In this context, we will discuss the important features of Jhaveri Securities Intraday Trading. If you understand these features nicely, then you will be able to carry out intraday trading much more efficiently with this broker house.

Jhaveri Securities is one of the leading broker houses of the country with headquarter in Gujarat. It was established in 1992 by the Jhaveri Group and has more than 100,000 clients at present.

The broker house is a leader in managing the wealth of the clients in the most profitable manner. It offers various types of investment options that help traders in more ways than one. The highest level of transparency is maintained by Jhaveri Securities with all of its clients to ensure that they get what they deserve.

Here, you shall get to learn the charges involved in the Jhaveri Securities Intraday and various types of trading offered by the company. The procedure for intraday trading shall also be discussed here, which can help you understand it better.

Jhaveri Securities Offers

Jhaveri Securities Intraday Trading & Benefits

Regular trading is much different from intraday trading, and the difference is known to you. We shall focus on the benefits of intraday trading in this portion of the article.

Jhaveri Securities offers some brilliant facilities to the clients on intraday trading. We shall discuss them nicely here to help you understand the worth of Jhaveri Securities Intraday Trading.

  • Jhaveri Securities does not levy any charge for opening a trading account with them. Therefore traders can get their account created for absolutely free of cost and save some extra money.
  • The broker house has got some highly-advanced trading platforms that help in trading effortlessly. A client can easily carry out intraday trading through these platforms as they are incredibly user-friendly.
  • A client receives all the details of his transaction as the broker house believes in maintaining the highest amount of transparency in its services.
  • Jhaveri Securities Intraday Tips are offered to each and every client. These tips are very accurate and prove to be extremely beneficial while trading.
  • The broker house provides a wide range of flexible brokerage plans that help traders a lot.

Several discounts are offered on the brokerage fees that bring down the total transaction fee to some extent.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Jhaveri Securities?

    Clients have admitted that intraday trading is not an easy task and should not be compared to the traditional trading method. It is the job of experts who know the stock market by heart and can make wise decisions regarding the selling and buying of shares. That is why most of the traders do not dare to try out their trading method on their own.

    However, Intraday Trading in Jhaveri Securities is made easier for the clients. Some elementary steps are involved in the complete trading process that a client can get away with very quickly.

    Steps to Initiate Jhaveri Securities Intraday Tradinng Process

    1. The foremost step in the trading process is opening a trading account with the broker house. It can be quickly done by filling up the account opening form that is provided below on this page. After you submit the form the executives from Jhaveri Securities will contact you and guide you through the rest of the process.
    2. After your account gets activated, you will be sent your account ID and password that will be required for accessing the trading account.
    3. Make sure that you change your password after logging into the account to ensure that it is safe and secure.
    4. Then you will find a long list of shares that is available for trading. You will have to choose the one you want to buy, and for this, you can refer to the advisory tips provided by Jhaveri Securities. These tips are extremely useful in trading profitably.
    5. You can also prepare a preference list of yours that will include those shares that you want to trade-in. This list will show the current market condition of those shares and help you know about them in detail.

    The final step is trading the stock you want, and this can be done from the Buy or Sell section of the platform. You will have to choose the ‘Intraday Trading’ option for initiating the intraday trading.

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    Jhaveri Securities Intraday Charges

    Jhaveri Securities Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.02%
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorJhaveri Securities Brokerage Calculator

    Jhaveri Securities Intraday Charges are fixed and do not change with each transaction. The brokerage is 0.02% for any transaction performed by the client. A trader can buy or sell any amount of share, and the brokerage fees he will have to pay is 0.02% of the total amount of transaction.

    There are some other charges and taxes that a trader needs to spend on his trading, and they are:

    • Transaction charge.
    • Jhaveri Securities Intraday Brokerage STT as fixed by the government of the country.
    • Stamp Duty that depends on the state where the transaction is taking place.
    • SEBI Turnover Charge that is decided by SEBI.
    • GST as fixed by the government.

    The above theory can be easily understood with the help of this example. If you buy 1000 shares for Re.1 per share, then you have a total holding of Rs.1000.

    After some time, when the price of each share hike by Re.1 and you want to sell the 1000 shares, then you will earn Rs.2000. Thus, you will make a profit of Rs. 1000 and the total turnover will be of Rs.3000.

    Assume that the transaction has taken place in Delhi, then the taxes and charges that you will have to pay are:

    • Brokerage charge: Rs.0.60
    • STT: Rs.0.378
    • SEBI Turnover charge: Rs.0.006
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.060
    • Transaction Charges: Rs.0.084
    • GST: Rs.0.123

    The trader will have to pay a total brokerage of Rs.1.251, and the profit earned by him will sum up to Rs.998.749.

    Jhaveri Securities Intraday Margin

    Jhaveri Securities Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5x
    Intraday Margin CalculatorJhaveri Securities Margin Calculator

    Jhaveri Securities Intraday Margin is huge and is up to 5 times. It is quite a rare scene with most of the broker houses in the country, and traders find this feature extremely helpful.

    For example, if you have a holding of Rs.1000 at present, then you will be able to get Jhaveri Securities Intraday Limits of up to Rs.5,000. The company will pay for the rest on your behalf, which you will have to pay them back with interest.

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    Jhaveri Securities Trading – Types

    Jhaveri Securities Trading types are 3 in number, and they are online, offline, and on-call. The advanced trading platforms maintained by the broker house facilitate the Jhaveri Securities Online Trading.

    Clients also visit the branch of the broker house if they want to trade offline. On-call trading is also effortless with Jhaveri Securities, as they offer brilliant support over the phone.

    Jhaveri Securities Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Jhaveri Securities Intraday Trading has managed to stand up to all of our expectations perfectly. They offer a very high amount of leverage to the clients that help them in trading expensive shares.

    You can also avail of their services if you open a trading account with the broker house.

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