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MVT Mobile App is My Value Trade’s influential and sophisticated mobile trading app. The key highlights of this app include features like market watches, notification and alerts, stock charts, dual security levels, and real-time quotes.

MVT’s trading platforms, including Trading Terminal, Web Trading Platform, and MVT Mobile Trading App are accessible for nothing of expense to its customers.

Call and Trade can be a benefit for a further installment of ₹20 per trade. MVT is among a couple of brokerage houses having multi-city risk management foundations for better security, speed, and unwavering quality.

Its trade network of 240 orders per second for sending and executing orders to the trade through rented lines is quickest in the Industry. Meanwhile, the mobile app has every one of the highlights which you need.

Value Trade

MVT Mobile App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

MVT Mobile App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.8/10
Star Ratings★★★

About MVT Mobile App

Android OS. So, you can get it from Google Playstore. Now, before we discuss its features and set-up procedures, it is essential that you know more about the company. My Value Trade is arguably one of the largest stock broking companies in India.

Established in the year 1985, MVT has dominated the stock trading industry for decades with its compelling products & services, reasonable brokerage fees, and cutting-edge trading platforms.

Speaking of trading platforms, they have MVT Classic and MVT Trader. But of course, we are here to discuss MVT Mobile. So, in this article, we will learn about the top features the app is offering to their clients.

At the same time, we will also discuss how to set-up and own this incredible trading platform. Finally, we would also like to discuss the advantages of MVT mobile along with our conclusion about the app.

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    MVT Trading App – Top Features

    The MVT Mobile Trading App proposes all the fundamental stock trading hallmarks not to mention the utility features it offers.

    So, we have prepared a list of the noteworthy features of this incredible app:

    • With MVT Mobile, you will never miss a chance to earn the most using investment opportunities. MVT Mobile app enables you to trade as well as gives you a chance to screen markets through a snappy perspective on significant indices like Nifty, USD, Sensex, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and many more.
    • The app offers Dual Security Level component that gives you a chance to set a two-level password. One password to enable the clients to login into the app and another one, the Transaction Password, help you to place orders. Both the passwords are put away safely and are completely encoded.
    • Now, you can break free from keeping various passwords. Utilize the equivalent Login ID and Password of the other two trading platforms – MVT Trader and MVT Classic, to Login to MVT Mobile as well.
    • You can view every position, which is traded through other MVT trading platforms or Branch. The Net Position, however, shows positions traded at nearby terminals as it were. The app converts positions from Intraday to Carry forward/MIS to CNC/NRML or the other way around.
    • With MVT Mobile, you will get real-time quotes of scrips crosswise over equity, commodity, derivatives and currency markets with a speedy perspective on last traded value, bid-size, percentage change, current and historic charts, and so on.
    • Make a move over sections like equity, commodity, derivatives, and currency quickly from your smartphone and utilize each venture opportunity you get.
    • Now, you will get offline trade notifications on your mobile. You will also get extraordinary alerts for your stocks and indices of your advantage.
    • Screen total developments for stocks and indices of your decision and understand the pattern of your preferred stocks.
    • The app consists of Market Watch Sync feature, which gives you a chance to spare the rundown of stocks you made.

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    How to Set-up MVT Mobile App?

    The following are the steps to set up MVT Mobile:

    1. Go to Google Playstore and type “MVT Mobile” on the search bar.
    2. Download and Install the app.
    3. Acquire the Login Credential from My Value Trade.
    4. We suggest you change the password frequently.
    5. You need to create the 2FA password as well, and you should also change that time to time.
    6. That’s it; you are good to go.

    How to Own My Value Trade Mobile App?

    MVT Mobile is an exclusive trading platform of My Value Trade. So, it is quite apparent that you need to open an account with them to get this service. So, here are the steps to open an account with My Value Trade:

    1. Find a button called “Open Demat Account” and click on that.
    2. Then you need to fill up a simple contact information form. Please note that based on this information you will get a call from one of the agents.
    3. Once you receive the call, tell them that you want to open a Demat account as well as a Trading account. There is a cost involved, which is ₹555, which MVT claim that an account opening fee.
    4. Simultaneously, you have to submit the necessary and relevant documents to complete your KYC.
    5. Once, they confirm your KYC and the payment you have made; they will provide you the login credential to access your accounts.
    6. Then, you just need to simply follow the MVT Mobile set-up steps to own this incredible app.

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    Advantages of MVT Mobile App

    Here are some noteworthy advantages of getting associated with My Value Trade and using MVT Mobile app:

    • The app gives you the freedom to trade anywhere, anytime.
    • It is secured with Dual Security feature. So, you can do tension-free stock trading.
    • My Value Trade accounts come with the single-login feature. So, you can use one credential for every other trading platform.
    • Now you can check Global Net Positions as well as Position Conversion.
    • MVT Mobile is a robust mobile app that fetches Real-Time Quotes with ease.
    • With MVT Mobile, you can do trading across multiple segments like equity, currency, commodity, and derivatives.
    • The app has in-built notifications as well as alerts about the current whereabouts of the stock trading industry.
    • You can stock charts using this app.
    • Integrated Stock Market Watch is another useful feature of this app.
    • You will get Top news alerts.
    • You can trade order history.

    My Value Trade App – Conclusion

    My Value Trade can now be considered as a veteran in the stock trading industry. The company is in operations since 1985; so, the products and services they offer are top-notch and undeniably, one of the best in the country.

    Meanwhile, we have discussed the features and set up procedures of MVT Mobile, which is one of the trading platforms they offer. Now, MVT is a fantastic app as we have discussed the wide range of features it renders to their clients.

    However, there is one negative aspect that we would like to consider as well. Up until yet, this amazing mobile app is only available in the Android version. So, in case you are an iPhone user, you will not be able to use the app as it is not available in the Apple Store. Although rumour has it, they are preparing the app in iOS version soon.

    The service in the app sometimes considered as a touch expensive compared to other companies. They also charge ₹550 for opening up an account, where many companies offer this for free. Also, there is a fee of ₹20 per transaction. So, you have to allocate your orders carefully to avoid unnecessary expenses. Overall the app really worth it.

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