowledge of those benefits below. Take a look at them for understanding them better.

  • The broker house does not charge any fee for opening an account. It is a very beneficial feature for the traders as they get an account created for free of charge and that too without any mandate to follow.
  • Integrated Enterprises Intraday Trading can be easily carried out through some of the most advanced trading platforms. These trading platforms are easy to access and designed with effortless features.
  • The broker house carries out the transactions maintaining the utmost amount of transparency.
  • Clients are specially provided with Integrated Enterprises Intraday Tips that will be proved very profitable while trading.
  • They offer flexible brokerage plans that help traders to choose from as per their convenience.
  • The broker house offers discounts on brokerage fees which is quite rare in the financial trading circuit.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Integrated Enterprises?

    Intraday Trading is not at all an easy game, and it is said that only experts should try it out. A right amount of knowledge on the stock market is needed for carrying out intraday trading successfully, and this is why many traders do not dare to try it.

    Intraday Trading in Integrated Enterprises is not a very difficult task. A trader needs to follow some easy steps for initiating it with this broker house, and we shall discuss the steps below.

    Steps for Integrated Enterprises Intraday Trading Process

    1. At first, you need to open a trading account with Integrated Enterprises. For this, you will have to fill up the account opening form provided below on this page and submit it. The executives will take care of the rest of the procedure.
    2. Once your account is created, you will be sent your account ID and password, and you shall keep them safe with yourself.
    3. Then you will have to use your user ID and password for logging into your trading account. The broker house will provide the user ID and the password to your account, but you should change the password for added security of your account.
    4. The next step is to choose from the long list of shares, the ones you want to trade-in. For this, you can look up to the advisory tips offered by Integrated Enterprises. You will get the perfect advice that will help you in selecting profitable shares. If you want to get detailed knowledge of the live market, then refer to the trading platforms maintained by the broker house
    5. You can prepare a watch list for yourself and track the current situation of many shares. This list will feature all those shares that you want to know about.

    Then finally, you will have to trade in the shares that you have chosen previously. For this, you will have to enter the Buy or Sell section of the interface visible in the trading platforms of the broker house. There you will have to select the ‘Intraday Trading’ option to start trading in intraday.

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    Integrated Enterprises Intraday Charges

    Integrated Enterprises Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.10%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Integrated Enterprises Brokerage Calculator

    Integrated Enterprises Intraday Charges do not vary with time, unlike many other broker houses. The brokerage charge is also fixed, and it is 0.10% for all the transactions.

    A client can trade any amount of money, but the brokerage will never change. Different charges that are fixed for transactions are mentioned below:

    • Transaction Charge that is charged on the total value of the transaction.
    • Integrated Enterprises Intraday Brokerage that is charged on the total transaction value.
    • STT or Securities Transaction Tax as decided by the government.
    • Stamp Duty that is charged according to the state the transaction is taking place.
    • SEBI Turnover Charges as levied by SEBI.
    • GST on the total Transaction Charge.

    Here is an example of the full illustration: If you buy 1000 shares at a price of Rs.1 per share, then your total holding will be Rs.1000.

    Now after some time, the price of each share increases to Rs.2, and if you sell all the shares, then you will earn Rs.2000. Therefore your total turnover will be of Rs.3000, and you will earn a profit of Rs.1000.

    Now, if the transaction takes place in Andhra Pradesh, then the list of charges that you will have to pay based on your total turnover of Rs.3000 is:

    • Brokerage: Rs.0.60
    • STT: Rs.0.378
    • SEBI Turnover Charge: Rs.0.006
    • Transaction Charge: Rs.0.101
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.15
    • GST: Rs.0.126

    It adds up to Rs.1.361, which you will have to pay as your total brokerage and taxes charge. Your total profit will be Rs.998.639.

    Integrated Enterprises Intraday Margin

    Integrated Enterprises Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Integrated Enterprises Margin Calculator

    The Integrated Enterprises Intraday Margin is a very useful and has been introduced by the broker house quite long. It helps the traders to a great extent, and this is a critical reason for them to prefer this broker house.

    Margin will help you in buying shares that go beyond the range of your account’s present holdings. The Integrated Enterprises Intraday Limits can range up to 5 times, and this is high.

    For example, if your account’s current holding is Rs.10,000, then the company will give you a leverage of buying shares up to Rs.50,000. The broker house will pay off the remaining Rs.90,000 that you will have to pay back with the interests charged by the company.

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    Integrated Enterprises Trading – Types

    Integrated Enterprises Trading is done in three ways; they are online trading, offline trading, and on-call trading. The company maintains brilliant trading platforms that offer seamless Integrated Enterprises Online Trading.

    You can visit any of their branches for offline trading facilities, and the executives are always available to help you trade over the phone.

    Integrated Enterprises Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    We believe that Integrated Enterprises Intraday Trading is one of the best in the market.

    Thorough research went into the services of this broker house, and it has most importantly helped us draw the above conclusion. You will get all the useful advice and facilities from them while trading shares in intraday basis.

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