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In this article, we will be providing you information about the Way2Wealth intraday Trading facility.

Way2Wealth is a Bangalore based stock broking company which started its operation in the year 1984 and today, it is one the leading Investment solution providers of the country. It is known as a Premier Investment consultancy firm of India which offers profitable solutions to customers.

Way2Wealth Offers

The company caters more than 15000 customers with a marketing team of over 1000 members along with a widespread network of around 573 outlets across the country. They are adept in their financial offerings and have a keen eye on the customer satisfaction quotient for business stability.

In this article, we will be talking about the Way2Wealth Intraday Trading solution and the kind of benefits the company offers to its customers.

This article elaborates on the features and benefits of trading with them, the procedure to open a trading and demat account with Way2Wealth, The various brokerage charges that you may have to pay as well as a sneak peak on the various trading tools that they work with.

Way2Wealth Intraday Trading & Benefits

Intraday Trading is a complex trading feature which involves some amount of risk to the trader if he is not well equipped with the financial and stock market trends.

However, Intraday Trading with Way2Wealth is not such a complex task as they have a specialized team of relationship managers who help you through your trading journey and make things easy for you.

Let’s look at some of the features and benefits you get as a customer with Way2Wealth Intraday Trading:

  • Strong Brand Recognition: The company has a strong history dating back 28 years with a proven track record of delivering exemplary services to their customers. This brand value itself is the biggest benefit for any customer.
  • Access to Superior Research: The Way2Wealth research team is proficient and seasoned to provide you valuable insights of the financial industry and is capable of handling any kind of complex situations that you may face as a trader.
  • Wide Range of products: Their exhaustive product range is also an added advantage to any customer as you don’t need to shop outside for any of your financial needs.
  • Low Brokerage: Being a discount broker, low brokerage and handling charges is an added advantage with Way2Wealth.
  • Robust Trading Platforms: Their innovative and intuitive online trading solutions are a big hit amongst their customers; they have received many accolades for their robust trading tools.
  • Superior Customer Service: Way2Wealth has a 360 degree support mechanism for their customers. Moreover, the regular market updates and Way2Wealth intraday tips that the team shares with you are highly beneficial.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Way2Wealth?

    Intraday Trading in Way2Wealth is a completely different experience as you get complete hands-on support from their back office and customer support team all throughout your journey.

    Hence, even if you are a Rookie and have zero knowledge about intraday Trading, you can still adventure yourself with Way2Wealth as they ensure full support.

    The account opening procedure is also very fast and with reduced paperwork:

    1. You need to first click on “Open Demat Account” button you find at the bottom of the page.
    2. The registration process for Trading & Demat Account is the same. You need to carefully fill up the registration form with all your details. Also, a company representative will get along with you during the process.
    3. You will also be asked to upload your KYC documents like PAN Card, Adhaar Card and address proof, so keep the scanned copies of the same handy.
    4. This is all you need to do to open an account with Way2Wealth.
    5. Post this, they would do their background checks and verification and then get your account activated.
    6. Your account details and password will be sent to you via email.
    7. Once you get your account activated, you can directly start out your Intraday Trading with Way2Wealth
    8. Select “Intraday Trading” option and select the shares that you want to trade in.
    9. If you are a first timer, it is suggested that you study their stock tips and recommendations for a few days before you get started with your Intraday trading

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    Way2Wealth Intraday Charges

    Unlike most Broking companies, the Way2Wealth Intraday Brokerage is comparatively lesser and they also have a range of plans available for traders. For Intraday trading, they charge 0.03% – 0.05% as the brokerage charge and that depends upon the transaction amount

    There are some other charges as well that you will have to bear as a trader. These charges are mandate charges as imposed by central and state governments.

    • The Securities Transaction Tax is levied by the central government
    • Transaction charge is charged on the overall transaction amount
    • Depending upon the state in which the trade has happened, government also charges a Stamp Duty on the customer
    • SEBI also demands a SEBI Turnover charge
    • There is also a GST amount charged on the Transaction value
    Way2Wealth Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.03% – 0.05%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Way2Wealth Brokerage Calculator

    While these Way2Wealth Intraday charges look like a lot, but when calculated along with the brokerage amount, they are just a very small percentage of the total charge. To give you a detailed illustration, lets explain this further with a small example.

    Lets suppose you buy 100 shares worth Rs.10 each in Madhya Pradesh; so your purchase price is Rs.1000/-. On seeing rise in price of those shares up to Rs.20, you decided to sell them off. Hence, you sold off all the shares at Rs.2000/-.

    Now, your total turnover amount is Rs.3000/- and profit of Rs.1000.

    • Brokerage: Rs.12
    • STT: Rs.0.3778
    • SEBI turnover: Rs.0.006
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.060
    • Transaction charge: Rs.0.078
    • GST: Rs.2.174
    • Total Brokerage: Rs.14.696
    • Total profit: Rs.985.304

    This is how the brokerage and other charges are calculated and added in Intraday Trading

    Way2Wealth Intraday Margin

    Intraday Margin or intraday Leverage is a crucial element one would look for before finalizing the broking house. Intraday Leverage is the amount you can borrow from your Stock broker in case of any emergency situation while trading.

    Leverage is decided upon the Margin amount you deposit with the broker and a certain limit of that is allocated towards the Leverage or Exposure of the Margin Amount. There is a set Way2Wealth Intraday Margin for the clients.

    Way2Wealth Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Way2Wealth Margin Calculator

    With Way2Wealth, their Exposure is up to 5x which means that the Way2Wealth Intraday Limit is 5 times of your Margin money. If you have kept Rs.25,000 as your Margin Money, you can withdraw as your Intraday Margin Limit for any trade.

    You have to return that amount back to the company with a small interest charge

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    Way2Wealth Trading – Types

    The Way2Wealth Online Trading Tools are extremely useful for their customers as it provides an edge over the traditional trading style. They have three types of trading platforms:

    • W2W Pro: This is a desktop software for the desktop users which can be download on computer and login to their trading portal anytime.
    • W2W Direct: This is a browser based solution wherein you can login to the portal using your unique user id and password from anywhere.
    • ProTrade: This is a Mobile Trading App which can be downloaded on your mobile and you can trade through that anytime and from anywhere.

    Way2Wealth Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Way2Wealth Intraday Trading is gaining a lot of repute amongst their customers because of the kind of advanced solutions they are providing.

    Strong research capability, exhaustive and elaborate trading platforms and customer friendly support team add to the list of benefits you can get from this company. Hence, if you start your trading journey with them, you will definitely have a great experience.

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