Trade Smart Online Intraday Trading – Benefits, Process, Charges, Margin & more

The below article will provide you all the information you need to know about Trade Smart Online Intraday Trading.

Trade Smart Online is a Mumbai based Stock Broking Company which has been in existence for over 20 years now. It is a discount broker offering great trading solutions to its customers and that is why it has been able to top the charts since so many years.

Trade Smart Online

The company is known for its diversified product range from Equity to Currency, Derivatives to Commodity, Future to Intraday options all in the same platter. They also have collaborated with all the major stock exchanges of India to ensure all products are offered to the customers under one single umbrella.

In this article, we shall be talking at length about the Trade Smart Online Intraday trading facility and what all benefits do they provide to customers under this segment. We will further elaborate on the various features provided with the intraday facility, how you can start off with them, what are the charges etc.

Trade Smart Online Intraday Trading & Benefits

If you are planning to start off in the Trade Smart Online Intraday Trading space, you surely need to know what benefits of choosing them over others are. Below are some of the benefits this company provides you which are exclusive to their customers:

  • Seasoned Player: This is one of the major advantages that Trade Smart Online carries; being a seasoned player in the industry, they know the nuances of handling the broking business and offer the best services to their customers.
  • Lowest Brokerage: For Trade Smart Online Intraday trade, they have a fixed charge i.e. Rs. 15 per trade irrespective of the transaction value. This is by far the lowest in the industry
  • Lowest Transaction charge: They are also one of the broking houses that offer the lowest transaction charge on your trade value. This again is a relief to your pockets
  • No account opening charge: You can open up a Trade Smart Online Account without any account opening charge.
  • High Exposure: For Intraday trades, they offer up to 30 times the leverage on the deposited Margin money. This is also a fundamental factor for traders, especially those dealing in Intraday trades.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Trade Smart Online is known for its exemplary customer service team that provides assistance to customers 24*7, including Trade Smart Online Intraday Tips.
  • Robust Trading Platforms: Trade Smart Online is a technology driven organisation and hence, they have deployed some trading platforms which are extremely user friendly and adaptable in nature

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Trade Smart Online?

    Intraday Trading is a bit more complex as compared to normal equity trading as it involves high risk and needs good subject matter expertise as well. Hence, a lot of new traders don’t explore into this space in the beginning of their trading journey.

    However Intraday Trading in Trade Smart Online is much more simplified and easy to understand. Their trade experts are deployed for your assistance throughout who guide you and help you in your journey.

    They have a very strong research team as well which constantly brings to you market insights and stock tips on which stocks to invest and when. Hence, even if you are a starter, it becomes very easy for you to trade with them with complete security on your assets.

    We have listed down the entire process which will let you open your Trade Smart Online Trading Account:

    1. Click on green button at the bottom of the page, which features “Open Demat Account”.
    2. Fill up all details that are required on the registration form. Cross check once again after you have entered all details and click on Submit.
    3. The system will prompt you to upload your KYC documents. These are mandate documents required by all financial and government organisations.
    4. On successful completion of the verification process, your Trade Smart Online Trading account will be activated and you will be provided your user id and password via email.
    5. When you receive the user id and password, you need to first login using that password and immediately change it to anything else that you desire.
    6. Now select the stocks that you want to deal in and go ahead with your trade.
    7. Select the Stock that you would want to trade “Buy / Sell”. You need to choose the Intraday trading option while you check out.

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    Trade Smart Online Intraday Charges

    The Trade Smart Online Intraday Trading Brokerage is known to be the lowest in the industry. They charge only Rs.15 per trade as the brokerage which is irrespective of the trade amount.

    Apart from the brokerage charges, there are other charges that the customer has to bare. These charges are mainly levied by the government or state authorities and the company has no say in these charges. Let’s have a look at the Trade Smart Online Intraday charges:

    • A Transaction charge is charged to all customers
    • Securities Transaction Tax, which is also known as STT is also charged
    • A Stamp Duty is levied upon all customers’ basis on the state they are trading in
    • SEBI also charges an additional SEBI Turnover charge
    • GST is charged over and above all this on the Transaction tax.

    Hence, there are a few other charges also which the customer has to pay over and above the brokerage charge. However these charges don’t add up to a large sum of money as they are all in a very minor proportion.

    Trade Smart Online Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage ChargeRs.15 per Trade
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorTrade Smart Online Brokerage Calculator

    Let us look at an example and illustrate:

    Let’s suppose you buy 200 shares worth Rs.3 and the trade took place in Delhi. Then you sold those 200 shares for Rs.6 each. The total turnover of this trade would be Rs.1800. Charges of which can be broken down as following:

    • Brokerage: Rs.30
    • Securities Transaction Tax – Rs.0.227
    • SEBI Turnover Fees: Rs.0.004
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.036
    • Transaction charges: Rs.0.063
    • GST: Rs.5.411
    • Total Brokerage charges: 35.741
    • Total Profit: Rs.564.249

    Trade Smart Online Intraday Margin

    Since, Trade Smart Online has been in the broking business since so long, they realize the importance of the Intraday Margins. That’s why they have kept their exposure or leverage, i.e. Trade Smart Online Intraday margin up to 30 times that of the Margin money deposited.

    Trade Smart Online Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 30X
    Intraday Margin CalculatorTrade Smart Online Margin Calculator

    Intraday Margin or Exposure limit is a cushion that the broker provides to the customer whenever he needs to trade and is falling short of cash. With respect to the Trade Smart Online Intraday Limit, the 30X exposure is something that most companies don’t offer.

    This is by far the highest margin exposure that one can get. In simple words, it means that if your Margin money deposited with them is Rs.10,000; then you can get an exposure of up to Rs.300,000 from the company at any given point.

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    Trade Smart Online Trading – Types

    As mentioned earlier, Trade Smart Online has deployed some intelligent and high efficiency Trading tools for their customers to have a smooth trading experience.

    Trade Smart Online Trading Platforms are available in three forms – Desktop software for Desktop users, Mobile app (named SINE) for mobile users and Browser based app (name SINE WEB) for web users.

    This enables all their customers to perform Trade Smart Online Trading as per their choice of comfort and convenience.

    Trade Smart Online Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Trade Smart Online Intraday Trading is a very popular name amongst traders who do intraday trading. The benefits this company offers and the savings that one can do with them is immense and that why their customer base is also increasing day-by-day.

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