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Here is stating some quick facts about the company Narolia Securities and then we will move down to the Narnolia Intraday Trading services.

Narnolia Securities otherwise known as Narnolia Financial Advisors is an India centric brokerage house. In fact, they are a full service broker based out of Kolkata. The company was brought into existence in 1997. And, it represents the new breed of Indian brokerage houses.

Narnolia offers

The company is well equipped with technological advancements. This enables them to cater highly valued market analysis, all thanks to their founder Krishnanand Narnolia’s vision whose guidance has led to wonders for the company.

They are keen on educating their customers about the Indian stock trading industry. And, they boast of doing so even at the cost of their business. They operate under the membership of BSE and NSE and, this enables them to cater their customers with best of both the worlds.

Let us get down to the discussion of Narnolia Intraday Trading services. We’ve enlisted all the benefits they grant to the customers pertaining this service. We’ve elaborated on every charge they incur.

And, we’ve even drafted a detailed explanation to commence trade through Narnolia Intraday.

Narnolia Intraday Trading & Benefits

Complexities associated with Intraday Trading are a well known fact. In fact, people are so concerned about this that they tend to quit on it even before trying it once.

However, the people who commence intraday trades are well aware of the profits it can bare. In fact, the brokerage firms even provide such traders with additional perks. And, we’ve enlisted some of them as granted by Narnolia Intraday Trading:

  • The company is registered with BSE and NSE. This enables the traders to access most of the reliable shares across the Indian terrains.
  • They even act as the depository participant of CDSL and NSDL. In fact, it is very rare for a company to have the registrations to both these depository authorities. Anyway, it only makes things easier for the traders.
  • The company requires a very less amount to be maintained as margin money. This encourages the traders to commence more trades.
  • They have flexible brokerage plans to offer to their customers. Moreover, all things are kept simple and transparent. This helps the customers to select a plan of their convenience and preference.
  • Their customer care services are highly rated. This is a crucial service that is often overlooked.
  • They happen to have one of the best offline advisory reach in the nation. With their network of 380 branches, they can be reached out to across all the major cities of the country.
  • They tend to grant a trading margin worth up to 10 times the account holding balance. This enables the customers to access more profits at particular times.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Narnolia?

    Narnolia Securities Intraday Trading is rigged with multiple benefits. And, we’ve explained them all. Now, it’s time to understand how to do Intraday Trading in Narnolia. And, we’ve even simplified this process. So, all you need to do is go through the steps mentioned below.

    Make sure that you implement them in the correct order:

    1. The first and the easiest step of all is to get yourself a Trading Account and, we’re talking only in reference to Narnolia Trading Accounts. Anyway, if you do not have one of those accounts already, we have a remedy for you too. You must go through some of the other articles we’ve shared before. They will guide you in the exact manner as to how you may register for one of those accounts.
    2. The second step after getting a Trading Account is to access it. You may choose to access it from any of the company’s trading platforms. However, you’ll need to access it only through the account specific login credentials. These are granted to you right at the time of account registration. However, we’d prefer that you change your default password. You can do so after your first login through the ‘Account Settings’ section. It’ll help you to keep your account safe from unwanted intrusion.
    3. Now that you’re inside your account, you must select the shares to trade in. You may refer to numerous reports presented by the company for this. However, the best way to do so is through a watchlist. You can create a watchlist containing your preferred shares. This will enable you to keep a track of their current market situation.
    4. The final step is to trade in the selected shares. For this, go to the ‘Buy / Sell’ area of your profile. You must ensure that the ‘Intraday / Day Trading’ option is selected before commencing a trade.

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    Narnolia Intraday Charges

    Narnolia Securities Intraday charges are a subject to the customers’ preference. As mentioned earlier, the company provides multiple brokerage plans to choose from.

    However, Narnolia Securities Intraday brokerage is always limited within 0.01% – 0.02%. And, it can be very well divided into the following:

    • Stamp Duty charged as per the state where the trade takes place.
    • GST worth 18% on the sum of brokerage and transaction charges.
    • SEBI Turnover Charge worth 0.0002% of the total turnover.
    • Transaction Charge worth 0.00325% on the transaction value.
    • Securities Transaction Tax also known as STT worth 0.0126% of total turnover.
    Narnolia Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.01% – 0.02%
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorNarnolia Brokerage Calculator

    Things can be further simplified through an example. However, you must consider certain assumptions for this. Now, suppose that you opt to trade in a company with a unit share price of Rs.1,000.

    So, if you buy 50 shares of this company, then you invest a total of Rs.50,000. You wait for an hour for the prices to rise. And, you decide to sell off the entire holding when the unit share price reaches Rs.1,200.

    This way, you must make a profit of Rs.10,000 considering that you sell the lot for Rs.60,000. However, you must pay off the brokerage as well. Now, if you made the trade from Delhi, then you’ll be paying a brokerage of Rs.46.277. This brings your net profit to Rs.9,953.723.

    Narnolia Intraday Margin

    Narnolia Securities Intraday Margin is not that different from their competitors. You see, Narnolia Securities tend to follow the market trends. However, they even believe in making things better and, that’s why Narnolia Securities Intraday limits are granted up to 10x holding account balance.

    Narnolia Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 10X
    Intraday Margin CalculatorNarnolia Margin Calculator

    This means that, if a person has Rs.100 in his account, then he can assume a trade value worth Rs.1,000. The additional amount required for the trade is paid off by Narnolia.

    This may be taken in terms of a temporary loan. However, the clients are required to pay it back to the company. And, they must do so within a time frame and with certain interests.

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    Narnolia Trading – Types

    Narnolia Securities Trading, as mentioned above offers many trading platforms. And, all of these platforms can be clubbed into two major types.

    We’re referring to Narnolia Securities Online trading and offline trading attributes. The clients have an open option to choose any of the two media. And, this is totally dependent up on their convenience.

    Narnolia Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Narnolia Securities Intraday Trading, as per us is a great way of starting one’s intraday career. The company has some amazing perks to offer. Even the brokerage rates can be chosen as per the clients’ suiting.

    Moreover, they have plethora of high end trading platforms to offer. In short, they pose a great way of Intraday trading altogether.

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