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This article is meant to review My Value Trade Trading practices. To be more specific, it’ll review the company’s trading charges. We’ll elaborate about My Value Trade’s trading charges into two distinctions, the brokerage the taxes they levy.

Let us lay some information on My Value Trade Online Trading resource, followed by how you may initiate trading with them.

My Value Trade is one of the few companies to have survived since the last 80’s. Harjeet S Arora incorporated the company in 1985 in Mumbai. Ever since its inception, the company has performed overwhelmingly.

It’s embraced the modern technology while retaining its core values all these years. That’s exactly what’s kept the company thriving for over three decades.

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My Value Trade Trading and Benefits

My Value Trade trading services come integrated with many benefits. These benefits do not merely fetch you monetary benefits. They even grant certain analytical advantages.

Anyway, we’ve prepared a complete list of all the benefits you may expect from them, if you avail for their My Value Trade online trading services. Here’s how the list unfolds:

  • My Value Trade has endured several ups and downs in the last 3 decades of their existence. It’s always been their approach towards the clients that’s helped them to survive. One such approach is an aggressive brokerage. They charge a uniform brokerage for all of their services.
  • They have plethora products and services to offer even in terms of investment options. Talk about stocks, mutual funds and insurances. They have multiple options to offer in all of these fields.
  • Having survived for over three decades has given them huge experience of the industry. They often bring in this experience to help their clients.

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    My Value Trade Trading Charges

    My Value Trade Charges
    Transaction Charges 0.0029% of Total Turnover
    STT Charges 0.0126% of Total Turnover
    SEBI Turnover Charges 0.0002% of Total Turnover
    Stamp Duty Charges Depends on State (very minimal)
    GST Charges 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

    We’ve prepared an entire list of My Value Trade trading services. We will explain them each, along with the brokerage allocated to them.

    However, for the time being, let’s focus on the company’s practices of incurring certain taxes within the service charges. So, here’s how they do it:

    • They are like every other full service broker. Hence, they typically charge a set of five taxes from their clients. The first one is charges in terms of Transaction Charge. The rate at which it is incurred is 0.0029%. And, the parameter on which this is incurred is total turnover.
    • The second set of tax is charged on the exact same parameter, i.e. the total turnover. However, the rate at which this is incurred is less than that of Transaction Charge. It’s incurred at a rate of 0.0126% in terms of STT. It is even known by the name of Securities Transaction Tax.
    • The third tax to be incurred is the SEBI Turnover charge. It is incurred at a rate of 0.0002% over total turnover.
    • The fourth tax to be incurred in line is that for GST. This is charged at 18% over the sum of brokerage and transaction altogether.
    • And, the final set of tax comes under the category of Stamp Duty. This is a variable amount and is charged as per the laws of the business state.

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    My Value Trade Delivery Trading

    My Value Trade Delivery Charges
    Equity Delivery Rs.10 per Trade

    Trading across certain quantities of shares from one or more company is called Delivery Trading. It’s perhaps the oldest and yet the most popular form of trading in India.

    In fact, it’s responsible to generate more than 70% of the revenue for the entire financial trading industry in India. It includes buying of shares, storing them for a while and then selling them off.

    The entire process requires a Demat and a Trading Account to commence. You may fetch in My Value Trade delivery Trading services at Rs.10 per trade.

    My Value Trade Intraday Trading

    My Value Trade Intraday Charges
    Equity Intraday Rs.10 per Trade

    Intraday or Day Trading refers to a slightly modified version of Delivery Trading. This includes the trader across the same financial instruments. Even the basic resource requirements and analysis required for this remains unchanged.

    However, there is one difference and this makes a lot of changes in the entire process. It is the permission to hold shares in this trade type. It only allows the traders to hold the shares for few hours.

    This is because of the requirement to trade in and out the same shares within one day. Even My Value Trade Intraday Trading Facilities may be explored at merely Rs.10 per trade.

    My Value Trade Option Trading

    My Value Trade Option Charges
    Equity Options Rs.10 per Trade

    Options Trading is carried out for a number of financial instruments. We’re referring to ETFs, securities and even indices. However, this is done unlike Delivery trading practices. In fact, it allows the traders to buy / sell the instruments at a predetermined price value.

    The determination of the unit share price is done on the basis of several factors. However, the most dominant of the factors is the past performance of the companies involved. Anyway, all of My Value Trade Options Trading can be utilized at merely Rs.10 per trade.

    My Value Trade Futures Trading

    My Value Trade Futures Charges
    Equity Futures Rs.10 per Trade

    Futures Trading is way more complex trading type than Options Trading. This is even unusual to occur. It refers to a situation when the shares are brought at not only a predetermined price but also a predetermined time in the future.

    This even refers to the selling of such shares in a similar manner. All services related to My Value Trade Futures Trading are available for hire at commission rate of Rs.10 per trade.

    My Value Trade Currency Trading

    My Value Trade Currency Charges
    Currency Option Rs.10 per Trade
    Currency Futures Rs.10 per Trade

    Currency Trading is more popularly known by the name of Forex Trading. This enables the traders to trade in globally acknowledged currencies. The currencies may be bought, sold or even stored in using a specific account.

    As a trader, you may access all of My Value Trade Currency Trading services at merely Rs.10 per trade. Do acknowledge that it is the least brokerage a company can impose.

    My Value Trade Commodity Trading

    My Value Trade Commodity Charges
    Commodity Trading Rs.10 per Trade

    Commodity trading is used only when trading across some of the most specific instruments. This includes a couple of metals and agricultural products. Anyway, you may access all of My Value Trade Commodity Trading services at a commission rate of Rs.10 per trade.

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    My Value Trade Online Trading Process

    This is the most interesting part of the entire article. It’ll brief you about the process through which you may commence trade using My Value Trade online trading tools.

    However, this is not as complicated as you might think it to be. So, just follow through each of steps as mentioned below and you’ll do fine:

    1. The first step includes clicking on a button with ‘Open Demat Account’ inscription. This button is available at the end of this section. This will help you initiate the registration process for their Demat Account.
    2. Once, you click on the button, it’ll take you to a new page. Navigate this page to find a form. Read through the entire form and fill it up accordingly. This will even require you to submit some authentication documents including:
      • PAN Card copy.
      • ADHAAR Card copy.
      • Voter’s ID Card copy.
      • A copy of your updated bank account statement.
      • A copy of your passport sized image.
    3. You’ll receive a call from the company as soon as your documents get approved. This call will grant you the access to a new set of login credentials. You may use these credentials to log into your new Demat Account.
    4. Once inside, you may create a list of watchlists to your preference. These watchlists may include several of your preferred stocks. You may use these to monitor the market fluctuations at will.
    5. The last step is to commence the trade. For this part, you must visit the ‘Buy / Sell’ section within your profile. Here, select the stocks you want to trade and the type of trade you prefer. That’s it. Now you’re all ready to commence your first trade.

    My Value Trade Online Trading Platforms

    Much like their competition, there are a total of three My Value Trade trading platforms. Each one is developed to cater to a specific kind of trader. Each has a specific set of features unique to them. Anyway, here are some more details about the platforms:

    • MVT Trader – Desktop: This is a new breed of desktop or terminal trader. It comes integrated with advanced charting options. There is an inclusion of 40+ technical indicators through varying signals. It even comes with social media integration specific to Twitter.
    • MVT Classic – Web: As the name suggests, this is a web browser based trading platform. It’s compatible with all sorts of desktop and mobile web browsers. It allows the traders to access their complete Demat and Trading Data.
    • MVT Trade – Mobile App: This is a mobile application developed by My Trade Value. It comes with additional security enhancements like dual security. Moreover, it can be used to monitor real time market happenings through live scrips. The best part of this My Value Trade App is that it comes with customizable push notifications.

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    My Value Trade Trading – Conclusion

    My Trade Value is one of the oldest brokers in India. Yet, they’ve embraced technology with grace, and successfully embedded it onto My Value Trade online trading.

    This makes them a great combination of experience and advancement to work with. In short, we highly recommend using My Value Trade trading services.

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