Eureka Securities intraday trading gives their clients tailor-made financial solutions, according to their needs. Eureka Securities Intraday trading services and other simplified investment solutions always attracts people for various investments. This is a private company was started by Ramesh Kumar Somani in 1992.It offers full-time service as a broker to its clients.

It is in Kolkata, West Bengal. Their rich clientele include banks, retail investors, financial institutions, NRI`s and HNIs. A wide range of products is available for the clients to invest according to their needs.

Eureka Securities Offers

This is one of the leading stockbroker companies giving comprehensive products and services to its clients. They are working from many years to help the clients achieve their financial goals.

Eureka Securities Intraday Trading & Benefits

Eureka Securities Intraday Trading helps their clients with flexible solutions, to give them more opportunities in getting success.

  • Their main priority is giving services for the clients. They give unique plans or services suiting the needs and requirements for the individual client.
  • Customized online trading platforms are one of the services offered by them. The needs of the client are the main priority of the company.
  • This company deals with trading like derivatives, currencies, equities, investments in mutual funds and IPO`s.
  • Eureka Securities intraday tips are wealth creation strategies for the investors in multiple segments such as trade, innovative products, personalized services, and investment strategies.
  • Margin benefits are an add on to the day traders, where they can go out of their general purchasing power and earn huge returns.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Eureka Securities?

    Intraday trading is to buy and sell the stock on the same day, which is often considered to be risky, and perceived to drive a trader to lose more. Before you finally draw the conclusion of Intraday trading in Eureka Securities with loss, refer to the seamless process, which only appears to be complex.

    1. Necessary is a trading and demat account, without which no trade can take place. Fair enough if you own one, and if not, we have the hack as well. Click on the green button you find at the end of the page, which reads “Open Demat Account”.
    2. Fill over the quick pop up form, and you will be able to directly get in contact with the company’s executive, who would guide you through the process. If you have issues, refer to other articles of our site which have process, in steps.
    3. This step begins when you have a ready made trading account. Enter in your log in credentials in the platform you are accessing. For the first time loggers, you need to change the password with your own entries, as per the company’s norms.
    4. When you gain access to your account, go through the share you want to trade in, and move them to the watchlist for quicker and immediate access.
    5. Time to trade with the shares you have in your account. choose the share you wish to buy or sell and click the option buy/sell. Before you finally make the order, you must hit up the “intraday trading” or “day trade” option in the dashboard.

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    Eureka Securities Intraday Charges

    Eureka Securities intraday charges are less compared to the normal trading. Making profit in intraday trading needs a lot of knowledge, strict discipline, deep knowledge and research about normal trading. Eureka Securities charges 0.03% brokerage for intraday trading, alongside some other charges.

    Eureka Securities Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.03%
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorEureka Securities Brokerage Calculator

    If the buy price is Rs.24 and the selling price is Rs.34. Here is the Eureka Securities Intraday Brokerage:

    • Total Turnover: Rs.2900.00
    • Brokerage: Rs.1.160
    • STT: Rs.0.365
    • SEBI turnover fees: Rs.0.006
    • Stamp Duty: Rs. 0.087
    • Transaction Charges: Rs.0.094
    • GST: Rs.0.226
    • Total Brokerage And Tax: Rs.1.938
    • Total Profit Or Loss: Rs.498.062

    The customers interested in day trading would find it very exciting. Every minute is important here as there may be changes lasting for a few seconds or minutes. The decision has to be made quickly to buy or sell.

    Eureka Securities Intraday Margin

    Eureka Securities Intraday Margin funding is 5x. The margin calculator is online helping clients to calculate the brokerage of intraday, delivery, currency, and commodity. Here margin funding is calculated easily and an extra amount of shares that can be bought with the extra funding is also calculated.

    Eureka Securities Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5x
    Intraday Margin CalculatorEureka Securities Margin Calculator

    If the available margin is Rs.1000 and the share price is Rs.100 then ten shares can be purchased. By the 6X leverage given by the broker, the margin takes a peak of Rs.5000 and the number of shares purchased can go up to 50.

    Eureka Securities intraday limits are given will the motive to help the client purchase more shares. Intraday is the most challenging where the trader has to be very attentive every minute to get good profits. It is advisable to trade in small amounts.

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    Eureka Securities Trading – Types

    Most common type used for Eureka Securities Trading is the online medium, however, the company also offers offline and on call facility. Eureka Securities offers these three types of trading which can be used by the clients to carry on day trading seamlessly.

    Eureka Securities online Trading can be done through the online platforms the company offers. A client may even walk into an office and get served with everything, or may even stay and contact with an executive over phone and trade.

    Eureka Securities Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Eureka Securities intraday trading is an old company and can guide the clients with its experience. They advise them to invest judiciously. The use of technical charts and graphs would give more knowledge to the clients.

    They give flexible solutions and allow gaining success. Giving service to clients is their priority. Fully customized plans are given to the clients matching their needs and requirements.

    Cutting –edge technology is used for getting more profits for the clients. Trading is nothing but the timing. Deciding judiciously will give profit. They deal with Derivatives, Equities, investment in mutual funds and currencies. The clients can use any method of trading according to his convenience.

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