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Nirmal Bang is one of the oldest establishments in Indian brokerage industry. Their services include advisory and assistance across the financial domains of equity, commodity, currency, Nirmal Bang Intraday Trading services and many more.

Nirmal Bang Securities Offers

The company was incorporated in the year 1986. This means that they have been in service of traders and investors since the last 35 years. The company is formed under the name of their founder Nirmal Bang.

They serve the customers across several financial trading such as Nirmal Bang Intraday and other investments domains throughout India. They do so through their network of 50 branches located in almost all major cities of India.

However, all the main operations are taken care of from their Mumbai based headquarters. They are active and reputed members of BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. Furthermore, they even have depository partner registrations with CDSL and NSDL.

Nirmal Bang Intraday Trading & Benefits

Nirmal Bang Intraday trading is one of the oldest in the industry. In fact, they were one of the first to realize how to grow awareness about Intraday Trading as well. That’s why they initiated providing certain benefits to the clients.

And, we’ve enlisted them all underneath. So, just take a quick seek peak at them:

  • They allow the traders to get Trading Accounts for free. Furthermore, they do not even charge a single penny so as to maintain the accounts.
  • They have a flexible brokerage plan to offer to their clients. This allows the clients to choose a plan that caters to their specific requirements. Moreover, the company even grants good discounts offers on the brokerage charges. And, to add a feather to this already glamorous hat, they even introduce certain holiday offers. These offers not only ensure that the clients save big on brokerage, but they even allow good profit indications.
  • They are pioneers to many of the trending offers, brokerage firms introduce these days. In fact, they were one of the first to allow trade margin facility to be used by their traders. This allows the traders to fetch more shares than his / her actual current buying capacity. In terms of Nirmal Bang, this facility is offered at a rate of 10x.
  • They have a whole array of trading platforms to offer. This allows the traders to access their accounts from a number of digital devices. It makes the entire trading process easy and convenient. In fact, it makes the entire process worth only a few correct clicks on any portable smart device possible.
  • The company provides many advisory related services for free. These services are updated as the real time market movements. And, they help the clients to make informed and better decisions. These services include multiple Nirmal Bang Intraday Tips such as Daily Market Review, research Reports and more.
  • The company even grants offline advisory and dedicated relationship managers to theory clients. This makes the resolution of any trade related issues rather fast and personalized.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Nirmal Bang?

    Now, that we have mentioned all the benefits being granted by Nirmal Bang Intraday, it’s time to take the next step.

    Initiate Intraday Trading in Nirmal Bang:

    1. This is not as complex as you might expect it to be. However, it does require you to perform a few tasks. It requires you to perform 4 specific tasks actually. The first one is to get access to one of Nirmal Bang’s Trading Accounts. This is most crucial of all. However, you must not worry in case you still do not have one of these accounts. In that case, we’ll recommend you to go through some of our other articles. This way you’ll be easily be able to register yourself for one of their Trading Accounts.
    2. The second step needs you to sign in to the trading account you acquired access to. For this you’ll require the login ID and password provided to you by the company. However, you are free to use any of the company’s trading platforms. There is something else we’d like to recommend as well. We’re referring to the practice of changing your default password after your first successful login. This ensures that your Trading Account remains secure from external threats.
    3. The third step involves you in deciding the shares to trade in. This can be done rather easily. All you need to do is create a watchlist of your own. You can use this watchlist to segregate and monitor the shares you prefer. This even helps in determining the right time of trading them in or out. Moreover, you can even use the Daily Market Review and Free Stock Tips by the company for this purpose.
    4. The last step is to finally execute the trade you’ve been waiting for. For this, you need to go to the ‘Buy / Sell’ section within your Trading Account. Then, you must select ‘Intraday / Day Trading’ option. And, you’re all ready to commence your first Intraday Trade!

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    Nirmal Bang Intraday Charges

    Nirmal Bang Intraday brokerage is charged at usually a fixed rate of 0.02%. However, there are a lot of other taxes involved in Nirmal Bang Intraday charges as well. So, here’s the list to them all:

    • They incur a Transaction charge worth 0.00390% over total turnover.
    • Follows a STT or Securities Transaction Tax worth 0.0126% over turnover.
    • They incur SEBI Turnover Fee worth 0.00005% over total turnover.
    • Then they even incur a Stamp Duty as per varying state regulations. This is charged as per the state where the trade takes place.
    • And, lastly they incur 18% GST over the sum of brokerage and transaction charge.
    Nirmal Bang Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.02%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Nirmal Bang Brokerage Calculator

    Things seem easier to understand when told with an example. That’s why we need you to consider a special situation.

    So, you want to commence Intraday Trade from the state of West Bengal. You have chosen to trade on a specific company. This company is valued at Rs.50 per unit share. You get yourself a total of 100 shares of this company. Therefore, you basically make an investment of Rs.5,000.

    You realize that within a few hours of your investment, the unit share price has hiked to Rs.60 per share. So, you decide to sell the complete lot. This gives you a total of Rs.6,000 in hand.

    However, you even need to pay off the brokerage and other taxes valid at Rs.4.646. Therefore, you only make a profit of Rs.995.354 on this trade.

    Nirmal Bang Intraday Margin

    Nirmal Bang Intraday Margin is granted at a rate of 5x. The usual trend in the brokerage houses regarding this facility is to provide a trade margin within 5x to 20x.

    Nirmal Bang Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Nirmal Bang Margin Calculator

    Anyway, with Nirmal Bang Intraday limit, their clients can fetch 5 times more shares than their buying capacity. The additional funds for the purchase are taken as loan from the company. And, the company seeks a return of the principal amount along with proper interest rate.

    Simply speaking, a trader with holding account balance of Rs.500 can purchase shares of up to Rs. 2,500 with this facility. However, we recommend using it with proper understanding and caution. This will keep you from endangering your credit reputation and pocket.

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    Nirmal Bang Trading – Types

    Nirmal Bang Trading facilities can be categorized into two segments. We’re referring to Nirmal Bang Online Trading and Offline Trading services.

    The company has 50 branches to support the offline trading and advisory services. Whereas, they grant a total of 5 online trading platforms to support their Online Trading services.

    Nirmal Bang Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    We believe Nirmal Bang is a great organization to commence Intraday Trading with. They have some state of the art trading platforms. They even grant amazing brokerage plans. In short, we definitely recommend their services.

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